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A friend of mine who got banned.

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You may know him from this topic:



He wanted an explanation as to why Nic Virtue was banned, he brings up some valid points aswell, might look into it.


Anyway... Another person apparently agreed with him and quoted this text and posted it in alot of other threads, this is what got my friend banned.

MONROE even stated that he had nothing to do with his opinion being spammed in other threads yet he can't access the forums anymore.


This is what we both think he was banned for but we aren't certain because he wasn't given a reason, he just couldn't access the forum all of a sudden while he didn't have this problem before.


(I am going off of what he told me and I know him as a pretty reliable guy)


So I ask you, could you unban him or atleast give the both of us a reason as to why he was banned?

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That and considering not even a minute later the post was mass-spammed.


Seems like a set up to me. :cool: Hope this explains it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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