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Current Ring of Honor Wrestling World Television Champion Silas Young recently spoke to Sports Illustrated.


On his battle with heroin addiction:


There are certain situations in life that are character-building, and I feel like that was one of those moments in my life, said Young. Sometimes, the battles with yourself are the hardest battles, and that goes for a lot of people. Our own worst enemies are often ourselves, so it takes a lot of mental checking-in-with-yourselfalmost giving yourself a daily mental pep talkbecause our biggest opponent is our self.


Wrestling Jay Lethal:


Jay Lethal is the face of the company, and hes a guy who is very well-respected in the wrestling industry, said Young. To be able to have a program and Last Man Standing match with him, and to walk away as the winner, that was a huge step for me and my career. It lit a fire under me, and helped propel me along toward the World Television title.


Holding the ROH World Television Championship:


I want to take this title and run with it, said Young. Its a hard task to accomplish, but I want to raise the Ring of Honor World Television title and elevate it higher than its ever been. I also want to live up to it; what the title means, the standards former champions have set, and surpass it. Im up for the challenge.



Full interview: https://www.si.com/wrestling/2017/12/27/wwe-news-kenny-omega-chris-jericho

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On December 15th, 2017 at Final Battle ROH announced the creation of the Women of Honor Championship, with the inaugural champion to be crowned in 2018 in a 16 woman single elimination tournament.


While Mayu Iwatani, a member of the STARDOM roster was in attendance for the big announcement the company said more STARDOM wrestlers would be heading to the US to compete in the tournament this year.


At STARDOMs show today, Delirious and Mandy Leon presented the title in Japan and announced that Hana Kimura, Kagetsu, and HZK would also be apart of the tournament.


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In a follow up from a story we posted earlier about ROH extending contract non-exclusive contract offers to Women of Honor stars, Rip Rogers took to Twitter and confirmed that Ring of Honor has signed independent wrestler Deonna Purrazzo to a non-exclusive contract with the company.


Purrazzo, 23 is one of the cornerstones of ROH’s Women of Honor, making her debut for the company in a match against Mandy Leon in Baltimore, Maryland in July of 2015. Although losing the contest, this match set the tone for what was to become Women of Honor.


She has been involved in many high profiles matches and feuds for Women of Honor against the likes of Kelly Klein, Jenny Rose, Mandy Leon, Madison Rayne, and most recently her protege – Karen Q, who Deonna helped defeat the ‘undefeated’ Kelly Klein during Karen’s debut, distracting her allowing Karen to get the count out victory. This lead to a match between the three which saw Karen pin Deonna and ignite a feud, culminating in a no disqualification match between the two which Deonna was victorious in.


With the upcoming Women of Honor Championship tournament, signing Deonna Purrazzo is a great decision by Ring Of Honor.


We are also told other offers have been extended to Mandy Leon, Sumie Sakai, Jenny Rose, and Kelly Klein.




Deonna is one of my favourites! The women's division in ROH is really gonna get me to watch on a weekly basis again. Congrats to Deonna on her extension, I really hope she wins the WOH tournament!!

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