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Not sure where to put this, An Idea

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Hey there. Recently I've gotten back into wrestling video games and the WWE Universe feature on Smackdown vs Raw 2011. I have created dozens of storylines, characters, entrances, attires and teams that all have a major part in the WWE Universe. However to take the concept one step further I hope to bring all of my creations together in a large project ( mostly for my enjoyment but also for some of yours). This project is essentially a Youtube channel that follows the matches and storylines of what I have to offer. Each entry of the project, with a base on this forum ( or any other forum that accepts this sort of thing) and the video entry for it being hosted on Youtube. The project will go as follows.


On the forums pages you will find:


Wrestler Bios: This will introduce you to wrestlers both original and in game that I make use of us. It will also share their current storylines, title history, finishing moves, signature moves and best matches. If you need reference for the style look at obsessedwithwrestling.com and look at the biography page.


Storylines : Ongoing feuds, relationships, storylines and faux interviews with wrestlers. Also you can find a backlog of my written commentary for most matches. Match results. Promos.


Episode Catalog: A list of links to recent matches


Credits: Credits to other users work, either original NPC, artwork or inspiration


New Episode: This is the link to the newest episode as well as the written commentary.


Essentially I will record about 1-2 matches per "show" Raw will get a match or two, Superstars will get a match as well as 1 "historic WCW" or "indie" NXT matches. Smackdown will get 1-2 matches. PPVs will be played and the best matches wll be used.


I will try my best to make matches feel authentic. Although this is within the confines of what SVR 2011 can actually do.



If anyone has any ideas of what could make this more interesting please share. Also, I am unsure of what I can use to record game footage from the Xbox 360. I know there is hardware out there but I'm not sure where to start looking.



If this idea seems interesting please shoot me some feedback here. Ill start putting Wrestler info and some backstory to storylines that are taking place. (Right now just in my head and on notepad). Pics for some wrestlers will be added as well.

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