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I did have another topic here from earlier in the year, but it's buried so I figured to leave it there.




The Davinos - Lauren and Tony, I wanted to try a mob style gimmick and I liked the Godfather logo so I made logos for them using it. The PT on Lauren's leg of her face took ages to do so I am doubting I'll go through that for WWE 12 at all lol. This is a husband and wife combo, Tony is my working of a friend's character and the whole mob gimmick is something I may or may not continue into WWE 12 honestly because to me it seems too NWO like.




"The Canadian Pitbull" Doug Smith - Doug is pretty a grizzly veteran, technically excellent and pretty much takes no BS from anyone. Not something the game can really represent but the Pitbull nickname is because of how it is rare he lets go of a hold until you tap. I like his attire, and if I can recreate it on WWE 12 I will most likely add a paint tooled Pitbull logo for him. I went with Shooter because I couldn't find a theme I liked that I felt fit him better, those who know me understand that I hate using actual wrestler's themes.




The Webb Brothers - Chad and Mark, usually I make them as singles guys, but my singles division is too stacked on my card so I reunited them. Not much I can say other than I thing I'll try to merge the designs on them for WWE 12 as here they are only really matching in color scheme. The Chad on his ass is going for WWE 12 it just looks so tacky for me now.




Victoria and Adrian Creed - Not lovers, nor sibling, but cousins who have had vastly different upbringings. Victoria's parents were rich and her father bought her everything she ever desires, but Adrian on the other hand he never seemed to get even basic things he needed whilst growing up. Thus he has become bitter and especially toward Victoria. Attire wise I like them both, not sure what to add for Victoria on WWE 12 but for Adrian I think I will PT the sponsor logos to his West Ham shirt so it looks better.




Val Romero - I wasn't sure if I wanted to use the vest or a t-shirt for him so I uploaded both in the hope that people would help me decide, but now I think the vest will stay because a t-shirt seems too generic the vest with the logo looks a little bit different so for WWE 12 would be. I like his paint tools so I will be recreating them for WWE 12 if I can't transfer them. I like his theme a lot, but someone else wants to use it so I think I will probably change it because I don't like having the same themes etc.




Sara Stryder - I like how her attire has turned out and I really hope I can recreate it on WWE 12 as it relies on the blur trick. I really don't have much to say about her lol.


I have some more if you want to look I've linked to the playlist of all my 2011 CAW entrances below. If you have a question then feel free to ask here or on the video etc.



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Thanks, I enjoyed making the trons with them. I am looking forward to what is possible in WWE 12 with the text & themes part as it would just complete them I think.

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All the minimalistic details you add to your creations is what makes them more unique from the others, it gives them personality. Great job on these as always, and looking forward to see what you have in store for WWE '12. :P

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I know exactly what you mean. :P Speaking for myself, I've got bored of SVR '10, I really need to start things fresh in WWE '12.

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So next year I was thinking about running a CAW show of sorts, as a warm up and on a whim I decided I'd throw out some CPU determined matches. Some are good some are not, but hopefully later this week I'll have the full event up.


Singles Match

Ziven vs. TAKU


Steel Cage Match

Sara Stryder vs Megan


"Japanese" Flaming Table Match

The British Beauties (Victoria Creed & Kiss Wilmington) vs. The Nasty Girlz (Cadence Romero & Rebecca Muldoon)


2 out of 3 falls Tag Match

The Elite of Wrestling (Cody Maddox & Jason Honda) vs. The North American Predators (Cal Crossfire & Ash Dixon)


Triple Threat Elimination Match

Candice Romero vs. Lauren Davino vs. Heyes


Triple Threat Match for IPW International Championship

Val Romero vs. Tony Davino vs. Brent Steel ©


Here is the event up in full, please note that this doesn't represent my plans for the CAW show just something I decided to do on a whim. The AI is annoying at times too lol.




I hope you enjoy.

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