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Alberto Del Rio

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Name- Alberto Del Rio

Moves- Orton or Mr. Perfect

Finisher- SOS or Future Shock

Height- 6'5"


Face Type--1

Face Shape

HEAD-- 64,63,54,62

SKULL-- 71,52,35,35,43,52

CHEEK-- 48,61,88,56

EAR-- 85,39,65,82

BROW-- 40,67,63,45,55

EYE-- 64,53,69,39,36,56,62

NOSE-- 50,74,64,40,66,75,50,65,45

MOUTH-- 23,67,48,84,99,99,16

JAW-- 42,41,54,45,79

EYE COLOR-- 4,1,10

EYEBROWS-- 22/0,1,10




SKIN TYPE--1/15,3,9


BACK TATTOO--13/0,1,10--0,1,10




CHEST-- 58,55,37

SHOULDERS-- 51,41,28

ABDOMEN-- 61,50,36

WAIST-- 64,64

ARMS-- 50,43

HANDS-- 44

LEGS-- 60,48

FEET-- 63


HAT STYLE--6/0,1,10--0,1,10

ADJUST HAT--20,37,27,51,0,50,50,44,56


WRIST TAPE--5/20,1,10-20,1,10


TIGHTS-- 3/20,1,10--20,1,10

KNEE PADS BOTH--8/20,1,10--Default

BOOTS-- 3/20,1,10--20,1,10


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Pretty cool man, I mean there's already 500 Del Rio's out there, but this is definitely one of the better ones.

Thanks I was looking to make one that captured his ego, in game he looks pretty cocky hahaha. This may be the first one with the fauxhawk that he used to have too.

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Once I saw I had to make him guess thats another flash Drive for me lol & u still got my request list, I know it was kinda long but anything inspire ya????

I'll get back to it, but it may take a bit longer now. I'm going to finally start working again, so I have to slow down at this. I won't stop completely though, and references will help speed it up.

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What is different about the 2016 version? I know he was darker and more ripped but what else? Or are you just asking for an updated attire?

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