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Yes, we have an MCW.com. A simple tumblr page is all, acting as a basic news sites. I will try to update this as often as possible, and would gladly welcome anything anyone else may want to put up on there. I think I may be able to get promos up on the tumblr page as well. Anyway, woo!





owner: SHAUN

co-owner(s): OLAV & TOM

creative team: SHAUN, MIKE (Possibly), OLAV, TOM3, CONOR


general manager: AVRAM SHALOM

diva general manager: ALEX SHELLEY (Olav)

ring announcer: BOBBY CRUISE


backstage interviewers: KYLE DURDEN & CRYSTAL

senior referee: TODD SINCLAIR


head trainer: EDDIE SHARKEY


head medic: DANNY YOUNG









mcw world heavyweight champion: GABRIEL GOSPEL

mcw atlantic champion: EDGAR VON DURER

mcw tag team champions: LIMITLESS (SHIIMA XION & TJ PERKINS)

mcw women's champion: CHLOE ADAMS

mcw television champion: TYLER MORGAN




face/olav/ALEX SHELLEY

face/zackattack/AXEL MARS

face/olav/CODY RHODES


face/josh/JAMES HANSON

face/angel/JOHNNY PEREZ

face/sean/JON JRYGIN


face/shawn/SHAWN HUNTER

face/sterlingfnarcher/TJ PERKINS

face/sterlingfnarcher/SHIIMA XION


heel//david/AARON STARR

heel/punker/DANIEL BRYAN



heel/sean/MR. ANDERSON

heel/nickin3d/NICHOLAS MORGAN

heel/doc holiday/STEPHEN H. BRANT

heel/supercell/TYLER MORGAN

heel/sean/WADE BARRETT


tweener/sterlingfnarcher/ANTONIO CESARO

tweener/nova/CHRIS HERO

tweener/3dg_fan/DAVID EVANS

tweener/danny/EDGAR VON DURER

tweener/angel/IAN ROBERTS

tweener/shaun/JAYSON ADDAIR

tweener/david/MR. SMILEY

tweener/angel/TYSON ANDREWS






face/josh/CHLOE ADAMS

face/kyle/LARA PARKS

face/lise/LISE STARR



heel/chris/BLAKE HARPERS

heel/h/KIRAheel/sterlingfnarcher/SARA DEL REY








































thursday: MOTORSTORM

saturday: PAY PER VIEW(S)


january: AFTERLIFE

february: NEVERLOST






september: TESTAMENT

october: TRICK OR TAP

november: FALL FURY


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Personal Information

Real Name: Tom Woods

Ring Name: Dynamite

Nickname(s): The Dy-mond In The Rough

Billed Height: 6'0"

Billed Weight: 234 lbs (106 kg)

Born: April 20th 1993

Resides: Detroit, Michigan

Trained By: Grand Pro Wrestling (GPW)

Debut: 2010

Disposition: Face




Early Life

Tom, who is of Welsh, Italian, Irish, Spanish, Scottish, and American descent, was born on April 20th 1993, in Sheffield, England. He has one Brother, who is five years his junior. Tom grew up on the outskirts of Liverpool, England, when his family moved there in the summer of 1997. After finishing school, he frequently went to training sessions at the Grand Pro Wrestling school in Manchester, England.


Motor City Wrestling (2010-Present)

After a year of training and working some shows on the North West England independent circuit, Woods was watched by Motor City road agent Tim Horner, who approached him after the show and offered him some tryouts for new promotion Motor City Wrestling in Detroit, Michigan. After his first tryout Woods was offered a contract with MCW to begin with immediate effect.

Woods would make his debut on the July 5th edition of Adrenaline under the ring name Dynamite, where he came up short against James Mackay. The next week, Dynamite would pick up his first victory in the Detoit-based promotion, defeating Aiden Storm following interference from James Mackay. The next match Dynamite would have was at the Revolution 2010 pay-per-view, where together with assigned partner Marcus would capture the MCW Tag Team Championships, defeating the Motor City Machine Guns.

Over the next few months, the pair grew in popularity under the simple team name of 'Marcus And Dynamite' and defended the Tag Team Championships against a whole host of teams over the coming months, including; The Straight Edge Society, The Nexus, The Show Stealers, and Lethal Consequences. The pairing would eventually lose the straps on the November 29th 2010 edition of Adrenaline, to the End Of Remorse, a tag team consisting of Matt Saint and Keenan Brook. This was after Dynamite prevented a forfeit by the Champions, as he made an unexpected appearance, following an attack just a few days before the title match, leaving Dynamite with fractured ribs. Marcus And Dynamite lost the belts, only to regain them one week later after invoking their contract clause. Another title defense for the pair in their second reign would come against Booker T and Goldust before the turn of the year.

2011 began well for Marcus And Dynamite who picked up another win and Championship defense against the formidable PsychoCyanide in a ladder match at Januarry pay-per-view Afterlife. After a challenge was laid down by Dynamite, he met tag team partner Marcus in singled competition at Neverlost, where Dynamite defeated Marcus to remain undefeated on pay-per-view. Marcus And Dynamite were then set for another defense of their Tag Team Championships at the MCW Mania pay-per-view event at the beginning of April. Their second reign then came to an abrupt end when Marcus turned on Dynamite, gifting The Spectres the win.

