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Wade Barret

Finishers: FW(Wasteland)

Scrapbuster & Pin or side walk slam 2 or Hack Scrapbuster (Winds of Change)


Randy Orton

Finishers: Cutter (RKO)

Hagakure (punt Kick)



Finishers: Powerbomb 5 (Pale Justice)

Powerbomb 14 (pale justice)



Finishers: Suplex Pin 2 (Jackhammer)

Spear 5


Brock Lesnar

Finishers: Cyclone 2 (F-5) Cyclone 1 (F-5)


Kevin Nash

Finishers: Jack Nife


Mark Henry

Finishers: falling Powerslam (Word Strongest Slam)

Big Splash Pin


Sin cara

Finishers: Swanton Bomb 2(Senton Bomb)

DDT 19(la mistica version of DDT)


The Great Khali

Finishers: Batista lifting & Toss(Khali Bomb)

Iron Claw (Chop)


Cm punk

Finishers: Gutbuster 1(GTS Go to sleep)

Shoulderlock(anaconda vise)


Alberto Del Rio

Finishers: Armbar 4 (Rio Grande)

Step Up Enzuguiri (Rio Kick)


John Cena

Finishers: F-U 1



The Undertaker

Finishers: Tombstone PileDriver Pin

Chokeslam 5 or The Last Ride(I prefer the chokeslam)


Undertaker "American Bad Ass"

Finishers: Chokeslam 4 or 5

The Last Ride


Mick Foley

Finishers: Stevie T

Mandible Claw



Finishers: Tombstone Piledriver 2(not tombstone piledriver pin)

Chokeslam 5


Cody Rhodes

Finishers: NeckBreaker 3 (Cross Rhodes)

Alabama Slam


Ted Dibiase Jr

Finishers: Full Nelson Slam 1 or 2 (Dream Street)

Million Dollar Dream


Ezekiel Jackson

Finishers: Torture Rack

Book End or The Rock Bottom (Book Of Ezekiel)


David Otunga

Finishers: Chokeslam 8 (The Verdict)


Justin Gabriel

Finishers: 450 splash


Rey Mysterio

Finishers: The 619

Five star Frog Splash


Dolph Ziggler

Finishers: NeckBreaker 11 (Zig Zag)

Sleeper Hold


The Miz

Finishers: Full Nelson Face Buster(skull crusing finale)



Finshers: Unprettier (KillSwitch)

Frog Splash



Finishers: Spear 3

Edgecution (impaler DDT)


Brodus Clay

Finishers: Diving Cross Body Pin 2 (What the Funk!from the pole of the ring)

Big Splash Pin(Ah Funk It!)


Zack Ryder

Finishers: Hog Lock (Rough Ryder) This is the only move that comes close to a little rough ryder

Overdrive (Zack Attack)


R Truth

Finishers: Black Out Or Compete Shot (Little Jimmi)

Booker T special (Truth Axe)


Kofi Kingston

Finishers: RVD Feint Weel Kick Or Spinning Kick(Trouble in Paradise)

Atomic Drop 2 (Boom Drop)


Jinder Mahal

Finishers: Camel Clutch 2

Full Nelson Slam 1 or 2


Heath Slater

Finishers: DDT 17(E-Minor)

Flashback 1 or 2 (sweetness)


Alex Riley

Finishers: NeckBreaker 5 (TKO)

Edgecution (Impaler DDT)


Tyson Kidd

Finishers: Mexican ArmBreaker (Dungeon Lock)

Sharpshooter 1


Micheal McGilliCutty

Finishers:Super NeckBreaker Pin (McGilliCutter)


Jack Swagger

Finishers: Power bomb 2 (Red, White and Blue Thunder Bomb)

Ankle Lock 1


Drew McIntyre

Finishers: Stevie T (Future Shock)



here are some Finisher Move of some Wrestler

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