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MCWrestling - CLOSED!

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SvR image.


Wrestling Statistics


Name: Marcus

Nickname/s: The Boltonian

Weight: Light Heavywegiht

Home Town: Bolton, England

Wrestling Style: I see him as a Shelton Benjamin type of superstar, his moveset is mainly power based, but he can and does use the athletic high risk moves if he gets the chance too.

Finishers: Marcus Bomb, Spear

Others moves hes known for:


Dropkick to the Knee

Running Drop Kick

Spinning Wheel Kick

Diving Elbow Drop

Diving Double Axe Handle


Scoop Slam

Hurricannarans (Occasionally)



Bear Hug





Wrestling Career


World Wrestling Entertainment (2010)


After spending a few years training in FCW, Marcus was eventually raised to the full roster, being put onto Raw in April 2010. He would make his debut shortly afterwards, losing to World Heavyweight Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. After a few weeks of inactivity, Marcus would be put into a number one contenders match with one of his close friends from his time in FCW and the Intercontinental Champion at the time, David Evans. Marcus would win the match despite Evans SES leader, CM Punk being at ringside. Marcus would then go onto win the Intercontinental Championship from David Evans at the No Mercy PPV in a Ladder match and was sceduled to defend the Championship against Evans again, but before that match up happened, Marcus was approched by one of MCW's talent scouts and offered a chance to join the soon to be new company, which Marcus accepted, therefore leaving WWE and vacating the WWE Intercontinental Championship.


Motor City Wrestling (2010 - Present)

Debut, Tag Team with Dynamite and MCW Tag Team Champion (2010-2011)


Marcus made his debut against former World Champion, James Mackay and was defeated after coming very close to winning. His first win would come a few weeks later, alongside makeshift tag team partner and fellow Englishman, Dynamite at the Revolution PPV winning the MCW Tag Team Championships from the Motor City Machiene Guns, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Thier first successful Title defense was against the team of Alex Brown and Evan Wilde, on an episode of Motorstorm shortly after the PPV. Marcus and Dynamite would go on to sucessfully defend the Championhips against various differnt tag teams, including the likes of The Nexus, The Straight Edge Society, The Showstealers, Lethal Consequences and The End of Remorse on various episodes of Adrenaline, Motorstorm and PPV.


Marcus and Dynamite's reign as Tag Team Champions ended at the end of November, losing the Championship to the team of Matt Saint and Keenan Brooke, collectivly known as The End of Remorse. Only a few days earlier, Dynamite had been attacked in the parking lot by The End of Remorse who were trying to soften the Champions up for their Championship defense on the 29th November edition of Motorstorm. Marcus attempted to postpone the match to a later date, but general manager Avram Shalom wouldn't allow it, saying it would cost a lot of money to pull the match from the card. Marcus was then denied the request of having John Bryan, Marcus and Dynamite's ally in a newly formed alliance known as "The Triangle" but this was also denied. Marcus was then informed that the match would go ahead as planned and that if Dynamite didn't turn up to the Title defense, Marcus and Dynamite would vacate the Championships, Dynamite turned up to the match, but the injuries got the better him and Marcus and Dynamite were defeated, ending thier 5 month reign as Tag Team Champions.


Seven days later, Marcus and Dynamite would invoke thier rematch clause against the new Champions and would defeat The End of Remorse in a no holds barred match, beginning thier second reign as Tag Team Champions. Thier first title defense was against the team of Booker T and Goldust, before going on to defeat Physcho Cyanide at the January PPV, AfterLife. After this Title defense, Dynamite would challenge his fellow Tag Team Champion to a match at the February PPV, NeverLost with the stipulation being that both Superstars undefeated streak on PPV's would be on the line, Marcus was 8-0 in PPV's including appearnences in both WWE and MCW whilst Dynamite was 7-0. Marcus would go on to lose to his fellow Tag Team Champion at NeverLost, ending his undefeated streak and extending Dynamite's to 8-0.

Heel Turn and Fued with Dynamite (2011)


After a few more wins with Dynamite and a rivalry with The Spectres with both team trading wins and Dynamite accidently hitting Marcus with a Superkcik after a win against The Spectres, which Dynamite apoligised for, Marcus would accept but only after hitting Dynamite with a Marcus Bomb as revenge for the Superkick. After weeks of fueding with The Spectres, Marcus was injured by The Spectres keeping him out of action for a few weeks. Marcus and Dynamite were booked to defend thier Championships at the April PPV, McwMania against The Spectres and appeared to have the match won. Suddenly, Marcus would turn on Dynamite, hitting him with the Marcus Bomb and dragging the knocked out body of Michael Irvine onto the now knocked out Dynamite before leaving the ring. The referee would count to three, giving the Spectres the win, the Tag Team Championships and also ending Dynamite's undefeated streak in the process. Dynamite would go on to invoke the rematch clause for the Championships for the following epidose of Motorstorm. Dynamite gave Marcus the option of either showing up and regaining the Championships, or not showing up and dissolving thier Tag Team. Marcus chose not to show up and Dynamite was defeated in a handicap match by the new Tag Team Championships.


After being attacked by Dynamite the week after that after a win against Tyler Black, Marcus would debut a new assosiate after a win against The Miz, Ezekiel Jackson as a bodyguard against Dynamite and his new Tag Team Partner, John Morisson. Marcus would proclaim himself as the Shawn Michaels of Marcus and Dynamite stating that Dynanite was the Marty Jannety. Marcus would go on to win varoius Tag Team match alongside Jackson and was scheduled to face Dynamite at the May PPV, EndGame. This was eventually changed to a tag team match with Marcus partnering with Jackson and Dynamite partnering with Morisson and changed once again to a Last Men Standing Match a few days before the event. At the PPV, Marcus and Ezekiel Jackson would lose to Dynamite and John Morisson.


