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Nic Virtue

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That's right, I made a separate thread after seeing two closed -- I'm okay with that. I'd just like to get this straight. You banned him out of personal bias? That's what I'm getting right - he didn't do anything on the boards that broke any of the forums roles while here, he simply said something you guys didn't like elsewhere? He didn't say anything on your forums, nor was he flaming anyone on your forums. He just stated his thoughts, and opinions on staff members here, among what he assumed were friends, as you guys pointed out NOT ON YOUR FORUMS and he was banned for it, while doing nothing wrong on your forums? :annoy: Kay.


I think you guys need to take good and hard look at the precedent that was set by doing this. So this is to say that If I'm in a party with some good friends, and they happen to tell some one on staff here that I'm not really a fan of them and that I said some less than kind things, does that mean I'm getting banned too? That sounds like a ridiculous and absurd abuse of power to me - especially in regards to the fact that he was more than an avid poster here, and brings a lot of attention to the caw making community as a whole. But because he has a less than high opinion of certain staff members, that bare in mind HE DID NOT BRING UP ON SITE, he's banned for it?


Sounds like some straight up bullshit.

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We have the right to terminate any account we see fit. Whether it be on these forums or not. He talked crap about the staff, he doesn't deserve to be allowed on these forums.


You play with fire, you get burnt. He was starting things over on another forum that he KNEW was messing with this forum, so it HAD TO DO WITH THIS FORUM.


That's it, Nothing more, nothing less. Leave it alone.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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