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Anno Domini.

XWA's 2012 Roster

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The Xtreme Wrestling Association is an offline federation that I have been 'running' for several years over several WWE video games. Both XWA and WWE were/are fighting for airtime on Sky Sports, which leads to several years of XWA originals facing off against WWE talent. 13 games and 3-4 consoles later, I am proud to showcase today's fine superstars that are battling weekly with Vincent Kennedy McMahon's employees.



I am going to open this thread with XWA's first ever Heavyweight Champion, also being the youngest man to ever win the title, 'Psycho' Steven Johnson!



Born and raised in London, UK, Steven is a man who regrets nothing he's done; there's nothing to regret. Although his look in general doesn't show it, he's a ruthless cockney at heart...but for some reason, the fans love him for it!

Growing up with two brothers has been hard for him, but what makes it even MORE difficult is that they have also signed to XWA. Oh, how unfortunate.







Ed Johnson



Shawn Hartless

And many more!

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