Marcus would blame Jackson for the loss and challenged Dynamite one last time to a Steel Cage match to ensure their was no interfernces from John Morisson, Ezekiel Jackson or any other Superstar on the MCW roster. Dynamite accepted, scheduling the match for the Adrenaline the following week. The Motorstorm before Adrenline, Ezekiel Jackson was defeated by James Hanson despite Marcus' attempts to cause a Jackson win. Marcus would walk off leaving Jackson in the ring before instructing him to not get involved in Marcus' Steel Cage match with Dynamite, four days later. Jackson would go against Marcus words though, running down the entrance ramp, ripping the Cage door open and handing a Lead Pipe to Marcus. Marcus would accept the pipe, but rather than strike Dynamtie with it Marcus would suddenly turn around and use it on Jackson, before pushing Jackson out through the door and throwing the Lead Pipe out with him. This distraction was enough for Dynamite to recover from the brutal match up and he suprised Marcus hitting him with his own Marcus Bomb finishing move. Dynamite would get the pin and win the match. After the match, Marcus would lift Dynamite's arm and congratulate him on the victory by shaking his hand, thus turning Marcus face once again and ending his fued with Dynamite.


Singles Competion, Televsion Champion and fued with Paul Burchill(2011)


After Marcus' loss to Dynamite, Ezekiel Jackson would call out Marcus, questioning himself about Marcus actions in the Steel Cage, Marcus would explain that he wanted to win against Dyanmite by himself and Jackson went against it, Jackson wasn't happy with this explaination, challenging Marcus to a match, which Marcus accepted. Marcus would go onto defeat Jackson, before firing him as his bodyguard.


After that, Marcus joined the MCW Televison Championship Title hunt and would defeat Amazing Red in a Number one Contenders match. Marcus would go on to lose against the Champion, Tremaine Matthews at the June PPV, Meltdown. Marcus would be granted another shot at his Championship, but before the match could happen, Matthews was injured at a house show so he was forced to vacat the Championship. Marcus would go on to win the Vacant Championship at the Revolution PPV in a Championship Scramble match, defeating the then interim Champion, Captain Righteous with only seven seconds remaining on the clock. Marcus would then enter a fued with Gabriel Gospel who was named number one contender for Marcus' Championship after defeating The Scorpion in a number one contenders match. Mr Anderson would go on to declare his intrest in the TV Title and Marcus would lose consecutive matches to Gospel and Anderson before winning in Tag Team action against said opponants. A win against Scorpion and Goth Girl alongside Angelina Love would follow but at the Global Warming PPV, Marcus was unable to defend his Championship, losing it in a fatal four way match to Mr Anderson, which also involved The Scorpion and Gabreil Gospel. Marcus would use his remtach clause for the Championship 5 days later at Motorstorm, but was defeated by the Champion, Mr Anderson. After the match, Marcus was attacked by the debuting Paul Burchill.


After being attacked by the debuting Paul Burchill after his rematch with Anderson, Marcus wanted answers. He would call out Burchill the following week demanding an explanation. Burchill explained that he saw Marcus as a disgrace to the country of England and that he would personally eradicate Marcus from Professional Wrestling and would save the now apparent tarnished English pride. Before Marcus could respond to these accusations though, he was attacked once again by Burchill. Over the next few weeks, Marcus would compete in various Tag Team matches with a mix of differnt partners, the most notable being teaming for the first time since April with his former Tag Team Champion, Dynamite. Marcus was victrious in all of these Tag matches bar one, which was a loss against Jayson Addair and the returning James Hanson. Paul Burchill was one of the opponents in all of the tag matches expect for the Addair/Hanson loss and Marcus would win each time, Burchill would explain each of thiese losses by stating that his Tag Team partners let him down and that he doesn't need a partner to eradicate The Boltonian.

Shortly after, Burchill would host a fake coronation, with a fake Queen Elizabeth II "knighting" him, Marcus would take excpetion to this and would cash the party, this annoyed Burchill and he would challenge Marcus to a match at the 2011 Testament PPV, which would be held in London England, and Marcus accepted. The week later a contract signing was held where the match up betwen Burchill and Marcus was changed to the first ever "London Dungeon" match, which was essentltialy a strap match, but with a 10 foot chain as both Superstars felt that a simple one on one match wouldn't suffice. Marcus would go on to defeat Burchill at the TestamentPPV by forcing him to tap out after Marcus choked him with the chain from a position that was impossible for Burchill too escape.


A Battle Royal for number one contendership would then take place and Marcus would go on to eliminate Burchill. But after Burchill's elimination, Burchill grabbed Marcus' legs, which stopped him from moving and Marcus was then eliminated from the match up by Burchill's new apprentice, Randy Kinglsey. The fued was then subsequently dropped and as a result, Marcus missed a PPV event, Trick or Tap 2011, for the first time in his wrestling career.


