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SpudimusPrime89's WWE '12 Finisher and Signature List

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SpudimusPrime89's WWE '12 Finisher and Signature List


Moves italicized mean you can create them in CAF

If you want to search, just use Ctrl+F (PC) or Cmd+F (Mac)

As usual, suggestions are welcome!




Alberto Del Rio: Cross Armbreaker, Cross Armbar; Step Up Enzugiri 3, Step Up Enzugiri 2 OR Double Knee Armbreaker OR Shining Wizard OR German Suplex 2

Alex Riley: Hawaiian Smasher (You're Dismissed), None OR Edgecution 1; Mug Shot (A-Bomb), Spinebuster 5

Big Show: W.M.D, Chokeslam 5; Slingshot Body Press OR Hip Press 1, Spear 1

Chavo Guerrero: Frog Splash 2, Gory Bomb 3; Triple Rolling Suplex (Three Amigos), Brain Buster

Christian: Killswitch, Spear 3; Hanging Overhead Kick, Tornado DDT

CM Punk: G.T.S. 1/2, Anaconda Vice 1/2; Diving Elbow Drop 6/10, Chick Kick 2 OR High Kick

Cody Rhodes: Cross Rhodes, None OR Reverse Swing Neckbreaker 1 (Cross Rhodes) OR Silver Spoon DDT; Running Knee Drop, Alabama Slam 2

Daniel Bryan: LeBell Lock (Yes Lock), Cattle Mutillation; Repeating Kicks to Chest, Diving Headbutt 4 OR Arm Trap Elbow Strikes

David Otunga: The Verdict, None OR Celtic Cross 2; Powerslam 1, Flapjack 4

Dolph Ziggler: Zig Zag, Sleeper Hold 1/2; Leg Drop Bulldog 1, Appealing Jumping Elbow OR 2 Small & 1 Big Elbow Drop

Drew McIntyre: Future Shock 2, None OR Future Shock 1; Backbreaker 2, Reverse STO (Scot Drop) OR Powerbomb 4,

Evan Bourne: Shooting Star Press 4 (Air Bourne), None; Standing Moonsault 2, Double Knee Drop OR Jumping Knee 4

Ezekiel Jackson: Torture Rack, None OR One-Handed Spinebuster 1; Clothesline 11, Military Press Drop

Goldust: Suplex Lift Neckbreaker (Final Cut), Flat Liner; Shattered Dreams, Saving Grace OR Lifting Reverse DDT (Curtain Call)

Heath Slater: Facebuster 4 OR Wheelbarrow Facebuster, Sweetness; Neckbreaker 9, Spinebuster 5

Husky Harris: Running Senton, Spinning Complete Shot; Running Cross Body 1, Down Body Splash

Jack Swagger: An Cole Lock OR Ankle Lock 3, Gutwrench Powerbomb, Slingshot Body Splash (Swagger Bomb), Body Splash 3 (Swagger Bomb)

John Cena: Attitude Adjustment 3/4, STF; Five Knuckle Shuffle, Diving Five Knuckle Shuffle OR Diving Leg Drop 2

John Morrison: Starship Pain 2, Knee Smash OR Moonlight Drive; Flip Bottom 2, Shooting Star Splash

Justin Gabriel: 450 Splash 2, None OR Flip Sideways Flapjack OR 450 Splash 1; Back Wheel Trip, Spin Sitout Powerbomb

Kane: Chokeslam 1/4 OR One-Handed Chokeslam, Tombstone Piledriver 2/3/4; Sidewalk Slam 3, Diving Clothesline 1 OR Flying Clothesline 1 OR Running Powerslam

Kofi Kingston: Trouble in Paradise, S.O.S.; Boom Drop, Hanging Overhead Kick

Mark Henry: World's Strongest Slam 2, World's Strongest Slam 1; Down Body Splash, Slingshot Body Press

Mason Ryan: Full Nelson Slam 2, House of Pain; Big Boot 3, Military Press Drop

Michael McGillicutty: McGuillicutter, Fisherman Suplex 4 (Perfect-plex); Running Neck Twist, Jumping Kick

R-Truth: Jumping Complete Shot, Corkscrew Axekick; Lie Detector OR True Conviction, Truth or Consequences

Randy Orton: RKO, None OR Punt Kick; Elevated Knee Drop, Randy Orton Stomp

Rey Mysterio: The 619, Frog Splash 1; Mysterio Middle Kick, Hurricanrana Whip 1

Santino Marella: Santino Cobra, None; Santino Stunner, Headbutt 4

Sheamus: Brogue Kick, High Cross 2; Irish Curse, Celtic Cross 2

Sin Cara: Tilt-a-Whirl Armbar, Avalanche Flip Bottom; Rolling Yoshi Tonic, Tilt-a-Whirl Small Package

Ted DiBiase: Dream Street, Cobra Clutch (Million Dollar Dream); Spinebuster 3, Jumping Knee 1

The Miz: Skull Crushing Finale, None OR Reality Check; Snap DDT, Big Boot 3

Triple H: Pedigree 2, Pedigree 1; Spinebuster 4, Spinebuster 5

Tyson Kidd: Sharpshooter, Spin Fisherman Suplex 2; Running Dropkick, Over Castle OR Blockbuster OR Brain Buster

Undertaker: Tombstone Piledriver 2/3, Hell's Gate; Chokeslam 1/4 OR The Last Ride, Old School

Vladimir Kozlov: Iron Curtain, Reverse DDT 2; Belly to Belly 2, Fallaway Slam 2

Wade Barrett: Sidewalk Slam 2 (Winds of Change), Wasteland; Diving Elbow Drop 9, Big Boot 3

William Regal: Knee Trembler, STF (Regal Stretch); T-Bone Suplex 2, Regal Plex

Yoshi Tatsu: High Kick, None OR Diving Heel Kick; Parallel Snapmare, Diving Heel Kick OR Shining Wizard

Zack Ryder: Rough Ryder, Diving Leg Lariat 2 (Rough Ryder); Broski Boot, Layout



Beth Pheonix: Glam Slam, Double Chicken Wing OR Wheelbarrow Facebuster (Glam Slam); Alley Oop 1, Militery Press Slam OR Alley Oop Facebuster

Eve: Diving Moonsault 1 (Evesault), Swing Neckbreaker 2; Standing Moonsault 1, Hand Spring Moonsault

Kelly Kelly: K2, None, Frankensteiner 1 OR Hurricanrana 3, Lou Thesz Press 2

Layla: Layout, None OR Shoulder Neckbreaker (Layout); Spinning High Kick (Nasty Kick), ?

Maryse: French Kiss, French TKO; Facecrusher 3, Camel Clutch 1 (French Pain)

Michelle McCool: Faith Breaker, Big Boot 3/4; Heel Hold (MAD-T), High Kick OR Chick Kick 1/2

Natalya: Sharpshooter, None; Stalling Suplex, Saito Suplex



Animal: Powerslam 5, Powerslam 6; Shoulder Block 1, Military Press Slam

Arn Anderson: Spinebuster 5/6, DDT 1/6; Gourdbuster 2, ?

