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The Leader of the Selfish Generation.

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Also I just finalized my moveset for Roode, but I won't be able to type it sooner than Thursday.

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Neither. The other two attires will be "Money" attires. Double R on the back, and money signs.

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- Ring Escape

- Dirty Pin

- Hammer Throw

- Resiliency



Standard Actions:


- Normal Ring In 1

- Slide Ring Out


Apron Ring-In/Out:

- Normal Ring In 3

- Normal Ring Out 2


Apron Ringside-In/Out:

- Normal On The Apron 4

- Normal Apron Out 2



- Raise Arm 3

- Hold Up 2

- The Miz 8

- Million Dollar



Strike Attacks:

- People’s Punch 1

- Gut Kick 1

- Gut Kick 2

- Backhand Chop

- Gut Kick 2

- Dropkick 1

- Head Punch 1


Strike Combination:

- Backhand Chop

- People’s Punch 1

- Dropkick 1


Strong Strikes:

- Knife Edge Chop 2

- Clothesline 12


Kick Reversal:

- Clothesline Reversal 1

- Takedown Reversal

- Single Leg Boston Crab

- Snapmare & Chin Lock

- Enzuigiri Reversal


Chain Grapple:

Front Facelock:

- Elbow Smash 1

- Abdominal Stretch

- Suplex 3

- Hammer And Sickle

- Scoop Slam 3

- Side Headlock Take Down


Side Headlock:

- Eye Rake 3

- Snapmare & Chin Lock

- Snap Suplex

- Eye Rake 2

- Gutbuster 1

- Backbreaker Drop 3


Wrist Lock:

- Elbow Smash 2

- Armbar 3

- Armbar 1

- Hangman’s Elbow

- Arm Wrench Slap

- Russian Leg Sweep 2


Waist Lock:

- Forearm Smash 1

- Full Nelson

- Chop Block 1

- Russian Leg Sweep 1

- Atomic Drop

- Back Side Slam 1

Groggy Grapple:

Groggy Grapple:

- DDT 5

- Noethern Lights Suplex 2

- Flapjack 3

- Sambo Suplex


Groggy Grapple From Behind:

- Saito Suplex

- Backbreaker Drop 7

- Electric Chair Drop

- Back Suplex Side Slam 3


Struggle Submission:

- Snapmare & Chin Lock

- Full Nelson




Strike Attacks:

- Angry Stomp

- Knee Drop 1


Grapple Moves Facing Up:

- Running Neck Twist

- Mount Punch

- Leg Breaker


Grapple Moves Facing Down:

- Armbar 2/Knee Stomp 1

- Soccerball Kick 3

- Knee Slam


Submission Grapple:

- Surfboard Stretch

- Camel Clutch 2

- Figure-4 Leg Lock 2



Strike Attacks:

Corner Groggy

- Knife Edge Chop 4

- Forearm Smash 2

- ECW Shoulder Thrust

- Clothesline 14

- Stomping

-Running Knee Strike 1


Top Rope:

- Knife Edge Chop 3

- Big Boot 1

- None


Tree Of Woe:

- Kick To Gut

- Dropkick 6


Grapple Moves:

- Shoulder Block 5

- Blockbuster


Grapple From Behind:

- Toss Into Ring Post

- Snake Eyes 2


Top Rope Grapple:

- Superplex

- Double Underhook Suplex


Top Rope Grapple Behind:

- Back Superplex

- Back Superplex


Seated Corner Grapple:

- Foot Choke 1


Tree Of Woe Grapple:

- Foot Choke 2


Corner Springboard:

- None


Running Top Rope Grapple:

- Deadly Drive



Groggy Against Ropes:

- Tope Rope Choke


Springboard Attacks:

- None


Outside Springboard Attacks:

- None


Out Of Ring Dive Attack (Run):

- None


Running Springboard:

- None



Strike Attacks:

- Right Hook

- Kick To Ringside

- Apron Clothesline 2


Springboard Attacks:

- None

- None



- Apron Slap

- Apron Hip Toss

- Apron Shoulder Block

- Cut Down

- Pull Down 2



- Apron Stomp

- Apron Big Boot 1/Apron Elbow Attack



- Apron Clothesline 1

- Running Elbow Strike



Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp.

