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Amy Silverfox

Introducing Angel Silverfox

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Introducing my original CAW: Angel Silverfox


(I know. She's nothing real fancy at the moment. I plan on doing more advanced attires.)


She will be uploaded to the Community Creations once I'm able to upload it on the THQ server.

*UPDATED* Now Availible on PS3 CC

(Also sorry if the image quality isn't all that great for this or any future pictures.)




(3 other attires will be included along with this 1 on the CAW. 2 of the attires are the same as the 1 posted above except they do not have a tye-dye top, 1 is pink and black, and the other is a baby blue-like color w/ white. the 3rd attire is a manager attire. I will post a.s.a.p.)



Keyword Search Tags (When Availible)

Keyword 1: AFOX9982

Keyword 2: AFOXCAW1

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Dressed in black and ready to fight. Here's more attires. This time its on a "W.I.P." CAW




"Rated R Superstar Diva" attire.

(jacket only available in entrance. credits go to wwe as this is a simular attire to lita's wm22 attire)



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