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Tom Rice

SVR2006 Updates

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[b]Wrestler CAWs[/b]
Mike Quackenbush, Kane, Matt Bentley 2, John Cena, BG James 2, Booker T, Johnny Grunge, "Flyboy" Rocco Rock, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Bruno Sammartino, Mr. Fuji, Kerwin White, Amazing Red 3
[b]Diva CAWs[/b]
Leyla Milani, Candice Michelle 5
[b]Non-Wrestler CAWs[/b]
Kaori Nishidaki, Serious Sam, Lindsay Lohan 2, Conan O'Brien, Scarface, Daisy (Super Mario Bros), Peach (Super Mario Bros)
[b]Original CAWs[/b]
Criminal, Shakira Gaignun, Militia, The Vampire 2
Jerry "The King" Lawler, Orlando Jordan, J-Naut
Leyla Milani, Matt Bentley, Bam Bam Bigelow, Jeff Hardy 7, Mark Henry 2

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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