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The Icon's 2012 Showcase : Two New Previews Added 2/14/12

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Jamal Jordan












"The Real Icon" Clark Williams

Tags : Icon Original, S.I.G, iWi TITAN iBi






"The Hearthrob" Kevin Valentine

Face Tags : Icon Original, S.I.G, iWi TITAN iBi





Face Slot 2



"The Heartbreaker" (Heel Version)

Tags : Icon Original, S.I.G, iWi TITAN iBi




In Game





The Next caw is a guy I've been making since No Mercy, so he's pretty old now, so I decided to do some slight facial detailing on him to help show it. He's the Biggest, Baddest dog in the yard....


"The Alpha Dog" Rampage

Tags : Icon Original, S.I.G, iWi TITAN iBi






This is Rampage in his N.E.W (New Era in Wrestling) Attire (It's a heel stable)





This next wrestler went from a 2010 debut as a follower of the Straight Edge lifestyle, in 2011 he ditched that lifestyle turning face and becoming a top star and winning his first world title, now in 2012 he's a fan favorite and still a top contender he is the...


"The Crowned Punk" John Mason

Tags : Icon Original, S.I.G, iWi TITAN iBi





**Got the tights idea from MannyW on DeviantArt and edited them to my liking. So partial credit to MannyW for the design**


This 2012 debut is a monster of a man, his name is Clegane and he is the only wrestler who can rival Rampage in size and strength actually beating him out in both categories, Clegane is 7'2 400 lbs of pure anger and determination. He can take vast amounts of punishment without even flinching which is why he is known as the...


"The Mountain" Clegane





**If you've read the Song of Ice and Fire or seen Game of Thrones TV series, then you'll know who he's based off of.**


This young star grew up in Long Beach, California idolizing wrestlers like Sting, Ultimate Warrior and the Road Warriors and he pays homage to his heroes through his attires and his wrestling style. He debuted in 2008 and quickly won over the crowds with his colorful paints and attires and his high energy in ring style.









USA! USA! USA!...I really like his USA attire



Blade was sidelined for six months after suffering an injury at the hands of William Regal that cost him his World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. Regal winning caused an uproar among the fans, as both Blade and Regal were fan favorites, and the crowd was happy to see Regal finally obtain World Title Gold. But Blade hearing all the chants and cheers for Regal as he lay injured in the ring caused something to snap inside him and now he returns as a much darker individual, looking for revenge on Regal and the fans.


Blade (Heel)





(Blah, blah his facepaint looks similar to Stings tongue.gif )




This next CAW is a character a friend of mine made last year for our AOW E-Fed, He came up with the name and gimmick I just made the attire and morph, and I did it again for him this year.


Kris Awesome






This CAW is the same story as Kris Awesome, he's for a friend of mine for the AOW E-Fed.


"ShowStoppin" Jason Alexander






Just his N.E.W. attire so far, the rest of his attires will be up next week sometime.



Cote Made his debut in 2011 and hasn't looked back. He's a ring general, and one of the best technicians since Bret Hart, he is...


Chris Cote









This superstar made his debut in 2010 through a contest to see who would be the next break out star, while he didn't win, he stuck around and instantly had the crowd hating him. He is...


"The Only" Chris Chase






I'm extremely happy with how Chase turned out this year. They look ace in game. Only two attires so far, but I'm working on more as we speak!



"Wrestling's Messiah" David Grace(WIP)




"The Young Sensation" Warren Peace(WIP)


Hair Idea Credit : Dez Holly


Upload Update


Also everyone shown has been uploaded except JJ, ShowTime, Chris Chase and Chris Cote, JJ still isn't finished, ShowTime keeps saying there's DLC although I know for a fact there is not. Chris Chase and Chris Cote keep saying inappropriate language, so I'll have to figure that out and try again.


Anyways Tags as always are : Icon Original, S.I.G, iWi TITAN iBi

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Man good work with the caws hope to see more by the way are AD Mercer and Marco seperated at birth lol


Man good work with the caws hope to see more by the way are AD Mercer and Marco seperated at birth lol

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Great caws so far. It'd be great to see Mohamed Asad and Hamed Namir from 2010 added. i loved their attires.


I'll probably make them at some point this year but it'll be later on.


Is "The Icon" on CC?


Not yet, I'm not 100% finished with him.


En?gma is still my favorite @_@


Mine too <3


Jamal Jordan looks awesome.


Thanks man!

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I know I said Cote would be up next, but I wanted to make some of my veteran CAWs first. So Clark Williams (No Mercy vet) is up and Kevin Valentine (SvR 07) is up. Cote will most likely be next ;)

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Does everybody have the same body morphing? Haha it looks very similar in all of them.


Not at all, might just be the pictures in CAW mode Enigma is a 6'6 and is actually pretty lean/thin, thin like Edge but less muscular. Clark Williams is closer to Claudio Castagnoli. Valentine's is close to Young Jericho/HBK, The Icon is Jack Swagger size and JJ is a buff 6'1.

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Clark Williams & Jamal Jordan look great, Everyone else just seams cluttered to me.

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