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simples-12/cm punk

samoa joes moveset

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This is samoa joes moveset for wwe 12 hope you like tell me if you would change anything




ring in - slide in 1

ring out- quick ring out

apron into the ring - normal ring in 2

apron onto the apron - normal ring out 2

step on apron - normal on the apron 2

step off apron - normal off the apron 2



undertaker 5

boxer 1

spank 3

powerful 3



strike attacks- backhand chop, cena punch 2, slap 2, roundhouse kick 1, elbow smash 5

strike combo- boxing left jab, backhand chop, boxing left jab

strong strikes- back chop/big boot 7 or back flip kick/ enziguri 3

kick reaversal- clothsline reaversal 1,dragon screw reaversal, boston crab, high angle boston crab 1,dragon whip reaversal

chain grapple

front face lock - european uppercut 1, lebbel lock, thugnificant, throut thrust 5, northen lights suplex 1, t bone suplex 2

side headlock- elbow smash 3, high angle boston crab 3, sidewalk slam 3, flapjack 1, running dropkick, reaverse STO

wrist lock- middle kick 1,cross armbreaker,neckbreacker 2, militry press drop, spine buster 6, sambo suplex

waist lock - elbow smash 4, full nelson, regel plex, half nelson choke suplex, atomic drop, back suplex 2

groggy grapple

groggy grapple- dreamer driver, kharma bomb, spin fisherman suplex 2, snapmare and soccerball kick

back groggy grapple- queen suplex, half nelson suplex 1, dragon suplex, german suplex 4

breacking point submitions- lebbel lock, full nelson



strike attacks- wrestling her stomp, knee drop 1

grapple moves up - soccerball kick 1, runing senton, leg snap

grapple moves down - shining wizard ground punch 2, knee slam

submission grapple - cross armbar, batista bite, stf


corner strike attacks , knife edge chop, shoulder thrust, running elbow smash, clothsline 14, slap 5, running knee strike 1, knife edge chop 3, big boot 1 , springboard 1, kick to gut, dropkick 6

grapple moves - somersault enziguri, shining wizard bulldog 2

grapple moves from behind - lucha DDT, reabound suplex

top rope grapple - superplex, goriconoclasm

top roap grapple behind - back superplex, neckbreacker 10

seated corner grapple - broski boot

tree of woe grapple - foot choke

corner springboard - body splash

running top rope grapple - rope grip high kick



groggy against ropes - running cross body 2

springboard attacks - none

outside springboard attacks - vaulting body press 3

outside running attack - dive through ropes

running springboard - springboard back elbow 1



strike attacks right jab, kick to ringside, apron big boot 2

springboard attacks - tope atomico,none

grapple - hotshot 1, apron hip toss, apron shoulder block, cut down, pull down 2

ground - apron elbow drop, apron big boot 1

running - apron clothsline 1, running elbow strike



standing - missile dropkick 2, diving leg lariat 1

downed - diving elbow drop 3, diving knee drop



running strikes - running back elbow, jumping knee 2

grapple - runningt STO, german suplex 7

grapple from behind - chop block 3, half nelson suplex 2

ground strikes, - double axe handle 4

irish whip rebound - leg lariat 1, snap powerslam, hip toss 6, knee lift reaversal, ducking

pull back attacks - pull back elbow, pull back side slam


special moves

wake up taunt - undertacker 5

signatures - emerald fusion 2, revearse atomic drop

finishers - pump up buster, sleeper hold 2

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