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Hello all!!

Well i've been using caws.ws since i started to play svr games(since svr2006) and now im working in a super mega save ,which will contain the best tna,wwe,wwf wrestlers ever!!! And maybe i'll add non-original caws like sub-zero,chuck norris.. (around 6-8 of these). I'll update this post each day,with my caws, and belts,but you should know that im taking the caws from these website,so i'll post too who has made the caws.

Well,the superstarts that i have done are:



-Brock Lesnar


-Bobby Lashley

-Sin Cara


-D-Von Dudley


-Christopher Daniels

-Jeff Hardy

-Matt Hardy

-Brother Ray


-Chuck Norris


-Shark Boy

-Scott Steiner

And i would like to know how to change the music of this game,i have this game in .iso format,but for example i wanna add aj styles music and goldberg,but how to do it?

Soon i'll post pictures


Okey next caws that im gonna do are these:CM Punk,?,?,?

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The 0.9 beta of this save is done!! Soon i'll post the pics,i have included the new entrances of each one,including their actual movesets,atributtes and some belts.But all the belts will be done for the 1.0 version,including the best ppvs in the WWE / TNA History

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Wow! It would be awesome if you could send me the formula of that cm punk,to be honest,the cm punk of this save if the worst caw,so that could be a great push for my save.

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