Ax: Cobra Clutch, Swing Neckbreaker 1; Double Axe Handle Combo, Pendulum Backbreaker

Booker T: Scissor Kick, Book End; Harlem Side Kick, Houston Hangover

Brock Lesnar: F-5 4, Shooting Star Press 4; Belly to Belly 1/2, Fallaway Slam 2

Eddie Guerrero: Frog Splash 1, Cloverleaf (Lasso from El Passo); Triple Rolling Suplex (Three Amigos), Brain Buster

Edge: Spear 3, Edgecator OR Striking Spear; Edgecution 1, Edge-O-Matic

Hawk: Hangman's Neckbreaker 2, Diving Clothesline 3; Military Press Slam, Texas Piledriver

Kevin Nash: Jackknife, None; Chokeslam 2/5 OR Sidewalk Slam 3, Big Boot 3

Mr. McMahon: McMahon Stunner, Pedigree 1/2; Lou Thez Press 2, Standing Leg Drop

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat: Diving Cross Body 1, None; Double Chicken Wing, Diving Brain Chop 2

Smash: Single Leg Boston Crab, None; Double Axe Handle Combo, Clothesline 5

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Stone Cold Stunner 1, Stone Cold Stunner 2; Lou Thez Press 1, Elbow Drop 7

Vader: Slingshot Body Press (Vader Bomb), Jackknife; Vader Hammer, Chokeslam 1



Alicia Fox: Scissors Kick [Download], Handstand Leg Drop; Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker 2, Northern Lights Suplex 2

Batista: Batista Bomb, Batista Bite; Spinebuster 7, Spear 1

Brie Bella: Sitout Facebuster (Bella Buster), None OR Facebuster 2 (Bella Buster); Jumping Snapmare, ?

Brodus Clay: Down Body Splash, Running Cross Body 1 (What Da Funk); Exploader Suplex 3, G-Grip

Christian (E&C): Killswitch (Unprettier), DDT 9; DDT 10, Tornado DDT

Edge (E&C): Edgecution 2, Edgecator; Downward Spiral, Striking Spear

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Diving Fist Drop 4 (Crown Drop), Texas Piledriver; Combination 3, W.M.D

Jim Ross: Combination 2, Combination 3; Ankle Lock 1, None

Kane (Masked): Chokeslam 1/4 OR One-Handed Chokeslam, Tombstone Piledriver 2/3/4; Sidewalk Slam 3, Flying Clothesline 1 OR Running Powerslam

Kharma: Implant Buster, Kharma Press (Awesome Press); Kharma Bomb (Awesome Bomb), One-Handed Chkeslam

Michael Cole: An Cole Lock, None; Combination 1, None

Mick Foley: Mandible Claw, Butterfly DDT 2; Two Hand Bulldog, Stump Puller Piledriver

Nikki Bella: Sitout Facebuster (Bella Buster), None OR Facebuster 2 (Bella Buster); Jumping Snapmare, ?

"Macho Man" Randy Savage: Diving Elbow Drop 10, None OR Diving Double Axe Handle [Download] OR Diving Elbow Drop 6; Scoop Slam OR Diving Double Axe Handle [Download], Jumping Knee Drop

The Rock: People's Elbow, Rock Bottom, Spinebuster 11, Sharpshooter

Shawn Michaels: Sweet Chin Music, Super Kick 1/2 (Sweet Chin Music); Diving Elbow Drop 4, Sharpshooter OR Figure 4 Leglock 2 OR Inverted Figure-4 Leg Lock

Trish Stratus: Chick Kick 1/2, Stratusfaction 1/2; Statosphere 1/2, Lou Thez Press 2

Vickie Guerrero: Frog Splash 1 (Couger Splash), Spear 1; Running Cross Body 1, Pushing





Raw Roster

Chris Jericho: Codebreaker 1, High Angle Boston Crab 1/2 (Walls of Jericho); Step Up Enzugiri 3, Step Up Enzugiri 1/2

Curt Hawkins: Diving Elbow Drop 1/3/4 (Heat-Seaking Elbow), Edgecution 1 (Laugh Riot); Spinebuster 5/6/8/10, Regal Plex

Epico: Back Stabber 1, Back Stabber 2; DDT 13, German Suplex 2

JTG: Da Shout Out, None OR Leg Drop Bulldog 2; Flipping Neckbreaker, Mug Shot

Primo: Back Stabber 2, Back Stabber 1; Diving Headbutt 2/5, Tornado DDT OR Lucha DDT

Tensai: G-Grip, Sitout Spinebuster OR Two Handed Chokeslam 2/3; Running Senton, Poison Mist

Tyler Reks: Lift & Cutter (Killkoy), Burning Hammer; Spin Headlock Elbow Drop, Gourdbuster 2


Smackdown Roster

A.W.: Hangman's Neckbreaker 2 (The Business), Shoulder Neckbreaker (The Business); Elbow Drop ? (In Your Face Elbow Drop), Spinebuster ?

AJ: Shining Wizard, Shiranui; Octopus Stretch, ?

Aksana: Spinebuster ? (Devo Drop), Chick Kick 1/2 OR High Kick (Billion Dollar Kick); Throat Thrust 5, ?

Antonio Cesaro: Gotch Style Neutralizer, None; ?, ?

Damien Shadow: Cross Arm Neckbreaker, Neckbreaker 4 (M14/Idolizer); ?, ?

Darren Young: Fireman's Carry Gutbuster 2, Fireman's Carry Gutbuster 1; ?, ?

The Great Kahli: Two-Handed Grip (Kahli Vice Grip), Two-Handed Chokeslam 3 (Punjabi Plunge); Brain Chop 1 (Kahli Chop), Shoulder Claw OR Headbutt 1/3 OR Big Boot 3

Hornswoggle: Frog Splash 1 (Tadpole Splash), Celtic Cross 1/2; Swanton Bomb (Lepraton Bomb), Poison Mist (Hornswaggle Mist)

Hunico: Swanton Bomb (Falling Star), Judgement Slam; Sitout Gordbuster OR True Conviction, ?

Jinder Mahal: Camel Clutch 2 (Punjabi Clutch), Full Nelson Slam 2/3 (Sands of Time); Jumping Knee 1, ?

Johnny Curtis: Falcon Arrow, None; Flying Wheel Kick (Johnny Kick), Diving Leg Drop 4 (Marine Jam)

Kaitlyn: Full Nelson Bomb, Back Suplex 1; Super Atomic Drop 1, Spear 1 OR Reverse STO

Naomi: Over Castle (Nightfalls), Rough Ryder (Nightmare); ?, ?

Ricardo Rodriguez: Down Body Press, Diving Corkscrew Body; Diving Moonsault 1, ?

Rosa Mendes: Neckbreaker 7 (Hell Makeover), None; Sidewalk Slam 3 (Flower Fall), ?

Ryback: Fisherman Suplex 3, None; Clothesline 5 OR Running Forearm Smash, Powerbomb 1

Tamina Snuka: Diving Body Press 1 (Superfly Splash), None; Samoan Drop 1, Super Kick 2

Titus O'Neal: Spinebuster 3 (Clash of the Titus), None; Fallaway Slam 2, ?

Trent Barreta: Tornado DDT (Dudebuster DDT), Lucha DDT (Dudebuster DDT); Jumping Knee 1 (Gobstopper), ?

The Usos:

  • Jey Uso: Samoan Drop 3 (Alley-Us), Diving Body Press 1 (Samoan Splash); Super Kick 2, ?
  • Jimmy Uso: Samoan Drop 3 (Alley-Us), Diving Body Press 1 (Samoan Splash); Super Kick 2, ?

NXT Roster

Bo Rotundo: ? (Bedazzled), Spear 1; ?, ?

Byron Saxton: Russian Legsweep 2 (The Recommendation), Cobra Clutch Legsweep (The Recommendation); ?, ?

Conor O'Brian: Full Nelson Slam 2/3 (Strychnine), Alabama Slam 1/2 (Rough Shot); ?, ?

Corey Graves: Air Raid Siren (MK Ultra), Tiger Bomb (Steel City Slaughter); Back Stabber 1/2, Dragon Suplex

Darrick Bateman: ? (Man-Tastic), None; Neckbreaker ?, ?

