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The discussion topic was made in 2011 and only has 6 pages. Wonder why nobody watches it?

Because the majority of the roster has personality equivalent to unused tree bark? At least that's my reason.

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I started watching ROH a few years ago and I remember the first match I ever saw was Bryan Danielson Vs Tyler Black. I started to get excited about the product. Watching guys like the above mentioned, Jerry Lynn, Kings of Wrestling, Nigel McGuinness. So why don't I watch anymore? All those guys are gone and ROH isn't completely to blame but how can someone watch the product when as soon as you get a favorite wrestler, that wrestler leaves for WWE or TNA. Also how can you watch ROH when the product is tapped months at a time. You can watch a TV show where X Wrestler is a champion and then watch the PPV and a different wrestler is the champion. Those are my two biggest complaints.

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HAven't watched in a while, but from reading and catching up, SCUM seems like the coolest thing in wrestling right now. What they are doing is what Aces and Eights should be, except with the right wrestlers and such. Its a bit large for me, but I think I like SCUM more than any other supergroup in wrestling recently

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I checked the whole SCUM thing from the 11th Anniversary out, and it seems interesting, but what a cluster*censored*. I haven't watched ROH in a long time but I might check it out tonight.

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