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Sin Cara Move Set

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Ring in move: Rolling

Ring out move: Roll Down

Taunt Down : Wake Up 2,Come On!,Swing Arms,taunt back flip

Fighting stance: Wrestling 1

Walking Motion ---------- Normal

Running Motion ---------- Normal



Strike Attacks: Dropkick 1,Toe Kick 1,Capoeira kick 1,Leg Lariat,Quick Kick,Snap Jab


Clean: Arm Drag 3,Snapmare 2,Headloch Takeover,Arm Drag 8,Arm Drag leg drop.

Submission: Hammer Lock,Snapmare & neck lock 2,Headlock 4,Armbar 2,Arm Wrench 1

Category 1 Velocity: Dropkick 7,Leg Whip,Hurracanrana 7,Step Up Enzuigiri,Snapmare & Dropkick 2

Category 2 Luchadore: Victory Roll Pin 3,Hurracanrana 1,Crucifix Head Scissor,Hurracanrana 8,Hurracanrana 3

Category 3 Old School: Samoan Drop 3,Arm Drag 8,Headlock 1,School boy pin 3,Hurracanrana 8

Grapple Attack : Grapple Punch 1,Grapple Body Attack 1,Grapple body attack 1


Grapple From Behind: Hurracanrana 6,Rolling Clucht Pin,Hurracanrana 5,DDT 18,Cruiserweight Moves 2,Russian Leg Sweep,Bulldog 5,Snapmare 1,DDT 17,Neckbreaker 12

Top of the Cell: Downward Thrust 4x



Strike Attacks: Angry Stomp,Elbow Drop 3,Elbow Drop 1

Grapple By Head: Dropkick 9,Rolling Thunder 3,Cruiserweight moves 3

Grapple By Feet: Cruiserweight moves 4,Leg Drop 1,Stomping Combo



Strike Attacks: Handspring to kick,turnbuckle Dropkick 1,Turnbuckle dropkick 2

Grapple: Arm Drag 6,DDT 20 ,Tiger Mask,Super Hurracanrana,Dropkick 5,mudhole stomping 2

Grapple From Behind: Dropkick & school boy pin,Lucha DDT,Spider Suplex,Super Back Suplex,Mule Kick,



Groggy on Ropes: Dropkick 8

Rebound Attack: Elbow Attack 1,Elbow Drop 5,Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving out of Ring: Fake Diving Attack 1



Stand: Diving Hurracanrana,Missile Dropkick

Down: Diving elbow,Rolling Thunder 1,Diving Elbow Drop



Running Strikes: Shining Wizard 3,Diving Spinning Lariat

Running Grapple: Back Rolling 3,Headscissor Takedown 2

Rear Techniques: Hurracanrana 5,Neckbraker 12

Running Ground Attack: Double Axe Handle 5,Elbow Drop 5

Counter: Hip Toss 1,Drop To hold,Flapjack & Dropkick



Finishers: Swanton Bomb 2(Senton Bomb),DDT 19 (la mistica version of DDT)

Signature Moves: Arm Drag 3,Super Hurracanrana,Crucifix Head Scissor

Chair Finishers: Vandaminator,DDT 23

Combination Attack: Benoit Punches,Benoit Punches,Outlaw Punches 1


I hope I have done a good job

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