Kassius Ohno: Reverse Swing Neckbreaker 1 (Hero's Welcome), Spinning High Kick (Cyclone Kill) OR Michinoku Driver 1 (Hero's Welcome Championship Edition) OR Electric Chair Driver (Rubik's Cube); Moonlight Drive (Cravate Buster), Lifting DDT (Hero DDT)

Leo Kruger: Sharpshooter (Dameon Device), Cradle Piledriver (Dameon Driver); Sleeper Hold 1, Dreamer Driver

Paige: Edgeucator (RamPaige), Fisherman Buster (Knight Light); Last Call (Knight-Rider), ?

"Showtime" Percy Watson: Flapjack ? (Percycution), Float Over DDT 1/2; Down Body Splash (Showtime Splash), ?

Richie Steamboat: Diving Cross Body 1, Super Kick 2; Gory Neckbreaker, Diving Arm Drag

Seth Rollins: Super Kick 1/2 (Avada Kedavra), Pheonix Splash; Saving Grace (Paroxysm), F-5 1/3/4

Sofia Cortez: Diving Hurricanrana (Disdain), None; ?, ?


Other Personel

Averno: Angel's Wings, None; Spin Sitout Powerbomb OR Pumphandle Drop 1/2 (Averno Driver), Inverted Figure 4 Leg Lock (Cruzeta Invertida)

Bill DeMott: Reverse Swing Neckbreaker 1 (No Joke), Diving Moonsault 1/2 (No Laughing Matter); Powerbomb 1, ?

Billy Kidman: Shooting Star Press 4, Killswitch (Kid Krusher); Spinebuster 3/9 (BK Bomb), Facebuster 2 (Kid Factor)

Brooklyn Brawler: Swing Neckbreaker 1, Neckbreaker 7; Superplex, Facecrusher 2 (Sidewalk Smash)

Dean Malenko: Cloverleaf, Tiger Bomb 3; Brain Buster, Single Knee Gutbuster OR Powerbomb 1

Irwin R. Schyster: Samoan Drop 1/4 (Stock Market Crash), STF (The Penalty); ?, ?

Jamie Noble: Fireman's Carry Gutbuster 1/2, Cross Armbar; Tiger Bomb 3, ?

"Road Dogg" Jesse James: Pumphandle Drop 2, Pumphandle Drop 1; Running Knee Drop OR Jumping Knee Drop, Combination 2/3 (Shake, Rattle and Roll)

Joey Mercury: Butterfly DDT 1/2, Layout (Virginia Neck Tie); Super Hurricanrana, ?

John Laurinaitis: RKO 1 (Ace Crusher), Leg Drop Bulldog 1 (Ace Crusher II); Edgecution 1 (Johnny Spike), ?

Matt Striker: Playmaker, Zack Attack (Golden Rule); Back Stabber 1/2, Gory Bomb 3

Micheal "P.S." Hayes: DDT 1/6, Running Bulldog 1; ?, ?


FCW Roster

Big E. Langston: Big Ending, Inverted Front Powerslam; Down Body Splash, Belly to Belly ?

Dean Ambrose: Celtic Cross 2 (Midnight Special), Wheelbarrow Facebuster OR Glam Slam (Hook and Ladder); ?, ?

Raquel Diaz: Gory Bomb 3, Frog Splash 1; Triple Rolling Suplex (Three Amigos), ?

Xavier Woods: Tornado DDT (Culture Shock), ?; ?, ?


WWE Legends/Hall of Fame

Bam Bam Bigelow: Diving Headbutt 3 (Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma'am), Michinoku Driver 2 (Greetings From Asbury Park); Diving Moonsault 1 (Bam Bam Sault), Down Body Splash

Big Boss Man: Sidewalk Slam 2 (Boss Man Slam), None; Alabama Slam 1/2, Gutwrench Suplex 2

Chris Benoit: Crossface, Sharpshooter OR Diving Headbutt 4; Triple German Suplex, Triple Rolling Suplex OR Diving Headbutt 4

"British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith: Running Powerslam, Powerslam 1; Military Press Slam, Stalling Suplex

Dory Funk, Jr.: Cloverleaf, Texas Piledriver; ?, ?

Dusty Rhodes: Bionic Elbow, Sitout Piledriver; Elbow Drop 8, Figure 4 Leglock 2

The Four Horseman:

  • Barry Windham: Clothesline 5 OR Running Forearm Smash, Superplex; Gutwrench Powerbomb, ?
  • Ole Anderson: Diving Knee Drop, None; ?, ?
  • Tully Blanchard: Texas Piledriver, None; Figure 4 Leg Lock 2, ?

The Hart Foundation:

  • Bret Hart: Sharpshooter, Sitout Piledriver OR Adjustment Piledriver; Diving Elbow Drop 2, Backbreaker Drop 3
  • Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart: Scoop Powerslam (Anvil Flatliner), Cobra Clutch (Anvilizer); Shoulder Block 1, ?

Jake "The Snake" Roberts: DDT 6, None; Gutbuster 1, Reverse Atomic Drop 1/3

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka: Diving Body Press 1, None; Diving Cross Body 1, ?

John "Bradsaw" Layfield: Clothesline 5 (Clothesline From Hell), Powerbomb 1 (JBL Bomb); Fallaway Slam 1 (Last Call), Super Last Call OR Swing Neckbreaker 1

Kamala: Down Body Splash (Air Africa), Diving Body Press 2 OR Kharma Press (Air Africa); Harlem Side Kick, Brain Chop 1 OR Headbutt 1/3

Lex Luger: Torture Rack, Adjustment Piledriver (Attitude Adjustment); Running Forearm Smash, Military Press Slam

Marty Jannetty: Leg Drop Bulldog 1 (Rocker Dropper), K2 (Rocker Dropper); Super Kick 1/2, ?

The Nasty Boys:

  • Brian Knobbs: Running Powerslam, Powerslam 1; Pumphandle Drop 1/2, Texas Piledriver
  • Jerry Sags: Diving Elbow Drop 1, Pumphandle Slam; Pumphandle Drop 1/2, Texas Piledriver

Nikolai Volkoff: Bearhug, Backbreaker Drop ?; Boston Crab, ?

Owen Hart: Sharpshooter, ?; Northern Lights Suplex 2, Super Kick 2

Ric Flair: Figure 4 Leglock 2, Grapefruit Claw; Knee Drop 4 OR Running Knee Drop, Chop Block 1

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper: Sleeper Hold 1, None; Rowdy Strike, Running Bulldog 2

Ron Simmons: Inverted Front Powerslam (Dominator), Spinebuster 2 OR One-Handed Spinebuster 2; Powerslam 5/6 OR Snap Powerslam, ?

Scott Steiner: Camel Clutch, Hurricanrana ? OR Super Hurricanrana (Frankensteiner); Flat Liner (Steiner Flatliner), Belly to Belly 2

Sgt. Slaughter: Cobra Clutch, Camel Clutch 2; Gordbuster 2, Gutbuster 1 OR Diving Clothesline 3

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams: Gutwrench Powerbomb (Doctor Bomb), Saito Suplex (Backdrop Driver); Running Powerslam (Oklahoma Stampede), Military Press Drop OR Military Press Slam

"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase: Million Dollar Dream, Cobra Clutch; Fist Drop 1, Diving Elbow Drop 1

Terry Funk: Texas Piledriver, Spinning Toe Hold; Sleeper Hold 1, Diving Moonsault 1/2

Ultimate Warrior: Down Body Splash, Military Press Drop; Military Press Slam, Shoulder Block 1 OR Scoop Powerslam

Virgil: Russian Leg Sweep 2, Cobra Clutch (Million Dollar Dream); W.M.D, Diving Clothesline 1/2/3

The Wild Samoans:

  • Afa: Harlem Side Kick, ?; ?, ?
  • Sika: Samoan Drop 1, Samoan Drop 4; ?, ?

