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Need a really good "The Rock" CAW for storyline

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I started a custom storyline series on XBL called "The End of PG" and I need a REALLY good Rocky CAW face formula with his current goatee. The first part of my series is already the second-most downloaded story on XBL, and one of my scenes leading into WrestleMania for Part 2 needs The Rock. Since we can't use official DLC in create-a-story (something that irks me to no end) I need a formula for a spot-on Rock for use in a pretty awesome cameo appearance. I suck at modeling CAWs, so I figured there might be some create-a-wrestler wizard on here who is up to the challenge. :)


It's a backstage segment, and I intend for Rock to be wearing a shirt and sunglasses so you won't need to replicate his tattoos. Just the face and body proportions. If anyone can pull this off for me I will be eternally in your debt. :)

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