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WWE 12 Update Game Save! - RELEASED [X360]

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If you're looking for the perfect stop gap between now and the release of WWE 12, then this will be ideal for you. This is an Xbox 360 game save for WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2011 that includes a ridiculous amount of content.


The content included in this save consists of:


Corrected overalls, Realistic movesets, Correct brands, Updated entrances, Correct title holders, Superstar threads and CAWs with good likenesses!


The save also includes various hacked aspects such as:


NPC's unlocked, Hacked Entrances, Hacked Movesets, Hacked Call Names and Current name changes!







Active Talent


Alberto Del Rio (CAW)

Alex Riley (CAW)

Alicia Fox

Beth Phoenix

Big Show (CAW)

Brie Bella

Brodus Clay (CAW)


CM Punk (CAW)

Cody Rhodes (CAW)

Daniel Bryan (CAW)

David Otunga

Dolph Ziggler

Drew McIntyre

Evan Bourne


Ezekiel Jackson


Heath Slater (CAW)

Husky Harris (CAW)

Jack Swagger

Jey Uso (CAW)

Jimmy Uso (CAW)

Jinder Mahal (CAW)

John Cena

John Morrison

Johnny Curtis (CAW)

Justin Gabriel (CAW)


Kelly Kelly

Kevin Nash (CAW)

Kofi Kingston


Mark Henry


Mason Ryan (CAW)

Michael McGillicutty (CAW)

The Miz


Nikki Bella



Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio

Santino Marella


Sin Cara (CAW)

Ted DiBiase

The Great Khali (CAW)

The Undertaker

Trent Barreta (CAW)

Triple H

Tyler Reks (CAW)

Tyson Kidd

Vickie Guerrero (CAW)

Wade Barrett

William Regal

Yoshi Tatsu

Zack Ryder



Non Competing / Behind The Scenes Talent


Arn Anderson (CAW)

Bill DeMott (CAW)

Booker T (CAW)

Dean Malenko (CAW)

Dusty Rhodes (CAW)


Jerry Lawler (CAW)

Jim Ross (CAW)

Matt Striker (CAW)

Michael Cole (CAW)

Michael P.S Hayes (CAW)

Mr. McMahon

Ricardo Rodriguez (CAW)

Triple H (CAW)



Occasional Appearances talent


Bret Hart

Doink the Clown (CAW)



Mick Foley (CAW) - (Incase he returns)

Ron Simmons (CAW)

Scott Hall (CAW) - (Incase he returns with the Nash / Triple H angle)

Sgt. Slaughter (CAW)

Shane McMahon (CAW)

Shawn Michaels

Stone Cold Steve Austin (CAW)

The Rock (CAW)

Trish Stratus (CAW)



Playable NPC's




Jerry Lawler

Justin Roberts

Michael Cole

Security Guard A

Security Guard B

Security Guard C

Stephanie McMahon

The Hurricane

Theodore Long


Todd Grisham

Tony Chimmel





Chris Jericho

Davey Boy Smith (Name changed from British Bulldog)

Jake Roberts

Jimmy Snuka

Lex Luger

Ricky Steamboat

Rob Van Dam

Stone Cold (Original Model)

Terry Funk

The Rock (Original Model)

The Undertaker (DLC Model)



Free Agents



Big Show (Original Model)

Chavo Guerrero

CM Punk (Original Model)

Chris Masters

Cody Rhodes (Original Model)


Gail Kim

Harry Smith (Name changed from DH Smith)

John Cena (DLC Model)


Justin Gabriel (DLC Model)

Keith Hanson (Name changed from Luke Gallows)

Lance Hoyt (Name changed from Vance Archer)

Matt Hardy


Michelle McCool

Mickie James

Mike Knox


Shad Gaspard

Shelton Benjamin

Vladimir Kozlov







PLEASE NOTE: I do not take credit for the majority of the caws as they were downloaded off XBL. When I get the time, I will try to list the appropriate credits for the caws. Also, mods keep in mind this topic is about the game save and not about hacks, so keep it open. :)


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When I upload the file, unzip it. Then all you'd need to do? after that is set the id's to your own when you rehash and resign, then put the files on your HDD / Pendrive via Xplorer / Xport / USBXTAF.

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Also, I tried transferring another profile's save and CAWs to another profile, but the CAWs didn't show up, instead they showed up corrupted.


I do that all the time without any problems. Just make sure you assign the id's of the new profile to the files from the old one.


Just to avoid any trouble, all I'll say is I'm sure there might be some tutorials on YouTube for this kind of thing. Maybe. But tbh, it's only data transfer which Xbox themselves support via data transfer kits so it should be allowed to be discussed.

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I know how to put that on my Xbox since I did the forbidden-to-talk-about-stuff before, but what if you have your original CAW you wanna keep? Is there any way I can put him into that save as well?

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Looking forward to this save Petchy!. Hopefully this one works, the last Ultimate Save that was kinda like this didn't work at all but just said it was corrupt. Also just thinking about that Carlito is actually in SVR2011 but locked but still playable is awesome.




Also when you download a move-set off XBL there is a empty spot. When I think about, I think it was for Carlito.

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If I down load this will it screw up all the caws that I already have saved on the 50 caw slots?

The 50 I have I like and dont want to loose.


Yes, you would because you would be replacing that game save with this one. They have completely different save data's and so the caws wouldn't be the same.


What I suggest is to anyone wanting this save, but their own personal saves too, just make another profile or something? That way you can have both!




v1.0 Download link will be up shortly. Would appreciate it if people could tell me of any problems they come across (Main issue may be created finishers as when I transferred the save data and movesets over, the game had an issue with assigning the correct finishers to the correct person. I've tried to remove any that I saw while testing but there may be some that I've missed)

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Hey thanks for the download just a quick question where is the Go to 'Resigner' > 'Multi-file resigner' tab? i've searched everywhere and couldnt find it. btw im using Modio 3 which is the new version.

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