WWE Alumni

Armando Estrada: Saving Grace, Lifting Reverse DDT; ?, ?

Ashley: Diving Elbow Drop 7 (Starstruck), Spear 1; Monkey Flip 2, Diving Cross Body 1

Billy Gunn: Leg Drop Bulldog 1 (Fame-Ass-er), Diving Fame Asser; Sidewalk Slam 1 (Gunnslinger), Sitout Piledriver

Bobby Lashley: Inverted Front Powerslam (Dominator), Spear 1/2; Military Press Drop, Belly to Belly 1

The Boogeyman: Boogeyslam, Pumphandle Slam (Goodnight); Body Splash 4, Chokeslam 1

Brian Kendrick: Shiranuri (The Kendrick), Sleeper Hold 2; Wheel Kick, Tornado DDTCandice Michelle: Killswitch (Candywrapper), Double Underhook Bulldog (Candywrapper); Figure Four Neck Lock (Candylicious), Flying Wheel Kick

Carlito: Back Stabber 1/2, Reverse Swing Neckbreaker 2; ?, ?

"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters: Full Nelson (Master Lock), ?; Spinebuster 7, Shoulder Block 1

Chuck Palumbo: Flip Sideways Flapjack (Full Throttle), Spinning Side Slam; Big Boot 3, Samoan Drop 3

Chyna: Pedigree 1/2, Jackknife; DDT 1/6, Military Press Slam

Clayton Croft: Fireman's Carry Gutbuster 2, Fireman's Carry Gutbuster 1; Edgecution 1 OR Lifting DDT, Super Kick 1/2

Crash Holly: Corner Bulldog, Landing Clash (Crash Landing); Air Raid Siren (Crash Course), DDT 5

David Hart Smith: Powerslam 1, Sharpshooter; Saito Suplex, Stalling Suplex

Eugene: People's Elbow, Stone Cold Stunner 2; Pedigree 1/2, Rock Bottom

Ernest "The Cat" Miller: Trouble In Paradise (Feliner), Super Kick 1/2; Bicycle Kick OR Brogue Kick, Chick Kick 1/2 OR High Kick

Finlay: Celtic Cross 2, Celtic Cross 1 OR Tombstone Piledriver 4; Rolling Fireman's Carry 2 (Rolling Hills), Celtic Knot

Gangrel: Edgecution 1 (Impaler DDT), Poison Mist (Blood Mist); Butterfly Suplex 2 OR Belly to Belly 3/4 OR Fisherman Suplex 4 OR Elbow Drop 10, STF

The Godfather: Dreamer Driver (Pimp Drop), None; Reverse Shoulderbreaker, Standing Leg Drop OR Arm Twist / Leg Lariat

Grand Master Sexay: Skull Crushing Finale (Sexay Face Buster), Diving Leg Drop 4/5 (Hip Hop Drop); Super Kick 1/2, ?

"The Hurricane" Gregory Helms: Spin Headlock Elbow Drop (Eye of the Hurricane), Shining Wizard OR Single Knee Facebreaker; Diving Cross Body 1, Double Underhook Drop


  • Jake Gymini: T-Bone Suplex 2/3, Hawaiian Smasher OR Swing Jawbreaker; Arm Trap Neckbreaker, High Cross 2
  • Jesse Gymini:Hawaiian Smasher OR Swing Jawbreaker, Half Nelson Choke Suplex; Arm Trap Neckbreaker, High Cross 2

Hardcore Holly: Alabama Slam 2, Alabama Slam 1; Falcon Arrow, ?

Heidenreich: Sidewalk Slam 2, Reverse Shoulderbreaker; Cobra Clutch, ?

Jillian Hall: 450 Splash 1, Diving Moonsault 1/2; Headstand Leg Drop, Full Nelson Bulldog

Ken Shamrock: An Cole Lock, Ankle Lock 3; Fisherman Suplex 4, Belly to Belly 3/4

Kenny Dykstra: Diving Leg Drop 3 (Sky High Leg Drop), Neckbreaker 4; Diving Clothesline 1/2 (Doane-Nation), ?

Kevin Thorn: Rope Hung Jawbreaker (Original Sin), High Cross 2 (The Crucifix); Shoulder Jawbreaker, ?

Kung Fu Naki/Funaki: Crane Kick, Tornado DDT OR Lucha DDT; One-Handed Bulldog 2, Diving Brain Chop 1/2

Lance Cade: Sitout Spinebuster (Redneck Bomb), Diving Elbow Drop 1; Clothesline 5, Diving Leg Drop 4

Lance Storm: Single Leg Boston Crab (Canadian Maple Leaf), Super Kick 1/2; Sharpshooter, Sitout Piledriver (Deep Impact)

Luke Gallows: 12 Step, Flapjack 3; Gutbuster 2, Big Boot 3/4

Maria: Running Bulldog 1, Running Bulldog 2; ?, ?

Mark Jindrak: Back Suplex Side Slam 1 (Mark of Excellence), Left-Handed Knockout Punch; Diving Clothesline 1/2/3, ?

Maryse: French Kiss, French TKO; Camel Clutch 1, Facecrusher 3

Matt Hardy: Twist of Fate 1/2, Twist of Fate 3; Side Effect 1/2, Diving Elbow Drop 8 OR Diving Leg Drop 1

Maxine: Dragon Sleeper, Sitout Facebuster; ?, ?

Mideon: Reverse DDT 2 (Eye Opener), Layout OR Hangman's Neckbreaker 2 OR Shoulder Neckbreaker; ?, ?

Molly Holly: Go Round (Molly-Go-Round), None; Romero Special (Twin City Twister), ?

Nathan Jones: Torture Rack, Chokeslam 1; Gutwrench Suplex 2, Reverse DDT 2 OR Military Press Slam

Paul Burchill: Dangerous Buster, Flip Bottom 1/2 (C-4); Diving Knee Drop OR Reverse Swing Neckbreaker 1, Neckbreaker 9 (Twisted Sister)

Paul London: 450 Splash 1, Shooting Star Press 4 (London Calling); Shooting Star Splash, Mule Kick 1 (Mushroom Stomp)

Shad Gaspard: Thugnificent, Samoan Drop 1; Side Slam 1, Big Boot 3

Snitsky: Pumphandle Slam (Egoist Schwein), None; Big Boot 3, ?

