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Cody Rhodes

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It's not perfect, it should improve it a little longer, but instead the same formula as it is now



Name: Cody Rhodes


HUD Name: Rhodes


Announcer Introduction: Cody


Hometown: Georgia


Gender: Male


Weight Class: Heavyweight


Match Tactic: Dirty


Show: SmackDown


Voice: Voice-1





Head: 43,23,5,0


Eyebrows: Default


Eyes: Default


Nose: 0,38,6,-14,0,0,0,0


Cheek: 1,62,0,29


Mouth: Default


Jaw: 59,1,0,0,0,0


Ear: Default


Age: 0




Hair: 1/91 (95,40,24)


Eyes: 1/26 (92,50,50)


Eyebrows: 4/48 (95,50,48,100)


Lips: 1 (98,50,50,100)


Face skin: 1


Eyelids: 1 (93,50,50)


Teeth: Default



Body Type


Ripped<->Thick: 0


Advanced Options


Head: Default


Neck: Default


Chest: 8,11,-55


Shoulder: 0,-10,-4


Abdomen: -27,21,-33


Waist: Default


Arms: 39,-5,-3


Hands: Default


Legs: 27,-5,-25


Feet: Default


Body Skin: 2 (96,50,54)


Body Hair: Default


Body Height: 6'0"


wristband: 1/20 right-hand man (43,0,50,100,76)


Shoes: 1/48 (43,5,11)


Underwear: 1/25 (43,1,11)


With the letters you want on the right side of the underwear type Cr (ie the initial Cody Rhodes)


As I said in the formula of Orton I bring you the pictures, so if you want to see how it is, you must create

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