- Double Axe Handle 3

- Over Castle


Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp.

- Diving Elbow Drop 1

- Diving Knee Drop



Running Strikes:

- Flying Forearm Smash 2

- Clothesline 8



- Neckbreaker 7

- Lou Thesz Press 1


Grapple From Behind

- Chop Block 3

- One-Handed Bulldog 3


Ground Strikes

- Elbow Drop 4


Irish Whip Rebound

- Running Back Elbow

- Back Body Drop 1

- Reverse Atomic Drop 1

- Knee Lift Reversal

- Ducking


Pull-Back Attacks

- Pull-Back Elbow

- Pull-Back Armbar


Tag Team:

Tag Team Standing Moves:






Tag Team Corner Moves:






Tag Team Finisher Moves





Wake Up Taunt

- Superstar 1


Special Moves:

Signature Moves:

- Spinebuster 6/Spinebuster 5

- Hangman’s Neckbreaker 2


- Finishing Move

- Fisherman’s Suplex 4

- Crossface


-Created Finishing Moves:




Royal Rumble:

Quick Grapple:

- Eye Poke

- Backhand Chop

- Toe Kick

- Elbow Smash



- Samoan Drop

- T-Bone Suplex

- Clothesline

- Reality Check



Strike Attack

- Punch To Head

- Backhand Chop



- Backhand Chop

- Kicks It Down


- Suplex

- Neckbreaker



- Pushing Down

- Suplex

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I just sent the CAS over to D. Update coming in a few days.

Good on the moves, Knight. Thanks again, bro.

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Nice moveset. Though it's missing majority of his moves.




This is a TNA Championship/Heel moveset...

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That's why I said it:) I didn't mean to offend you any way.


He recently started to use the spear a lot late in his matches. (Striking Spear). I never used the Hangman as a set up after he started his singles run.


Again, I didn't mean to offend you in any way.

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No you didn't. And don't believe you did. What usually happens when you ask someone to let you know what you're missing or to give proof about something, they shut down. If there is something out of place I am doing a disservice to the community by having an attitude that my rule is final. So whenever someone can constructively say what's wrong with something I have done or that I clearly missed something, let me know.

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So we're cool. Sorry sometimes it seems like I'm being offensive or trying to be a smartass, which is due that forum conversation are text type. :)

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After I type this I'd like to get back on topic for CAW's sake because it's not fair to the work Pac. has done.


I considered the spear but I didn't see it consistently enough to give it to him. I gave him the hangman's neckbreaker because I recall him doing it so much as a set up for his bigger moves about 3-4 years ago. Even though he does it rarely now, there was something wrong with giving him a single signature move. If anything at all, sub Hangman's Neckbreaker 2 for Flapjack 3, make Flapjack 5 his second Irish whip rebound move. Put Reverse Atomic Drop 1 as his first Irish whip rebound move and give him striking spear or the big show's spear as a signature.

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Still working some things out, but I love the third pic. If everyone likes the face, This should be a pretty quick upload. I already have the other two attires done, for the most part. I'll also be needing a moveset. Suggestions welcome, as always.



this is the best roode iv ever seen nice man verynice :nod:

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Not yet. I'm just waiting on D to make his tweaks and send me back the CAS. This should be uploaded over the weekend.

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I'll finish it as soon as D sends me back the CAS file. He promised he'd have it back in 2 days, but not yet.

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Everytime I come across this topic I need to have a look at it! Turned out awesome, no suggestions whatsoever!


When will this be released?

For the 4th time. When The D sends back the CAW to Pac.

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