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Some of these comments by Taeler make her sound petty and untrustworthy, tbh. Like...why bother calling Lethal a fraud who only reached the top because he stole gimmicks and worked as a parody? Some of the stuff she's posting doesn't sit well with my instincts. She went and made this sound personal, which isn't helping her case at all. Now it just sounds like she doesn't like the dude, and is trying to sabotage him. If there's truth to her claims, then she chose the single worst way to go about this.



Timing is also fishy with Jay just having won the belt. She didn't care then, but now she does? Now she cannot remain silent? Questionable timing. Questionable claims in general.


My biggest thing is if they were holding you down in ROH why can't you catch on in other promotions? Seems like she is just pissed that ROH really had nothing for her. Lethal is one of the most reserved dudes on the plant, i can't see him forcing himself on anyone.

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Ring of Honor has released a statement about allegations made this week by former talent Taeler Hendrix, who claims her House of Truth stablemate Jay Lethal said she was taken off TV for not sleeping with him.


It all started on social media this week when Hendrix tweeted negative comments about Lethal. After a fan defended him she wrote, the dude your standing up for is the same dude that told me because I didnt sleep with him they sabotaged me and took me off TV. that being the all mighty Jay.


Hours later she followed it up with an additional statement:


I know this is going to be on wrestling sites. My name is Taeler & this is my statement: attorneys on my behalf have an ongoing investigation. I know Im not the only one & ppl that have known of this investigation have been supportive. Ill continue to fight for whats right.Let the hate roll in. Doesnt change what happened. I came forward privately long ago & now its public. If I stay silent Ill be part of the problem. I cant live w/ that. Ill fight for whats right. Threatening me/supposed burned bridges changes nothing. Let the hate roll in.


For those unfamiliar, Hendrix worked in ROH from 2015-2017 and was Lethals valet during his first run as World Champion. Jay recently regained the title at a TV taping.


A rep for ROH released a statement to PWTorch saying:


We were troubled to hear the allegations that surfaced last night on Twitter. We take these matters very seriously and will be investigating this situation thoroughly, reviewing all evidence related to the matter. Ring of Honor strives to provide an environment and workplace where male and female wrestlers are free from any misconduct or abuse. We will take appropriate action upon the conclusion of our findings.


Pro Wrestling Sheet reached out to Lethal for comment but have yet to hear back.


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Women's wrestler and former Ring of Honor star Taeler Hendrix has come forward claiming that ROH World Champion Jay Lethal once sabotaged her career with the promotion after she allegedly refused his sexual advances.


ROH then released a statement claiming that they have launched an investigation into the matter, and that they are taking the allegations very seriously.


Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com has provided a small update on the situation, stating on Twitter that according to ROH, Taeler Hendrix was never fired. She was not under contract, was working on a per-show basis, and was booked for events in April 2017, but then resigned in writing prior to those events..




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Sounds dumber the more I hear of it.


If anything, it sounds like she thought sleeping with Jay might be a path to an RoH contract...and after that didn't end up being the case, she gave up trying and started accusing people of holding her back. If she was never under contract, and was performing show-to-show, then what are we going on here? Did she sleep with Jay? It says she "rejected his advances". Well...it's not a crime to make a pass at someone. Did he molest her? Did he tell her she would be a top star if she slept with him? These claims really don't hold water at all. There are no specifics, a whole lot of gray areas, and a woman who never "lost" anything, but rather walked off on her own (suspiciously prior to making these statements).



My money is on her sleeping with Jay, expecting it to go somewhere, seeing him win the RoH title, getting pissed off, and making these claims.






Yeah...now she's posting the following text exchange as some sort of "proof"...she sounds totally full of shit now. So...what? He asked if she was busy and said he needed to talk to her? That could be anything. She's swimming circles here. If she isn't completely full of shit, then she's doing a terrible job of being convincing otherwise.




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I'm not gonna side either way because I honestly don't know what happened. That said, those texts Taeler posted prove absolutely nothing. They're worth less than nothing.


It'd be like if someone took a text I sent them saying "hey when you get a sec I got something I wanna talk to you about" as proof that I wanted to stab them.

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Anyone seen this? Looks pretty interesting.



Interesting seeing as how Joey Janela is WWN Champion in Evolve and that Shane Strickland is involved in a feud with Matt Riddle in Evolve. I heard that this was shot in earlier this year, like either in January or February, before Strickland and Janela showed up in Evolve, so they might have known that neither of them won.



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The ROH Dojo is proud to announce its affiliation with four of the top, internationally-recognized wrestling schools in the world. The World Famous Monster Factory, Team 3D Academy, Maryland Championship Wrestling, and the Power Factory will provide a pipeline of talent and well over 150 years combined in professional wrestling among their trainers and lineages.


The World Famous Monster Factory has produced numerous World Champions seen on television since the late 1970s, with Larry Sharpe training some of the days top stars before the Monster Factory officially launched in Paulsboro, NJ 1983 under its historic name. With a lineage that includes the Big Show, Sheamus, Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka, and King Kong Bundy, ROH alumni like Raven, Cliff Compton, and Sonjay Dutt, and current ROH stars like ROH World Television Champion Punishment Martinez, Coast 2 Coast, and Gabby Ortiz, the Monster Factory, led by Danny Cage, possess one of the longest and most accomplished lineages of alumni of any school in the country.


