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From FWI to everyone on the forums

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Okay well I've decided to stop postponing me posting my CAWS. I have a description on my profile explaining everything about me and what I do as far as creating goes. I'm not the best at creating but I don't think I'm extremely horrible either. So onto my big question what save, or project should I do to begin if any and what game should I do it on. I play all WWE games for X-Box, X-Box 360 & PS2, however my WWE '12 Copy was defective so I'm waiting to get my new working copy, and I cannot use that game. Also please feel free to move this if this is the wrong section, I just didn't know where else to put it.


Leave your save/project idea's below and choose what game I should do out of the following list;



SmackDown KYR

SmackDown JBI

SmackDown SYM

SmackDown HCtP

SvR 2009

SvR 2010

SvR 2011

Legends of WrestleMania

All Stars


All suggestions are welcome please help me out and give ideas

Thank you :)

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