Sylvain Grenier: Snap DDT (Showoff), Hawaiian Smasher OR Swing Jawbreaker; Reverse STO, Back Suplex Side Slam 1/2/3

Torrie Wilson: Facebuster 2 (Nose Job), Tornado DDT; Swing Neckbreaker 1, Neckbreaker 7

Tyson Tomko: Argentine Neckbreaker, Big Boot 3 OR Brogue Kick; Reverse Swing Neckbreaker 1, Chokeslam 1

Umaga: Samoan Strike (Samoan Spike), Kharma Press (Wild Samoan Splash) OR Samoan Hip Attack; Samoan Hip Attack OR Samoan Drop 3, Diving Headbutt 1

Val Venis: Diving Body Press 1 (Money Shot), Fisherman Suplex 4 (Big Package); Full Nelson Suplex 3, Spin-Out Powerbomb 3/4

X-Pac: Facebuster 2 (X-Factor), Sitout Facebuster (X-Factor); Super Kick 2 (1-2-3 Kick), Harlem Side Kick (1-2-3 Kick)


WCW Alumni

Brian Adams: One-Handed Chokeslam, Chokeslam 1; F-5 3, Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker 1/2 (Tour of the Islands)

Goldberg: Suplex Hammer (Jackhammer), Spear 2; Chokeslam 3, Snap Swing Neckbreaker

Juventud Guerrera: 450 Splash 1, Michinoku Driver 1 (Juvi Driver); People's Elbow (Juicy Elbow), Diving Hurricanrana

Psicosis: Diving Leg Drop 4, Stone Cold Stunner 2 (Psycho Stunner); Truth Conviction OR Sitout Gordbuster, Diving Hurricanrana

Scott Hall: High Cross 2 (Razor's Edge), None; Fallaway Slam 2, Super Last Call


ECW Alumni

Axl Rotten: Saving Grace (Severe Skull Trama), None; Dreamer Driver, Chokeslam 1

Balls Mahoney: Michinoku Driver 2 (Nutcracker Suite), Michinoku Driver 1 (Nutcracker Suite); Spinebuster 3 Or Sitout Spinebuster (Ball Breaker), Diving Leg Drop 4 (New Jersey Jam)

Beulah McGillicutty: Diving Moonsault 1/2 (Beulahsault), DDT 1/3; ?, ?

The Blue Meanie: Diving Moonsault 1/2 (Meaniesault), DDT 1; ?, ?

C.W. Anderson: Spinebuster 6, Spinebuster 5; Left Handed Knockout Punch (Anderson Left), Super Kick 2

Chris Candido: Superbomb (Blonde Bombshell), Diving Headbutt 5; Diving Leg Drop 4 (New Jersey Jam), Super Hurricanrana

Danny Doring: Shoulder Jawbreaker (Bareback), Butterfly DDT 1 (Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am); RKO (Pearl Necklace), Forward Russian Leg Sweep (G-Spot Sweep)

Full Blooded Italians:

  • Big Guido: Chokeslam 1, One Handed Chokeslam; Big Boot 3, ?
  • Little Guido Maritato: Diving Fame Asser (Sicilian Slice), Killswitch (Sicilian Drop); Missile Dropkick 2, ?
  • Tony Mamaluke: Dragon Sleeper, None; German Suplex 2 (Italian Suplex), Octopus Stretch (Sicilian Stretch)

Justin Credible: Tombstone Piledriver 4 (That's Incredible!), Super Kick 2 (InCredible Kick); Russian Leg Sweep 2, RKO

Mike Awesome: Sitout Powerbomb (Awesome Bomb), Diving Body Press 1/2 OR Frog Splash 1 (Awesome Splash); Hawaiian Smasher, Alabama Slam 1/2

Mikey Whipwreck: Stone Cold Stunner 2 (Whipper-Snapper), Reverse Swing Neckbreaker 1 (Rolling Whipper Snapper); Super Hurricanrana (Super Franken-Mikey), ?

Raven: DDT 5 (Raven Effect), DDT 3 (Raven Effect); Ankle Lock 1, Russian Leg Sweep 2

Rhino: Striking Spear (Gore), Sitout Piledriver (Rhino Driver); Hawaiian Smasher, Dreamer Driver

Roadkill: Jackknife (Amish Bomb), Hawaiian Smasher (Barn Burner); Diving Body Press 2, Sidewalk Slam 2 (Dirt Road Slam)

Nova: Air Raid Siren (Kryptonite Krunch), Flat Liner (Novacaine); Avalanche Flip Bottom, Reverse Swing Neckbreaker 1 (Spin Doctor)

Sabu: Diving Leg Drop ? (Arabian Facebuster), Camel Clutch 2 (Arabian Clutch); Michinoku Driver (Arabian Piledriver), Diving Moonsault 1/2

The Sandman: Russian Leg Sweep 2 (White Russian Leg Sweep), Swanton Bomb (Rolling Rock); DDT 1/6, Hurricanrana 7 (Heineken-rana)

Stevie Richards: Butterfly DDT 1 (Stevie T), Super Kick 2 (Stevie Kick); Facebuster 2, Jackknife (Stevie Bomb)

Super Crazy: Diving Moonsault 2, Powerbomb 1 (Crazy Bomb); ?, ?

Yoshihiro Tajiri: Repeated Kicks to Chest (Buzzsaw Kick), Brain Buster; Poison Mist, ?


TNA/Impact Wrestling


A.J. Styles: Landing Clash (Styles Clash), 450 Splash 1/2 (Superman); Step Up Enzuigiri 1/2/3, Diving Corkscrew Body (Spiral Tap)

Abyss: Sidewalk Slam 2 (Black Hole Slam), Argentine Backbreaker (Shock Treatment); Chokeslam 1/2, Big Boot ?

Austin Aries: Brain Buster, 450 Splash 1; ?, ?

Bobby Roode: Fisherman Suplex 4 (Pay Off), Crossface; Spear 1, Spinebuster 5/6 (Double R Spinebuster)

Bully Ray: Full Nelson Bomb (Bully Bomb), Powerbomb 1; Sidewalk Slam 3, RKO

Chris Sabin: Cradle Shock, Fisherman Buster (Future Shock); High Cross 2, Irish Curse

Christopher Daniels: Angel's Wings, Reverse Swing Neckbreaker 1 (Last Rites); Diving Moonsault 2 (B.M.E.), Flat Liner OR Reverse STO

Crimson: Reverse STO OR Flat Liner (Red Alert), Spinebuster 3 OR Sitout Spinebuster (Red Sky); Double Arm DDT 1/2, Spear 1 OR Striking Spear

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero: Edge O'Matic, Codebreaker 1; High Impact Uppercut, Outer Limitz Elbow Drop

Devon: Lifting Reverse DDT (Saving Grace), Neckbreaker 10 (Testify); Diving Headbutt 3, Powerbomb 1

Douglas Williams: German Suplex 2 (Chaos Theory), Diving Knee Drop (Bombs Away); Tornado DDT (Revolution DDT), ?

Eric Young: Sitout Piledriver, ?; Super Kick 2, Dreamer Driver

Garrett Bischoff: DDT 6, ?; ?, ?

Gunner: F-5 3, Powerbomb 1; ?, ?

Hernandez: High Cross 1 (Border Toss), Diving Body Press 2; Gutwrench Backbreaker Drop, Spinebuster ?

Hulk Hogan: ?, ?; ?, ?

"Cowboy" James Storm: Eye of the Storm, Super Kick 2 (Last Call); DDT 9 (Swinging Noose), Back Stabber 1/2 OR Sharpshooter

Jeff Hardy: Swanton Bomb, Twist of Fate 1/2; Whisper in the Wind, Truth Conviction OR Sitout Gordbuster OR Diving Leg Drop 4

Jeff Jarrett: Forward Russian Leg Sweep (The Stroke), Figure 4 Leglock 2; Tombstone Piledriver 4, Alabama Slam 1/2

Jesse Sorensen: Reverse Swing Neckbreaker 1 (The Game Changer), ?; ?, ?

Kazarian: Spinning Complete Shot (Wave of the Future), Avalanche Flip Bottom (Flux Capacitor); ?, ?

Kid Kash: Brain Buster (Dead Level), Tiger Driver (Money Maker); Diving Moonsault 1/2; High Angle Boston Crab 1/2 (Kash On Delivery)

Kurt Angle: Ankle Lock 3 OR An Cole Lock, Wrestling Hero Slam 2/3; Triple German Suplex, Belly to Belly 2

Magnus: Michinoku Driver 1 (Mag Daddy Driver), Samoan Drop 1/4 (Tormentum); Powerbomb 1, ?