For 11 years, Bully Ray and brother Devon have owned and operated Team 3D Academy in Kissimmee, FL, providing hands-on training from the most accomplished professional wrestling tag team of all time. Bully and Devon have most recently produced stars like former IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Guerrillas of Destiny, Rob Terry, former Women of Honor star Kenadi Brink, and dozens of other stars that have been seen on television for organizations all across the globe!


Since 1998, Maryland Championship Wrestling in Joppa, MD has served as a training home for some of the fastest-rising stars in professional wrestling. The host of the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup each year, MCW has turned from one of the top showcases in the world for the brightest independent stars to one of the top producers of blue-chip talent in the world, including former ROH star Lio Rush, WWE star Velveteen Dream, and dozens of stars seen on international television. Head ROH Dojo Trainer Joey from Wrestling has led many of the most recent classes, building on the legacy built by current trainer Dan McDevit.


The Power Factory is the youngest school among the affiliates of the ROH Dojo but its trainers have nearly 40 years combined experience in professional wrestling. Ray Glacier Lloyd and QT Marshall lead the Power Factory in Buford, GA, near Atlanta, GA! Lloyd and Marshall have state of the art facilities, as well as strength coaches and dieticians to help you get to the next level and have seen blue-chip prospects like Cody Vance and more appear on international television in the just-under-one year they have been in existence!


These four schools will serve as partners for developing talent that will train in, compete for, and wrestle at the ROH Dojo, working on wrestling, communication, and all other aspects needed to become a ROH star. Keep it locked in to ROHWrestling.com for the latest news on the ROH Dojo and its affiliates!


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Former Olympian Jeff Cobb will debut this weekend for Ring of Honor at the Saturday Night at Center Stage TV tapings from Atlanta, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. Cobb noted on Twitter that he has not signed an exclusive deal with ROH.


After representing Guam at the 2004 Olympic games in mens freestyle wrestling, Cobb went pro in 2009 and has been making a name for himself in various promotions across the world.


Known for his amateur credentials, power move-set and agility, Jeff Cobb has long been one of the top free agent prospects in the industry. Hes competed for New Japan Pro Wrestling, Lucha Underground, PWG, Progress, MLW and more.


Several months ago, it was reported that Impact Wrestling offered him a 2-year deal. He has independent bookings scheduled through the end of August, including an appearance for ICW on July 29th and a match against Brian Cage on August 19th for California Vagabond Wrestling.


With WWE continuously signing top independent talent and Ring of Honor looking to hold its ground and build momentum, this is a very strong acquisition for ROH.


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Dave Meltzer is reporting that Ring of Honor wants CM Punk to return, hopefully at the joint ROH/NJPW show at Madison Square Garden next April. Meltzer doesnt believe it will happen but reportedly feelers have been sent Punks way.


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Kind of surprised no one has posted anything about Alex Shelley retiring. Seeing him and Sabin on TNA was my first exposure to non-WWE wrestling and he's been one of my favorites ever since. Super underrated and deserved more singles success than he got

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If there was ever a better time for CM Punk to return to professional wrestling, its now.


The former WWE Champions mixed martial arts (MMA) career is currently on the decline. Punk recently suffered his second consecutive loss under the UFCs banner in June. After the loss there has been a ton of speculation that he could return to wrestling.


The possibility of Punk returning to the squared circle has drawn interest from Ring Of Honor (ROH). The promotion is reportedly interested in booking Punk for their upcoming Madison Square Garden joint-show with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) in April.


Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio reports that the chances of Punk returning for ROH are slim. It appears those close to Punk say he currently has no interest in participating in pro wrestling.


Punk departed from WWE back in January of 2014. The UFC inked Punk to a multi-fight deal just several months later. The former WWE Champ made his Octagon debut in September of 2016.


He succumbed to the jiu-jitsu skills of Mickey Gall in the first round. Punk trained for two more years before taking another fight. He squared off with former Houston Golden Gloves winner Mike Jackson this past June.


Although Punk went the distance with Jackson, he was defeated in a lopsided decision. Now with an 0-2 record in fighting Punks MMA career looks unclear. Many professional wrestling fans would love to see him return to the ring, but Punk seems to have no interest.


Only time will tell if Punk ever wrestles again.


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Kind of surprised no one has posted anything about Alex Shelley retiring. Seeing him and Sabin on TNA was my first exposure to non-WWE wrestling and he's been one of my favorites ever since. Super underrated and deserved more singles success than he got

Its bitter sweet, dude was probably one of the more talented wrestlers but it seems like the past 5 years injuries just kept him down. I never understood why no company wanted to put him as one of their main guys was really hoping he was going to catch on in NJPW. He was great on the microphone, was always fantastic at shitting on people (His promo in ROH where he shits on the fans in the ECW arena comes to mind and when he told Gargano to go suck Triple H's dick a few years ago was great.) He was one of my favorites regardless.

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