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Which Superstar cant you STAND?


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From an entertainment standpoint, there isn't a single Superstar that I don't enjoying seeing somewhat, expect maybe Hornswoggle, but that's about it. Actually I take that back, now that I think more about it, Kofi Kingston would be next on my list of Superstars that annoy the *censored* out of me.


As far as divas goes, I can't stand Eve the most, she's failed to make a beliEVEr out of me. Kelly Kelly would be a close second.

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wow i'm surprised i'm the one here mentioning John Cena :o

most Cena haters wont post him because the PG knights will rise and bash.


as for me:


John Cena (obvious&obligatory)

Sheamus (feels like neo-Cena. Beggining to feel superhuman, etc. also I liked him better when he was a heel. his character was more dynamic.. they killed it)

Kofi Kingston (feels and looks too gayish babyfaceish...cant stand that. the character feels bland, empty..)

Randy Orton (Idk ever since they turned him face I feel like something's missing...but this is highly subjective...its just me so to speak)


that's about it..

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Sheamus: I don't know what people are seeing in him. He's become Superman #3 but still people think he's awesome, "Sheamus Rocks!" My ASS! Name me ONE GREAT match of his ever since turning face.


JTG: Jobs Too Good, but what is this guy made of?


Hornswoggle: :facepalm:


Heath Slater: I admit. He's one of the best sellers in the WWE, but that doesn't change the fact that the guy is a complete DUMBO!

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Currently Sheamus. I am not against faces im general but he doesn't even make sense anymore hes like a superhuman... (That lost to Hornswoggle :censored: )


Oh while we are at it: Hornswoggle and/or Great Khali if those two count.

I read somewhere that The Great Khalis contract expired so you won't have to worry about watching him anymore :hqhq:

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Sheamus can be superhuman because for one it's believeable.


I myself can't stand Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater & Titus O'Neal.


How exactly? He gets beat up for the majority of the match, then suddenly he shows an angry face with Cole dropping his "You don't want to make him angry" line. After that, well, Irish Hammer x2, Irish Curse, chest pounding taunt and finally, Brogue Kick. That's it.

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