Mark Haskins: Cradle Tombstone (Cradle to the Grave), Winning Edge OR GTS 1/2 (Painkiller); RKO, Super Kick 2 (Star Kick)

Matt Morgan: Bicycle Kick OR Brogue Kick (Carbon Footprint); F-5 1/3/4; Sidewalk Slam 3, Chokeslam 1/2/4

Mr. Anderson: Reverse STO (Mic Check), Swanton Bomb (Kenton Bomb); Rolling Fireman's Carry 3 (The Plunge), Rolling Fireman's Carry 1/2

Robbie E: Neckbreaker ? (The Shore Thing), RKO; ?, ?

Robbie T: Chokeslam 1/2/4 OR One-Handed Chokeslam, Spinebuster 2/7 OR One-Handed Spinebuster 2 (Freakbuster); Full Nelson Slam 2/3, Running Powerslam OR Powerslam 1

Rob Van Damn: Five Star Frog Splash, None; Rolling Thunder, Hand Spring Moonsault

Samoa Joe: Pump Up Buster, Emerald Fusion 1/2; STF, One-Handed spinebuster 2 (STJoe)

Shannon Moore: Whisper in the Wind (Halo), Over Castle OR Blockbuster OR Neckbreaker 8 (Mooregasm); Diving Hurricanrana, Leg Drop Bulldog 1 OR Diving Fame Asser (Bottom's Up)

Zema Ion: 450 Splash 1/2, ?; Crossface, Super Kick 2



Angelina Love: Bicycle Kick OR Brogue Kick (Botox Injection), Inverted Backbreaker OR Back Stabber 1/2 (Break A Bitch); Shoulder Jawbreaker, ?

Brooke Tessmacher: Diving Cross Body 1, None; Corner Bulldog, ?

Gail Kim: Eat Defeat, Cross Arm Neckbreaker (Happy Ending); Christo, Diving Front Dropkick

Madison Rayne: Zack Attack (Rayne Drop), Flat Liner (Dys-Lexi-a); ?, ?

Mexican America:

  • Rosita: Diving Moonsault 1/2, None; ?, ?
  • Sarita: Accordion Rack OR Torture Rack (La Reienera), Tiger Bomb 3; Belly to Belly 3/4, ?

Mickie James: DDT 2 (Mickie-DT), Long Kiss Goodnight; Hurricanrana 4, Diving Seated Senton OR Lou Thez Press 2

ODB: Hawaiian Smasher, Powerslam 1 OR Running Powerslam; Fallaway Slam 2, Spear 1 OR Bearhug

Tara: Gory Neckbreaker (Widow's Peak), Spider's Web; Harlem Side Kick OR Spinebuster 3, Standing Moonsault 1

Traci Brooks: Shoulder Jawbreaker, Diving Seated Senton (Pie in the Sky); Facecrusher 2, ?

Velvet Sky: Edgecution 1 (Bearty-T), Angel Wings (In Yo' Face); Octopus Stretch, Zig Zag

Winter: Swing Sidewalk Slam, Poison Mist (Blood Mist); One Handed Backbreaker OR Irish Curse, Pendulum Backbreaker


TNA Alumni

Alex Shelley: Spinning Complete Shot (Shellshock), Shiranuri (Sliced Bread #2); Celtic Cross 2 (WA4), Frog Splash 1

Anarquia: Back Suplex Side Slam 1/2/3 (Chicano U-Turn) x2; Hangman's Neckbreaker 2, ?




RoH Roster

Adam Cole: Reverse DDT 2 OR Snap Reverse DDT (Corona Crash), Flip Piledriver (Panama's Sunrise); Northern Lights Bomb 1/2 OR Northern Lights Driver (Cole-ateral), Brogue Kick (Corona Kick)

The Briscoe Brothers:

  • Jay Briscoe: Falcon Arrow (Crucible), Tiger Driver (Jay-Driller); Flat Liner, Sitout Gordbuster OR True Conviction
  • Mark Briscoe: Burning Hammer (Cut-Throat Driver), Shooting Star Press 4; Super Kick 1/2, ?

Caprice Coleman: RKO (Thermal Shock), None; Scissors Kick, Falcon Arrow

Davey Richards: Tiger Driver (DR Driver), Cloverleaf OR Cross Armbar OR Sharpshooter; Shooting Star Press 4, Key Lock (14:59)

Eddie Edwards: Achilles Tendon Lock, Fisherman Buster (Die Hard); Falcon Arrow, Codebreaker 1

El Generico: Brain Buster, None; Michinoku Driver 1, 450 Splash 1

Homicide: RKO (187), Underhook Piledriver (Da Cop Killa); Triple Rolling Suplex, Michinoku Driver 1 (Bronx Bomber –27)

Jay Lethal: Spinning Complete Shot (Lethal Combination), Dragon Suplex; Diving Headbutt 4 (Diving Dynamite), Super Kick 1/2

Jimmy Jacobs: Shiranui (Contra Code), Running Senton; Killswitch (Berzerker Drop), Powerbomb 1

Kenny King: Burning Hammer (Coronation), None; Hawaiian Smasher (Royal Flush), Swing Jawbreaker (Royal Flush)

Kevin Steen: Package Piledriver, Crossface; Alley Oop 1 (Steenalizer), Celtic Cross 2 (Go Home Driver)

Kyle O'Riley: Ankle Lock 3 OR An Cole Lock, Rolling Double Underhook; Brain Buster, ?

Michael Elgin: Powerbomb 1, None; ?, ?

Mike Bennett: Side Effect 1 (Box Office Smash), Side Effect 2 (Box Office Smash); ?, ?

Mike Mondo: Tiger Bomb, Swanton Bomb; Facebuster ?, Diving Senton Bomb

Rhett Titus: High Cross 2 (Muff Driver), Zack Attack; Frog Splash 1, Leg Drop Bulldog 2 (Thrust Buster)

Roderick Strong: Gory Neckbreaker (CX '03), Fireman's Carry Gutbuster 1/2 (Death By Roderick); Tiger Bomb 3 (Gibson Driver), Argentine Backbreaker OR Butterfly Backbreaker 1/2 OR Canadian Backbreaker OR Irish Curse OR Pendulum Backbreaker OR Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker 1/2

Steve Corino: Northern Lights Bomb 1/2 OR Northern Lights Driver (Old School Bomb), Super Kick 1/2 (Old School Kick); Fisherman Suplex 4 (Old School Suplex), Edge-O-Matic (Corino Driver)

T.J. Perkins: Cloverleaf (Alejandro Lock II), Tombstone Piledriver 1/4 (Skull Crusher); Layout (Mega Buster), Tiger Suplex

Tommaso Ciampa: Cloverleaf (Project Ciampa), ?; ?, ?

World's Greatest Tag Team:

  • Charlie Haas: Cloverleaf Pain (Haas of Pain), Cloverleaf Breaker; German Suplex 2, Belly to Belly 1/2 OR T-Bone Suplex 2/3
  • Shelton Benjamin: Powerslam 3 (T-Bone Suplex), Jumping Complete Shot (Paydirt); Super Kick 1/2, ?

The Young Bucks:

  • Matt Jackson: Super Kick 1/2, DDT 14; Rolling Fireman's Carry 1/2, Moonlight Drive OR Neckbreaker 8
  • Nick Jackson: 450 Splash 1/2, Super Kick 1/2; DDT 14, ?

