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[XBOX 360/PS2]Request for a match between Kenny Dykstra vs ...


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I have seen so many matches of Kenny Dykstra of SVR 2008 but I've never seen he won at least one match.

Kenny Vs Batista:


I have tried to upload another match that Kenny Dykstra won the match but not so good because I record it with my X10i camera - which never be good like the software recording or something else.

I'm one of the biggest fan of him (Kenny) so If you can, please, help me to make another match between Kenny Dykstra vs one of these wrestler:

1. Batista

2. Jeff Hardy

3. MVP

4. The Great Khali

5. Umaga

Please, I just need one video match of Kenny Dykstra vs one of them. And in the end, Kenny wins the match. Help me. I just request one and only one time. Hope you can help me. I will appriciate a lot if you can help me. I hope you can make a match (Kenny wins) in xbox360

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