Second reign as TV Champion (2011-Present)


After two months of spariodic appearnces, Marcus was placed into a triple threat match for the MCW Television Championship on the speical Halloween epidose of Adrenaline, against the defending Champion, Gabriel Gospel and Tyler Morgan. After a back and forth match, The Boltonian pinned Morgan to become Television Champion for the second time in his career. In his first Title defense at Fall Fury 2011, Marcus faced Edger Von Durer. The match ended in a draw after both competitors where knocked unconcious after a Spear through a barricade and couldn't answer the ten count. Since the match was a draw, it meant that Marcus remained as Champion. Marcus was meant to defend his Championship against Tyler Morgan at the Wreck the Hall PPV in December, but shortly before the PPV Morgan was released from his MCW contract meaning that there would be no TV Title match at the PPV. He did however appear at the PPV as he gave away merchendise dressed as Santa to the crowd in attendence.




1 time WWE Intercontinental Champion.

2 time MCW Tag Team Champion (With Dynamite)

2 time MCW Televsion Champion (Current)


Current MCW Theme Music:


Previous Theme Music:




Current Allies:



Current Enemies:



Former Allies:


John Bryan


Ezekiel Jackson

Angelina Love


Former Enemies:

James Mackay

CM Punk and the SES


Alex Shelley

Keenan Brooke and Matt Saint (The End of Remorse)

Micheal Irvine and Riku Showron (The Spectres)


John Morrison

Ezekiel Jackson

James Hanson/Tremaine Matthews

Gabriel Gospel

Mr Anderson

Paul Burchill







Match History:



Loss vs Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Win vs David Evans, Number one contenders match for the WWE Intercontintal Championship

Win vs David Evans, Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship







Match History:



Loss vs James McKay

Win with Dynamite vs Motor City Machine Guns for the MCW Tag Team Championships

Win with Dynamite Vs Alex Brown and Evan Wilde for the MCW Tag Team Championships

Loss vs Tyler Black

Win With Dynamite vs SES for the MCW Tag Team Championships

Win with Dynamite vs Skip Sheffiled and David Otunga for the MCW Tag Team Championships

Loss with Dynamite to SES

Win with Dynamite vs The Showstealers

Loss vs Ernie Osiris in a Fatel 4 way match also involving Skip Sheffield and Joe Black.

Win with Dynamite vs John Jrygin & Darrius, David Otunga & Skip Sheffield, SES and The Showstealers for the MCW Tag Team Championships.

Loss with Dynamite to the Showstealers

Win vs Joseph Alexander (DQ)

Loss with Dynamite and John Bryan vs The Show Stealers and Matt Saint

Win with Dynamite vs The Showstealers in a Submission match for the MCW Tag Team Championships.

Win with Dynamite vs Seth Courter & Johnny Perez

Win with Dynamite and Lethal Consequences vs Eric Ryan, Leon Heart and The End Of Remorse.

Win with Dynamite vs The End of Remorse, Lethal Consequences and Eric Ryan & Leon Hart for the MCW Tag Team Championships in a TLC Match.

Loss vs Consequences Creed

Loss with Dynamite vs The End of Remorse for The MCW Tag Team Championships.

Win with Dynamite vs The End of Remorse for The MCW Tag Team Championships in a No Holds Barred Match.

Loss with Dynamite vs Beer Money.

Win with Dynamite vs Booker T and Goldust for The MCW Tag Team Championships

Loss vs James Hanson

Win with Dynamite vs Guerrilla Empire

Draw with Dynamite vs The Colons. (Double DQ)

Win with Dynamite vs Psycho Cyanide in a Ladder match for the MCW Tag Team Championship

Win vs Michael Irvine

Win vs Alex Shelley

Loss vs Dynamite

Win with Dynamite, Cody Rhodes and Jayson Addair vs CM Punk, Malcome Brice, Michael Irvine and Riku Showron

Win with Dynamite vs Arrogance (DQ)

Win vs Alex Brown

Win with Dynamite vs The Brotherhood of Darkness

Win with Dynamite, Adam Valentine and Shawn Hunter vs Alex Brown, Jimmy Jacobs, Michael Irvine and Riku Showron

Loss with Dynamite vs Michael Irvine and Riku Showron for the MCW Tag Team Championships (Marcus turned on Dynamite and intentionally lost the Championship)

Win vs Tyler Black

Win vs The Miz

Loss with Ezekiel Jackson and Tyler Moore vs Dynamite, John Morrison and Calvin Rodgers

Win with Ezekiel Jackson vs K.C. James and Idol Stevens

Loss with Ezekiel Jackson vs Dynamite and John Morrison in a Last Men Standing Match

Loss vs Dynamite in a Steel Cage Match.

Win vs Ezekiel Jackson

Win vs Amazing Red - Number one Contenders match for the MCW Television Championship.

Loss vs Tremaine Matthews for the MCW Television Championship.

Win vs Tremaine Matthews

Win with Captain Righteous and Scorpion vs Dolph Ziggler, Storm Parker and Brian Kendrick

Win vs Captain Righteous, Scorpion, Storm Parker, Brian Kendrick and Kevin Stein for the MCW Television Championship

Win vs Scorpion

Loss with Tyson Andrews vs Gabriel Gospel and Akira

Loss vs Mr Anderson

Win with Scorpion vs Mr Anderson and Gabriel Gospel

Win with Angelina Love vs Scorpion and Goth Girl

Loss vs Mr Anderson in a Fatal Four Way Match for the MCW Televsion Championship, also involving Gabriel Gospel and Scorpion.

Loss vs Mr Anderson for the TV Championship.

