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your memeries of CAW Mode

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SD 2 - Limited but there was a guy named KingCreator that had some really good CAWs. I made my first CAWs that were posted on MonteCarl's & the RAWisHacking website back in 2001.


SD JBI - Absolutely horrendous CAW Mode. Every face looked the same no matter what you tried to add.


SD SYM - The light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone finally had the ability to create Indy, Puro & Lucha CAWs. First time I heard of BhangraMan. Whatever happened to that guy?


SD HCTP - A more cartoonish looking CAW Mode than before & 35 layers as opposed to 40. They did open the range of how high/low you could move designs/patterns on the CAW.


SVR - Another botched CAW Mode. Looked like an updated version of the JBI Caw Mode.

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personally i dont mind the limitations in sd 2 at least it gave you loads of opptions for items and stuff and keep in mind they were still trying new ideas


besides wich at least the female wrestlers ( refuse to call it divas ) were in the same section as the male wrestlers lol


i didnt start using create mode untill just bring it and it ( sad as it may sound ) helped me trough my depresion and a break up ( took my mind of things) those create modes to me were awsome


you had ( as i said at the start ) more opptions back then than you do now the creat finisher not included


ok getting back on topic sorry i love the create modes in the early games there something nostalgic about them i cant really put my finger on it to be honest

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