Chikara Roster


  • Scott "Jagged" Parker: Fireman's Carry Gutbuster 1/2, Diving Elbow Drop 1; Butterfly DDT 1/2, Back Wheel Trip
  • Shane Matthews: Wheelbarrow Facebuster, Facebuster 4; Butterfly DDT 1/2, Back Wheel Trip

Brodie Lee: Sitout Powerbomb (Brodie Bomb), Gutwrench Powerbomb; Big Boot 3, Sidewalk Slam 2 (Truck Stop)

Bruderschaft des Kreuzes:

  • Jakob Hammermeier: Layout (Gute Nacht!), Hangman's Neckbreaker 2 OR Shoulder Neckbreaker (Gute Nacht!); ?, ?
  • Tim Donst: Back Wheel Trip (SDT), Wrestling Hero Slam 1/2/3; ?, ?

Chuck Taylor: Single Leg Boston Crab (Cross Crab), Eat Defeat (Sole Food); Back Stabber 1/2, Belly to Belly 1

The Colony:

  • Fire Ant: Air Raid Siren, Burning Hammer; Attitude Adjustment 3/4, Over Castle OR Blockbuster
  • Green Ant: Cloverleaf, Diving Body Press 1/2; ?, ?
  • Soldier Ant: Argentine Neckbreaker, Hawaiian Smasher OR TKO; Diving Headbutt 3/4/5,

Eddie Kingston: Spinning Backfist (Backfist to the Future), Lifting DDT (Royal Flush); Running Elbow Attack OR Low Clothesline (Sliding D), Back Suplex 1

Greg Iron: Reverse STO (Handicapped Parking), Flat Liner (Handicapped Parking); Crossface (Crippled Crossface), Fisherman Suplex 4

Icarus: Pedigree 1/2 (Wings of Icarus), Dreamer Driver (Blu-Ray); Shiranui, Spear 1

Jigsaw: Air Raid Siren (Jig 'n' Tonic), Shining Wizard; Brain Buster, Diving Corkscrew Body (Cancún Tornado)

Johnny Gargano: Boston Crab OR High Angle Boston Crab 2 (Crosston Crab), Spinning Complete Shot; RKO (Baby Ace Crusher), Super Kick 2

Mike Quackenbush: Fisherman Driver (Quackendriver III), Air Raid Siren (Jig 'n' Tonic); Tilt-A-Whirl Armbar (La Quackica), Swanton Bomb

Ophidian: Flip Piledriver (Egyptian Destroyer), Sleeper Hold 2 (Death Grip); Fisherman Suplex 4, ?

Sara Del Rey: Butterfly Suplex 2/3, LeBell Lock; Sitout Piledriver, Big Boot 4 OR German Suplex 2 OR Tiger Suplex

The Spectral Envoy:

  • Frightmare: Crucifix, Tower of London (FrightCrusher); Neckbreaker 9, Hurricanrana 2
  • Hallowicked: G.T.S. 1/2 (Go 2 Sleepy Hallow), Spinebuster 3 (Rydeen Bomb); Big Boot 3 OR Brogue Kick, ?
  • UltraMantis Black: Michinoku Driver 2 (Cosmic Disaster), Tiger Driver (Praying Double Mantis); Pump Up Buster (Guatemala), Reverse STO OR Flat Liner (Brainwashing Effect)

NJPW Roster

Gedo: Flat Liner OR Reverse STO (Complete Shot), Frog Splash 1; Diving Headbutt 4/5, Super Kick 2

Hideo Saito: ?, ?; Diving Headbutt ?, ?

Hirooki Goto: Wrestling Hero Slam 2/3 (Go To Heaven), Cross Armbar; Brain Buster, German Suplex 2

Hiroshi Tanahashi: Dragon Suplex, Sleeper Slam 1/2 (Sling Blade); German Supelx 2 (Kinkasan Suplex), Frog Splash 1 (High Fly Flow)

Hiroyoshi Tenzan: Anaconda Vice 2, Cradle Tombstone (Original TTD); Michinoku Driver 1 (Tenzen Tombstone Driver), Diving Headbutt ?

Jado: Crossface (Crossface of JADO), Back Suplex OR Super Back Suplex; Brain Buster, Tiger Bomb 3

Jushin "Thunder" Liger: Brain Buster, Sitout Powerbomb (Liger Bomb); Regal Plex (Liger Suplex), Wheelbarrow Facebuster OR Facebuster 4 (Crash Thunder Buster)

Karl Anderson: Stone Cold Stunner 2 (Gun Stun), Spinebuster 5/6/8/10; Super Kick 2, Dreamer Driver

Kazuchika Okada: German Suplex 2, ?; ?, ?

Koji Kanemoto: An Cole Lock or Ankle Lock 1, Tiger Suplex; Diving Moonsault 1/2, Falcon Arrow

Kota Ibushi: 450 Splash 1 (Firebird Splash), Phoenix Splash; Sitout Powerbomb (Golden Star Bomb), Shooting Star Splash

KUSHIDA: Crossface (Kushida Lock), Diving Corkscrew Body; Repeating Kicks to Chest, Hurricanrana DDT

Lance Archer: Snap Reverse DDT, ?; Facebuster 1, ?

Manabu Nakanishi: Argentine Neckbreaker (Hercules Cutter), Torture Rack (Mana Bauer); German Supelx 2 (Mount Fuji Suplex), ?

Masato Tanaka: Inverted Front Powerslam (Complete Dust), Tornado DDT; Truth or Concequences (Shotgun Stunner), Brain Buster

Minoru Suzuki: Cradle Piledriver (Gotch-Style Piledriver), Sleeper Hold 1; Octopus Hold, ?

MVP: Playmaker, Jumping Complete Shot (Play of the Day); Drive-By Kick 1/2, Ballin' Elbow

Prince Devitt: Edgecution 1 (Bloody Sunday), Fireman's Carry Gutbuster 1/2 (Prince's Throne); Brain Buster, Diving Foot Stomp 1/2

Rocky Romero: Cross Armbreaker (Diablo Armor), Repeating Kicks to Chest; An Cole Lock, Fireman's Carry Gutbuster 1/2

Ryusake Taguchi: Glam Slam or Double Chicken Wing (Dodon), Underhook Piledriver (Shika Koroshi); German Suplex 2, Frog Splash 1 (Enban Chuudoku)

Satoshi Kojima: RKO (Koji Cutter), Spinebuster 3/9 (Rydeen Bomb); Michinoku Driver 2 (Cozy Crush Dynamite), Tiger Bomb 3

Shinsuke Nakamura: Jumping Knee 1 OR Knee Trembler (Boma Ye), Cradle Shock (Landslide); Crucifix Armbar, Triangle Hold (Shining Triangle)

Super Strong Machine: ?, ?; ?, ?

Taichi: Celtic Cross 1/2 OR Air Raid Siren (Black Mephisto), German Suplex 2; ?, ?

TAKA Michinoku: Michinoku Driver 1, Crossface (Just Facelock); Underhook Piledriver, Super Kick 2

Takayuki Iizuka: T-Bone Suplex 3 (Blizzard Suplex), Sleeper Hold 1; German Suplex 2, ?

Tetsuya Naito: ? (Gloria), ? (Stardust Press); German Supelx 2, Dragon Suplex

Tiger Mask IV: Tiger Suplex, Diving Headbutt 4; Tombstone Piledriver 4, Tiger Bomb 3

Togi Makabe: Diving Knee Drop (King Kong Knee Drop), Clothesline 5; Dragon Supelx, German Suplex 2

Tomoaki Honma: Over Castle (Shalimar Tea), Diving Headbutt 3/4/5 (Kokeshi); Brain Buster, Sitout Piledriver OR Texas Piledriver

Toru Yano: Northern Lights Bomb 1/2 (Kagamiwari), ?; Sidewalk Slam 2, ?

Wataru Inoue: Cradle Shock ?, ?Flame), Brain Buster (Staggering Blow); Spear 1 (Spear of Justice), ?