Loss with Mr Anderson vs Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin

Win with Scorpion vs Gabriel Gospel and Paul Burchill

Loss with Malcome Brice vs Jayson Addair and James Hanson

Win with Demonio vs Gabriel Gospel and Paul Burchill

Win with Jimmy Rave vs Aput Ataneq and Storm Parker

Win with Dynamite vs Ted Dibiasie and Paul Burchill

Win vs Randy Z

Win vs Paul Burchill in the first ever London Dungeon Match (Submission)

Loss in a 20 Man Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership to the MCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Win vs Mixer Mulligan

Loss vs Alex Brown

Win with Alex Brown vs Tyler and Matt Morgan

Loss with Dynamite vs Gabriel Gospel and Alex Brown

Loss vs Adam Valentine

Win vs Gabriel Gospel and Tyler Morgan in a triple threat match for the MCW TV Championship.

Loss vs James Hanson.

Loss with Bobby Owens vs Derrick Bateman and Randy Kingsley.

Win vs Derrick Bateman.

Win vs Jacob Shotgun.

Draw (Double Countout) vs Edger von Durer for the MCW Televsion Championship.

Win vs Jacob Shotgun

Win vs John Morisson

Loss with Edger von Durer vs Gabriel Gospel and Cody Rhodes

Win with Edger von Durer vs James Hanson and Chris Sabin

Loss vs Richie Steamboat

Loss vs John Morisson

Loss vs Thunder Thorton

Win vs Rob Ryder

Loss vs Thunder Thorton

Win with TJ Perkins and Shiima Xion vs Tyler and Jake Morgan

Loss vs Jon Jygrin

Loss with Jon Jygrin vs Ian Roberts and Tyler Morgan

Win with Sora Addair vs Tyler Morgan and Sara Del Ray



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What happened at Adrenaline was all Ted's idea. I don't know why I did what I did. It was like... It was almost like I was a completely different person last night. I normally wouldn't even think about attacking my fellow employees like that. Especially Dynamite who's someone that I think I can consider one of my very few friends in the company.
" Cody Rhodes shook his head, again thinking about what happened. This time he didn't think about his match with the MCW World Heavyweight Champion; Mike Stokes, who messed up his perfectly structured facial features, but instead he was thinking about Adrenaline. "
You believe me, right? I'm not a violent man. I don't do things like that anymore. That was the Cody Rhodes of old. The Cody Rhodes of Legacy. I really have changed. For the better. And I've changed because of you. I've changed
you. Because you wouldn't want to be with a man that goes around attacking people from behind. For doing that, I apologise. And are you sure you would want to celebrate your big win with a twenty-six year old emotionally very unstable man? I sure hope so. I wouldn't love nothing more than to make up for lost time and celebrate your victory with you. Kissing is a good way to
" The insecure young man from Marietta, Georgia, leaned in and gave Lise Starr yet another kiss, this one longer than the previous one. He was still feeling very nervous and uneasy, despite everything. But he tried to hide it as good as he possibly could because there was only one thing that he wanted and that was being with Lise Starr.

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"You were like a completely different person? Well, I do believe you. Trust me, I really do believe you."
Lise Starr is the person who has seen the normal Cody Rhodes turn into a psychopath, she obviously would believe what her boyfriend had just said. The conversation would quickly end as Cody began kissing Lise. With the way Lise kissed him back, it was like a positive answer to Cody's question about Lise being sure if she should be celebrating with the broken, former champion. A few moments later, the couple broke the kiss.
"Our kisses are always so stronger when we haven't seen each other for a while, not a bad thing."
She said with a laugh.
"Besides our kissing, anything else you wanna do?"

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Well... There is this one thing that couples do that's probably a little bit more
than just kissing while it also involves kissing. Most of the time. I think you already know what I'm talking about here. With it being a week since we last seen each other, this is the first time we've talked in person, face to face, since we got back from Las Vegas, I think you've got a pretty good idea what I'm trying to get at.
" For the first time, Cody Rhodes showed a smile at Lise Starr when he was talking and let that smile grow wider when he stopped talking for a brief moment so he could give his loved girlfriend yet another kiss. What happened to the Rhodes of Adrenaline, one might wonder. "
And while us kissing seems to be better, even better, whenever we haven't seen each other for a while, this other thing I'm talking about falls under the same category. Unfortunately, it's still pretty early and we have an entire day ahead of us, so I'm not entirely sure if it would be more appropriate to wait for tonight. If that wasn't enough, it would be a very good reason for you to spend the night with me. What do you think?

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A bad night for the Bolton born Superstar, Marcus. Firstly it was revealed that Burchill belived that Marcus was a disgrace to England, something which Marcus took personally to the heart and then a loss, thanks to Anderson refusing to tag and walked off, against Sabin and Shelley. Since losing the TV Title,. Marcus hasn't won a match and he needs to do so or maybe Burchill was right?

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"I do like the idea of spending the night with you but with all that kissing we just did, I think I'm in that
, if you know what I mean and I'm sure you are in that mood too."
A small grin appeared on her face.
"We could wait until tonight or have some fun right now and do it again later."
Lise stepped a little closer to Cody Rhodes, her grin was now more seductive.
"You get to make the decision since this is your locker room."

