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The Definitive WWE ALL Stars Tier List!!!

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After a long discussion with my friend Psychoblue, we made a tier list that's undisputed...


Top: Savage, Sheamus, Kane, Show, Bret (Savage has an amazing movelist, as does Sheamus, Kane has great combos for a Big Man, Show is just dominant, and Bret has high-damage grapples + b+WS that can lead to easy grabs)


Upper-Mid: Taker, Orton, Swagger, Eddie, Miz (Taker has great damage and very few weaknesses, Orton is a brawler that can get into PIN, Swagger has a near-infinite, and Miz has all kinds of sneaky ways he can get a win like multiple pins and a signature that allows him to prime his finisher for free)


Middle: Drew, HBK, HHH, CM Punk, Hogan, Roberts, Perfect, Piper (D-Mac has no real weaknesses but doesn't deal much damage, so he goes here. Everyone else kind of gels together with their individual ups and downs)


Lower-Mid: Morrison, Edge,Cena, Stone Cold, Rock, Rey, Slaughter (Morrison has bad combos and needs meter to do anything, but his finisher is really good. Edge is a watered-down Bret, Cena deals great damage but has very few ways to safely get in, Stone Cold is a situational player, Rock doesn't have anything particularly good compared to the other brawlers and everything he can do, other guys do better. Rey is the Dhalsim of the game, and Slaughter is just there)


Bottom: Warrior, Ricky, Kofi, Snuka (Warrior is a brawler who needs to go the top rope for two signatures, yet has no effective way to get up there. Ricky barely deals any damage, Snuka is a high-flyer with a lot of grounded specials that aren't that good, and Kofi is just...Kofi)


There will not be a DLC tier list because most of them are broken in their own special way.





Also, I was kicked out of the tournament unfairly. I would have won.

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