Yugi Nagata: Crossface (Nagata Lock II), Suplex Lift Neckbreaker (Drive Screw); Brain Buster (Thunder Death Driver), ?

Yujiro Takahashi: Wrestling Hero Slam 2/3 (Intercollege Slam), Celtic Cross 2 (Suisha Otoshi); Diving Headbutt ?, Spear 1


Pro Wrestling NOAH Roster (Work in progress)

Akira Taue: Chokeslam 5 OR Iron Curtain (Nodowa Otoshi), Back Suplex Side Slam 2 (Ore ga Taue); Super Chokeslam (Top-rope Nodowa Otoshi), Sitout Powerbomb (Dynamic Bomb)

Akitoshi Saito: Step Up Enzuigiri 2 (Sickle of Death), Step Up Enzuigiri 3 (Sickle of Death); One-Handed Spinebuster 1 (Death Cloak), Truth or Consequences (Death Collector)

Atsushi Aoki: Regal Plex (Assult Point), Cross Armbar; Frog Splash 1, Missile Dropkick 2

Go Shiozaki:

Jun Akiyama: Spin Sitout Powerbomb, Dreamer Driver (Sternness Dust a); T-Bone Suplex ? (Exploder '98), ?

Keith Walker:

KENTA: G.T.S. 1/2, LeBelle Lock (GAME OVER); Octopus Stretch, Jumping Knee 1 (Busaiku Knee Kick)

Kenta Kobashi: Brain Buster, Diving Moonsault 1/2; Clothesline 5 (Burning Lariat), Jackknife

Kentaro Shiga: Crucifix Armbar, STF (Shiga Sleeper); Tornado DDT, Octopus Stretch

Kotaro Suzuki: Electric Chair Driver (Requiem), Tiger Driver; Gory Neckbreaker (Blue Destiny), Tombstone Piledriver 4 (Excalibur)

Makoto Hashi: Fisherman Buster (Goriman Driver), Spin Sitout Powerbomb; Fisherman Suplex 4 (Goriman Suplex), Diving Headbutt 5

Masao Inoue: Torture Rack, None; Foreward Russian Leg Sweep, ?

Mitsuo Momota: Powerbomb 1, Back Suplex 1; ?, ?

Mohammad Yone: Pump Up Buster (Kinniku Buster), None; Torture Rack, Fisherman Suplex 4

Mushiking Terry: Tiger Bomb 3 (Genesis), None; Dreamer Driver, Sunset Flip Powerbomb 2

Naomichi Marufuji: Shiranui, Avalanche Flip Bottom (Shiranui Kai); Fisherman Driver (Pole Shift), Regal Plex

Ricky Marvin/Mushiking Joker: Frog Splash 1, Shining Wizard; Sitout Gordbuster (Pride Rock), Flip Piledriver

Shuhei Taniguchi: German Suplex 2, None; Fisherman Suplex 4, Dragon Suplex

Taiji Ishimori: 450 Splash 1, Tiger Driver; Swanton Bomb, Avalanche Flip Bottom

Takashi Sugiura: An Cole Lock, Wrestling Hero Slam 2/3; Brain Buster, Dragon Suplex

Takeshi Morishima: Back Supelx 1 (Backdrop Driver), Running Forearm Smash OR Clothesline 5; Cobra Clutch Backbreaker, ?

Takeshi Riki?: Rock Bottom OR Book End OR Book of Ezekiel, Powerbomb 1; Running Forearm Smash OR Clothesline 5, Chokeslam 1 OR One-Handed Chokeslam

Takuma Sano: Northern Lights Bomb 1/2 OR Northern Lights Driver. Tiger Suplex; Dragon Suplex, Diving Foot Stomp 1/2

Tamon Honda: German Suplex ? (Dead End), None; STF (Tamon Shooter), Sitout Powerbomb

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Great job my friend, this is really amazing and as close as the real thing :nod:


But, I guess Undertaker's second sig should be a chokeslam as Old School fits more as a strong grapple.

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I think its funny you also thought the double knee armbreaker should be a sig for Del Rio. Most moveset makers think that should stay in his groggy grapples and gave him Shining Wizard instead. Also Orton has Snap Powerslam as a signature and the Knee Drop is a ground grapple for him. I also gave Zack Ryder The Zack Attack as A Signature just cause or the spinebuster with pin might be a better one then the spinebuster 9.

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I think its funny you also thought the double knee armbreaker should be a sig for Del Rio. Most moveset makers think that should stay in his groggy grapples and gave him Shining Wizard instead. Also Orton has Snap Powerslam as a signature and the Knee Drop is a ground grapple for him.


I gave Del Rio the Shining Wizard as a sig first but now its a ground grapple and the double knee armbreaker as a sig.

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for Macho I have his Sigs Jumping Knee Drop and Diving Double Ax Handle and his Finshers are Diving Elbow Drop 10 and Diving Elbow Drop 6. I put his scoop slam in his groggy grapples

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Kevin Steen: Package Powerbomb (Steenalizer), Sharpshooter; Michinoku Driver 1, Swanton Bomb


His current set would be: CAF Package Piledriver and one of the old F-5s as his finishers, Crossface and either a Steenalizer replacement of Celtic Cross as his sigs

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My suggestion would be to change Goldbergs moves to:


Finisher 1: Suplex Hammer (Jackhammer)

Finisher 2: Snap Swing Neckbreaker

Sig 1: Spear 2

Sig 2: Chokeslam 3

Goldberg didn't end matches with the spear, the spear was the setup for the Jackhammer (and later the snap swinging neckbreaker).

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My suggestion would be to change Goldbergs moves to:


Finisher 1: Suplex Hammer (Jackhammer)

Finisher 2: Snap Swing Neckbreaker

Sig 1: Spear 2

Sig 2: Chokeslam 3

Goldberg didn't end matches with the spear, the spear was the setup for the Jackhammer (and later the snap swinging neckbreaker).


Considering how charisma works in this game, I'd rather keep it the way it is. Also, I think he only finished a match with the Whiplash neckbreaker once.

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Big Boss Man

Signature: Alabama Slam 2, Two Handed Chokeslam 3 (Optional)

Finisher: Sidewalk Slam 2


Diamond Dallas Page

Signatures: Faith Breaker, Floatover DDT 2

Finishers: RKO, Tower Of London

Wake-Up Taunt Suggestion: Assassin (Perfect Diamond Sign)


Chris Benoit (WCW / Japan '95)

Signatures: Tombstone Piledriver 4, Dragon Suplex

Finisher: Diving Headbutt 4


Chris Benoit (WWE)

Signatures: Triple German Suplex, Diving Headbutt 4

Finisher: Crossface



Finishers: Running Senton, Northern Lights Suplex 2


Balls Mahoney (ECW)

Signatures: Combination 2, Superkick 2

Finishers: Michinoku Driver 1, Spinebuster 3


D'Lo Brown (WWE)

Signatures: Spinning Side Slam, Spinebuster 9

Finishers: Low Down (CAF) or Frog Splash 1


Also, looking over the list...I'd use the High Angle Leg Lock as a replacement for Charlie Haas' Haas Of Pain.

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To be honest, I'd do Jeff Hardy's moves like this:


Jeff Hardy: Swanton Bomb, None or Twist of Fate 1; Whisper in the Wind or True Conviction, Sitout Jawbreaker or Diving Leg Drop 1 or Twist of Fate 1

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Just letting you know that Alex Riley's main signature is a Spinebuster (I used 5). Look up his Tag team match v Titus O'Neil & darren Young on NXT.

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One of Chris Hero's finishers should be Layla's spinning kick (he calls it Cyclone kill) and Judgement slam is far closer to Claudio's Alphamare Waterslide.

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