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While they've been dating for over a year now, a blush appeared on the cheeks of Cody Rhodes when he listened to Lise Starr. "
If you're going to let me make the decision after you said the things that you just said, coming up with a very good idea how to spend our day together and celebrate your win at the same time, I don't think it will come as a complete surprise that I
your plan. Let's go have some fun right now... And then again later on tonight.
" Give them a break. They're young, they're in love, they haven't seen each other in a week, they've got a reason to celebrate, they've got a reason to cheer Cody Rhodes up somewhat. Bearing that in mind, Cody took Lise by her hand and lead her into his bedroom where he resumed their make out session from before. The happy couple stayed true to their word and they were in the middle of having fun when disaster struck. One of them, not Cody, got a bit carried away with the two of them having fun and it caused for Cody Rhodes to bang his head up against the headboard of his bed. He let out a groan, a groan in pain that is, not pleasure, and opened his eyes to reveal a different look in his eyes. There was no love in his eyes anymore and when he saw Lise Starr with her eyes closed, he threw her off of him. "
" "The Grotesque One" was back and he was back with a vengeance as he got out of bed and started to get himself dressed in his clothes again. "
?! Don't answer that... I know why you had your eyes closed... You can't stand the look of me, can you... You had your eyes closed because... Because you were thinking about

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When Cody Rhodes bumped his head against the bed's headboard, Lise Starr knew everything was about to go wrong. Her fear of the "grotesque" Cody Rhodes was the reason why she closed her eyes. When he threw her off of him, Lise landed on the side of the bed, she would cover herself with the bedsheets.
"Oh my god. Relax!"
She yelled at Cody.
"Please! Calm down!"
A moment of passion that ended with crazy Cody coming out (
) was something that Lise Starr did not even imagine.
"...Who is "him"?"
She asked with the sound of fear in her voice.

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You couldn't help but feel bad for Lise Starr who was completely confused because this character change came out of nowhere. One moment Cody Rhodes was acting like the loving boyfriend that Lise knows and loves, but one overenthusiastic moment later, he turned into "The Grotesque One". "
You know
who I'm talking about... I'm talking about your ex-boyfriend... Your ex-lover... The man that stole you away from me... No, allow me to rephrase that... The man you
to take you away from me so you could break my heart... The same man that is the reason why I'm looking like
... The reason why I look like a
! You know that I'm talking about the man that has ruined my life
... You were thinking about
! I know you did... Don't try to deny it, lying is an undashing characteristic to have... While I was expressing my love for you in the physical way... You were thinking about the man that is the reason why my life is
" The deformed, both physically and mentally, Cody Rhodes rushed to switch off the lights. Yeah, they were on. And now the couple, or should be couple, were both in the dark bedroom of the emotionally scarred Cody Rhodes.

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Lise Starr couldn't say anything, she was scared to death and was about to burst into tears. With the lights off, getting dressed was going to be very difficult. The jeans she was putting on were probably placed backwards.
"I want the real Cody back..."
She said with a sniff, meaning she did begin to cry.
"Mike Stokes? Why would I think of that sleaze? You know I would never do a thing like that."
Lise continued her attempt to get dressed.
"When I was in bed with you, you were amazing like always but now this crazy guy is here."

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NAME: The Scorpion

HEIGHT: 6'10''

WEIGHT: 320lb



GIMMICK:like The crow and undertaker

sigs- big boot spinebuster spear chokeslam


Death Sting- thedeathsting-1.gif


FINSHER2- Tombstone


INFO Former tv champion /



NAME: Dark Angel

HEIGHT: 6'0''

WEIGHT: 240 lb



GIMMICK:like a ninja like gimmick

sigs- spin kick spinning ddt


Broken Halo- RKO

FINSHER2- Super Broken halo- top rope Rko


INFO the best friend and follower of scorpion the first member of the brotherhood



NAME: Oriley Chambers

HEIGHT: 5'10''

WEIGHT: 240lb



GIMMICK:like Pure evil

sigs- spin kick suffle kick ddt blood mist


Dead Leavel- a fallway slam into a flatliner


FINSHER2- kendo stick shot to the head


INFO Scorpion trainer and mentor



NAME: Gothic Chick

HEIGHT: 5'7''

WEIGHT: 120 lb



GIMMICK:like The chick from the underworld movies

sigs- turnbuckle clotheslin/ spear / superkick


Goth Bomb- sitout powerbomb


FINSHER2- Goth kick - big superkick


INFO Scorpion ex g/f she made her peace with him and join back into the Brotherhood of Darkness

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? I am
crazy! No... You know what, Lise... Maybe I am just that... Maybe I am crazy... Everybody says that in every single genius, there is a part of him or her that is out of his mind... Crazy... Me, I'm a genius... Last night proved that when
plan was brought to fruition and me and Ted took down the MCW Tag Team Champions... You thought that was Ted's idea? If it wasn't for me, Ted DiBiase would not be here... I saved his career in the WWE and now I'm going to do it again in MCW... He is my puppet, I'm the mastermind behind his every move...
" Cody said in his slow and methodical way that has been described as listening to someone who's having a seizure talk. In the pitch black darkness of the room, Rhodes didn't move an inch, he was only talking. "
And we both know that geniuses don't
look attractive. You either have the looks... Or you have the brains... All it took for me to start using my brain for one hundred percent was for my
good looks to be taken away from me... Because of that, Lise... I now see that I have been living in a lie... For you do not love the
me... You were in love with the idea of the
me... The man that was proclaimed to "Dashing" Cody Rhodes... That's who you loved... But this... This is the real me. And I can hear you crying like a little baby sobs... You are afraid of what I have become because now you can no longer live in your perfect

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Ian Roberts




Name: Ian Roberts

Height: 6'1" (1.86 m)

Weight: 235 pounds (107 kilos)

Birthplace: Oxford, England

Billed From: Oxford, England; The Empire

Resides In: Lowell, Massachussetts

Nickname(s): The British Beserker; The Beserker; The Imperial Beserker

Trained By: Himself (based on Billy Robinson's style)

Debut: 1999

Disposition: Tweener


Bio Summary:


Ian Roberts has been a wrestling fan since he was a child and trained himself based on shoot wrestling. He got a Bachelor's Dregee on Human Anatomy in Oxford University and took on a career in wrestling, which took him all around Europe in wrestling excursions and quite success in his career as a singles and as a tag team wrestler. He was signed by WWE in early 2010 and won the Unified Tag Team Championship, which he defended until his release in 3 months later. Since then, Roberts has been freelancing between the Northeastern independent circuit in the United States and Europe. Two months ago, Seth Courter, partner and ally, had a rough end to his competitive career when he was found hanging from a shower while he was a member of the MCW roster. Disturbed and angry about this event, Ian decided to stop his plans and go to MCW to finish Seth's job.







Imperial Clutch (Dragon Sleeper on a standing, grounded or kneeling opponent)

Royal Piledriver (Spike Piledriver)

Northern Lights Bomb (sometimes on the apron)



Signature Moves


Inverted Full Nelson

Air Raid Crash (sometimes to the apron)

Running Powerbomb (sitout, to the turnbuckle)

Sitout Suplex Slam

Olympic Slam

European Uppercut variations (sliding, diving, preluded by a flapjack, standing)

Spinning Lariat

Deathlock STF

Multiple Suplex variations:

  • Union Jack-Plex (Straightjacket suplex)
  • Deadlift German
  • Bridging Double Underhook
  • Backdrop
  • Belly to Belly (as a counter to a upcoming opponent, avalanche, from the apron, to the turnbuckle)
  • Regal-Plex

Gory Special

Camel Clutch (sometimes with Forearm Smashes or Fish Hooks)

Tornado DDT

Diving Knee Drop

Can Opener Headlock



Regular Moves


Inverted Facelock

Snap suplex

Belly to Belly spulex

Eye Gouge

Elbow Strikes

Shoulder Block

Single Leg Crab

Butterfly Lock

Standing Figure Four Leglock

Pendulum Backbreaker (sometimes with a stretch to follow)

Bow and Arrow Stretch

Hangman's Neckbreaker

Forearm Facewash

Chin Lock

Shoot slap Flurry



Jumping Knee Strike


Hip Toss

Abdominal Stretch





Simple black trunks with white wrist tape, black boots and black elbow pads. Sometimes he wears red trunks with a white cross on the side or white trunks with a red cross on the side to simulate the English football team jersey and matches it with boots and wrist tape of the same color as the trunks and black knee pads.


Entrance Music:



Acheivements (recognized):

Unified Tag Team Championship (1 one - with Tom Anderson)

MCW Tag Team Championship (1 time, current - with Tyson Andrews)







Tyson Andrews




Name: Tom Anderson

Height: 6' (1.82 m)

Weight: 195 pounds (88.45 kilos)

Birthplace: London, England

Billed From: London, Canada; The Empire

Resides In: London, Ontario, Canada

Nickname(s): The Silent Assasin

Trained By: Anthony Miller

Debut: 2004

Disposition: Tweener



Bio Summary:


Tom Anderson was born in London, England but ended up as an orphan when he was 4 years old. Anderson lived in a foster home for a couple of year until he was adopted by Anthony Miller, owner of an underground fighting syndicate based in London and adoptive father who later changed Anderson's name to "John Miller". Since a young age, Miller trained Anderson to become a prize fighter while giving him a good education, food and shelter as a rewards based on the development of his skills. As he grew up, he became a formidable fighter, being known for his stealth approach and quick, submission oriented offensive as well as for soft spoken personality. After years of fighting in the underground circuit, he turned into a professional wrestler as he was called up by WWE, where he signed in mid February and being aligned with Ian Roberts and Seth Courter, forming a stable known as the "Guerrilla Empire" and enjoying success by the way of winning the Unified Tag Team title with Roberts. Both Roberts and Anderson were released in April and parted ways, disbanding the group. Anderson moved to Canada and established himself as a Canadian citizen, changing his name back to "Tom Anderson" and gaining Canadian citizenship while working as an instructor on a mixed martial arts school. A few weeks ago, Anderson was contacted by Ian Roberts about reforming their group due to some disturbance occured in Michigan that resulted in Seth Courter ending heavily damaged. As a way to finish what Seth was meant to do, Anderson set his sights on MCW.





Finishing Moves:


Skull Cracker (Inverted Overdrive)

Flying Armbar

Inverted Vertical Drop Brainbuster (Big Match finisher)


Signature Moves:


Shining Axe Kick

Pull Back Big Boot

Diving Moonsault



Gator Roll Neckbreaker

Rolling Kneebar

Springboard Dropkick

Jumping Guillotine Choke

Release Regal-Plex

Diving Single Arm DDT

Diving Foot Stomp

Sliding Big Boot



Regular Moves:


Arm Breaker

Shoulder Breaker


Headscissors Hold

Arm Wrench

Hammer Lock

Hammerlock Scoop Slam

Northern Lights suplex

Arm Trap STO

Arm Stretch

Elbow Strike

Shoot Kicks

Key Lock

Jumping Knee Drop


Wrist Lock

Arm Twist



Entrance theme: Shaman's Harvest - Dragonfly (remastered)"









Johnny Pérez


Height: 5 feet, 10 inches


Weight: 215 pounds


Home: Bronx, New York


Where The Heart Is: Bronx, New York (currently); The Caribbean


The Anniversary: August 19, 1982 (28 years old)


The Teachers: Lance Storm, Isaac Rosario and Juan Rivera


The Mood: Tweenerish face



The Backstory


Johnny Pérez was born in Bronx, New York as a middle child of a couple made of a Puerto Rican mother and a Dominican father. Since he was a little kid, Johnny had tendencies to get himself in trouble in school and and in the neighborhood, stealing from small stores nearby. As a way to teach his son how to behave and some discipline, Johnny's parent sent him to his family in Puerto Rico to see if their son changes for the better. During his time in the island, he got interested in wrestling and trained under Isaac Rosario's regime, being classified as an role model for upcoming and already established students. In a journey to hone his craft, a driven Pérez traveled to Canada and trained in the Storm Wrestling Academy for a couple of months in order to learn a more technical style of wrestling as well as keeping Rosario's teachings and sharing them with his mates.


Ever since joining MCW in June, Pérez has been constantly involved in title chases. In the inaugural round robin to crown Motorstorm's MCW champion, he finished in eight place, being outpointed by another Johnny, Johnny B. Fresh. Both men feuded for a few weeks until both men were inserted in a match for the Universel championship with then champion, Drew McIntyre, ending in Pérez's first title win. Since winning the title, the feud between Fresh and Pérez became more heated and the rivalry came to an end in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the Universal championship, Pérez being victorious by going to the distance and defeating Fresh in 3 falls.


After his feud with Fresh, Pérez engaged in a feud with Daniel Rain over the Universal championship where brawls outside the ring where a common thing to witness until both men decided to settle their differences in the ring in a proper title match: a dog collar match. There were unannounced changes on day of the match, however, as Alex Blair was included in the title match, making it an impromptu triple threat match, and leaving the event as Universal champion after pinning Daniel Rain for the victory. After losing the title and a rematch where he received internal damage, Johnny Pérez faded in the shade and did nothing worth of notice unti he was recluted by The Empire in early January of 2011 and pitting himself in a small journey to recover the Universal championship.


The first person who was in Pérez's way to reclaim the title was Shawn Hunter, a perinneal contender for the Universal championship, then held by Jake Klark, and both Hunter and Pérez had a clash of ideas about who should have been the challenger for the title. A number one contender's match is settled between the two and Pérez ends up with the win, using his momentum to rack a brief winning streak and recapture the Universal championship for a second time, being the first MCW member to hold a singles title twice. Pérez's status as Universal champion put him in a 5 man tournament to name the new MCW champion after the Adrenaline/Motorstorm brand split. As a participant, he ended up in fourth place with 3 points, being pinned by Malcolm Brice and Tyler Moore, the men who will eventually fight for the MCW championship in the finals.



The Moves


The Special Moves


NY Bomb/Empire State of Mind (Vertical suplex into a sit-down powerbomb)

Johnny's Clutch/Caribbean Crossface (Koji Clutch)



The Trademark Moves

Caribbean Crab (Elevated Boston Crab)

Revolución (Spinning Cradle suplex with bridge)

Sleepless (Spinning Sleeper slam)

Sit-Out Crucifix Powerbomb

Michinoku Driver II

Bronx Bomber Special (Series of rolling sentons on a grounded opponent)

Frog Splash

Diving Cross Body (to the outside, from the top rope, over the top rope)

Fireman's Carry Slam

Handspring Clothesline


The Regular Moves

Backhand Chop

Jumping Forearm Smash

DDT with kip-up theatrics

Suplex variations:

  • Overhead Belly to Belly/Avalanche Overhead Belly to Belly
  • Belly to Back
  • Bridging Snap
  • Northern Lights
  • Inverted

Leaping Clothesline

Camel Clutch with Head Wrench

Dragon Screw Leg Whip

Spinning Toe Hold

Snap Jab

Leg Drop


Side Kick

Eye Gouge

Figure Four Leg Lock

Fujiwara Armbar


Drop Toe Hold

One Handed Facebuster


The Look

Long dark blue tights with silver thin strips to replicate the bottom of a suit with matching boots and white wrist tape.


The Theme Song



OT: This might be tedious...

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The attempt of getting dressed failed, the room is much too dark to see a thing. Lise continued to cover herself with the bedsheets while she heard Cody's monotone voice that left a chill up her spine.
"Shut up! You are not the real Cody Rhodes."
She wiped her face that was full of tears.
"Stop feeling so sorry for yourself. A broken nose is nothing. I had a broken nose before, so I would know exactly how you feel. There's nothing wrong with your looks, you act like the world just ended. And even if your face was destroyed, I'd still love you... You meaning the real Cody."

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You have
idea how I'm feeling... My looks is the one thing that mattered the most to me on this entire planet until the MCW World Heavyweight Championship came along... Then that took over and my looks were pushed back to the second spot... Even ahead of you... Why? Because deep down inside I've always knew that if this moment would come again... And it did for
! I always knew that you wouldn't be the same person anymore that I loved... I am not the one that changed. All that happened to me was me finally seeing the light that exposed you as the fraud that you are... You were never in this relationship because of
... You liked the idea of having "Dashing" Cody Rhodes as your boyfriend... Now the old me is dead and gone and
! You can stand there and force-feed me lies about how you didn't see me for a week because you were focusing on your career... But I don't buy it... You ignored my every text, every call, every attempt to see you because you did not want to be in the same room as this deformed
. But then you realised you had to toss this monster a bone and so you came over here today and when I showed my affection to you, you had to close your eyes and fantasize that you were with someone else instead of the man that would make you regurgitate if you opened your eyes...
" Deep down inside, behind that mask, behind this shallow exterior of "The Grotesque One", the real Cody Rhodes, not this fake one, was somewhere hidden inside of Cody's body, being forced away by his disfigured alter ego. And this Cody Rhodes would do anything he could to show his love for Lise Starr, but the will of the evil alter ego was to strong for him to handle.

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"Stop filling your head with your own pathetic lies. I know that deep inside you, Cody Rhodes is trying to come back out... I know it. And stop screaming at me! Wanna know why my eyes were closed? I was scared of seeing you but not because of how you look, the anger in your eyes, the way you were about to snap. You treat me like garbage. Speaking of garbage, I would never think of Mike Stokes, he is a disgusting man. And how dare you call me a fraud? I always loved you, I always was there for you when you were going through a bad time. I wasn't with you this week because I was busy preparing for last night's match. I am not lying and you know it."

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I wish I could believe everything you have just said to me... I needed you this last week... And where were you? Where were you when Mike Stokes kicked me in the face, shattered both of my orbital bones
my nose? You weren't there for me. Ted was there to help me up and take me to go see the doctor. While I was at the doctors, where were you? Tell me, where were you? I'll tell you where you were, you
there with me like a girlfriend should be... When I got taken to the hospital for emergency facial reconstructive surgery... Where were you? You were
to be found... When I got back to the arena after my surgery, you had the audacity of sending me a text and not even coming to see how I was doing in person... That shows to me that you do
care about me... I think that it would be better for the both of us if you would leave. Leave now, don't look back, don't text me, don't call me, don't try to speak to me because your words are meaningless to me...
" After experiencing mood swings in the past due to his injuries and his mental mindset that was sub-par to say the least, this time around, the third time in his life that this has happened, Cody Rhodes was experiencing the mood swings more often and it made for a tedious situation that made it hard to judge if Rhodes was calm or not. The tone of voice would make people think he was calmed down now.

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"Why I wasn't there when you broke your nose? I was knocked out cold with a botched version of my very own finishing move. I could have gotten a concussion. I spent my night inside a medical room where I was extremely worried about you. In the morning, I didn't visit you because you were back to the crazy, "disfigured" man. That "grotesque" man scares me. I'm afraid he is going to do something awful to me."
Now, Lise had turned on the lamp which was placed on the bedside table, she put on her jeans and black sleeveless top. Her underwear was laying on the floor because she couldn't have dressed into them in the dark. While doing this, she waited for Cody to freak out about the light.
"Okay, I'll leave but tomorrow I'm coming back. Maybe normal Cody will be here and I'm going to tell him exactly what he's become... again. Goodbye!"
With a teary face, Lise Starr stormed out of the locker room.

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The emotionless and grotesque Cody Rhodes followed Lise Starr out of his bedroom when she stormed out of his locker room. Once she left, the deformed superstar slammed the door shut as hard as he could and let out a primal and rough scream, frustrated with how little he was being understood by everyone. Rhodes turned his attention to a wall that had pictures of Cody Rhodes hanging from it as well as pictures of his family, friends, but most importantly; Lise Starr. No longer he was emotionless and now he was enraged because he couldn't stand the way things were going anymore. He grabbed a framed picture of Lise Starr and Cody Rhodes being happy and kissing from the wall and threw it across the room, shattering the picture on impact. The adrenaline was rushing through his body and "The Grotesque One" buckled, sliding down to the floor, sitting up against the wall with his head hanging down. Once again he was in that dark abyss that was very hard to get out of. Impossible to get out of by himself. The real side of Cody Rhodes was hoping that Lise Starr was coming over again and he was hoping that when or if she does, the real Cody Rhodes would be there for her.

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Following a night of victory, "The New Age Killer" Adam Valentine was walking around the backstage area, currently dressed in white button-up shirt and black jeans; a smile shining from his face. And he had a reason to be happy. His losing streak didn't continue last night, and now he might have a chance at the Atlantic Championship. Now anxiously waiting for the Motorstorm match card, Adam would walk past the gym, taking a look at the training people through the glass window, before turning his head to the direction he was heading to. Which was basically nowhere; just along the long and empty hallways. Reaching a vending machine, Adam would insert some coins into it and take the Pepsi out. He opened it as he kept on walking with nothing to do. Yes, he was suffering from the same problem a lot of MCW Superstars were suffering from lately - boredom.




Now located in a nearby bar was the Queen Bee, Kira. Last night was a night of mixed feelings for her. Kira didn't get an ally out of Maxine, but she did get a possible challenger out of her. Finishing her cosmopolitan, Kira would leave the bar, and begin to walk the hallways, the tiara on her head. Her mind was only on one thing - finding Maxine and telling her exactly what kind of mistake she made by deciding to be on Kira's bad side. Kira was a little angry due to the attack, but a little confrontation with maxine would probably set the record straight. Walking down the corridors now, Kira was hoping to run into Maxine.


tbc by Maxine?

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<< They took my job! || Neo Tokyo Experience >>


*Akira and Katashi are backstage in the MCW arena because that is the way they roll, like barrels. The pair are hanging around near some boxes of stuff like lights and stuff that makes the show work with Katashi sitting on one with Akira showing more consideration and standing instead. They are talking about movies, comparing their favorites because it's not all about wrestling you know. These are real people and they have real lives (not really though) so discussing stuff like this is appropriate. To cut a long story short, Akira likes the Godfather and Katashi likes Battle Royale, because that is my favorite film, so it's Katashi's too.*

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Candice Michelle could be seen sitting in the cafeteria, drinking a water bottle. She apparently just finished training her ass off, becauses shes looking like a rather
hot mess
. Her breathing was still a bit heavy, but she was slowly but surely catching her breath. At least she'd already got her training in.

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