The next couple of months saw Dynamite and Marcus embroiled in a bitter rivalry, as Dynamite forged ties with a new tag team partner in John Morrison to form 'DynaMo'. The feud with Marcus would seemingly culminate in a last men standing match, which saw DynaMo defeat Marcus and henchman Ezekiel Jackson. But it would all come down to a steel cage match on the following episode of Adrenaline where both men would put their feud to bed, as Dynamite defeated Marcus once more.

Next on the agenda for Dynamite was recapturing the MCW Tag Team Championships with new partner John Morrison. After gathering a large following in a short amount of time, DynaMo made an impact on the tag team division, and earned a Championship match at Meltdown, in a triple threat tag team match which also included Champions the Motor City Machine Guns, and Scandal Inc.; but DynaMo would lose out to Sabin and Shelley, who retained their Championships.


Personal Life

Woods is ambidextrous. He has stated that he is a fan of Everton F.C., Houston Rockets, New York Yankees, New York Jets, and Detroit Red Wings. It is also know that one of Woods' main interests is travelling. He is also semi-fluent in Japanese.



In Wrestling



Finishing Moves

Xplosion (Moonsault)/

The Detonator (Sitout Swinging Side Slam)/


Signature Moves

Sitout Facebuster/

Fuse Blower (Superkick)

The Clamp (Leg Bow Submission Hold)/

Bernard's Watch (Osaka Street Cutter)


Other Moves

Clothesline;; Drop Toe-Hold;; Elbow Drop;; Elbow Smash;; Falling STO;; Flying Forearm;; Inverted Ankle Lock;; Osaka Street Cutter;; Powerslam;; Sharpshooter;; Snapmare;; Springboard Leg Drop;; Super Last Call;; Suplex;; Tiger Driver;;


Entrance Themes


Notable Allies

  • Marcus
  • Cody Rhodes
  • John Bryan
  • John Morrison
  • Lise Starr
  • Calvin Rodgers
  • Shawn Hunter
  • Aria
  • Jayson Addair


Notable Enemies

  • CM Punk
  • The Straight Edge Society
  • The Nexus
  • Joe Black
  • Keenan Brook
  • Matt Saint
  • Michael Irvine
  • Marcus
  • Adam Valentine
  • The Order
  • Gabriel Gospel



Championships And Accomplishments


Motor City Wrestling

  • MCW Tag Team Championship (3 Times) - With Marcus (2), and John Morrison (1, current)


Match History





James MacKay vs. Dynamite - Loss


Aiden Storm w/James MacKay vs. Dynamite w/Marcus - Win


The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (MCW Tag Team Championship) - Win


William Regal vs. Dynamite - Win


Alex Brown & Evan Wilde vs. Marcus And Dynamite (MCW Tag Team Championship) - Win


The Straight Edge Society (CM Punk & Ernie Osiris) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (MCW Tag Team Championship) - Win


The Nexus (David Otunga & Skip Sheffield) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (MCW Tag Team Championship) - Win


Wade Barrett vs. Dynamite - Loss


The Straight Edge Society (Ernie Osiris & Tyson Tomko) vs. Marcus And Dynamite - Loss


The Show Stealers (Joe Black & Joseph Alexander) vs. Marcus And Dynamite - Win


John Jrygin & Darrius vs. The Nexus (David Otunga & Skip Sheffield) vs. The Show Stealers (Joe Black & Joseph Alexander) vs. The Straight Edge Society (Ernie Osiris & CM Punk) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (Tag Team Invitational; MCW Tag Team Championship) - Win


The Show Stealers (Joe Black & Joseph Alexander) vs. Marcus And Dynamite - Loss


Joe Black vs. Dynamite - Win


John Bryan vs. Dynamite - Win


The Show Stealers (Joe Black & Joseph Alexander) & Matt Saint vs. Marcus And Dynamite & John Bryan - Loss


The Show Stealers (Joe Black & Joseph Alexander) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (MCW Tag Team Championship) - Win


Tyrone Johnson vs. Dynamite - Loss


Johnny Perez & Seth Courter vs. Marcus And Dynamite - Win


Consequences Creed vs. Dynamite - Loss


Eric Ryan, Leon Hart & The End Of Remorse (Keenan Brook & Matt Saint) vs. Lethal Consequences (Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal) & Marcus And Dynamite - Win


Eric Ryan & Leon Hart vs. Lethal Consequences (Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal) vs. The End Of Remorse (Keenan Brook & Matt Saint) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (TLC Match; MCW Tag Team Championship) - Win


The End Of Remorse (Keenan Brook & Matt Saint) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (MCW Tag Team Championship)- Loss


The End Of Remorse (Keenan Brook & Matt Saint) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (MCW Tag Team Championship) - Win


Beer Money Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode) vs. Marcus And Dynamite - Loss


BookDust (Booker T & Goldust vs. Marcus And Dynamite (MCW Tag Team Championship) - Win


Wade Barrett vs. Dynamite - Loss


Tyler Moore vs. Dynamite - Loss


Guerrilla Empire (Johnny Peréz & Jackson Andrews) vs. Marcus And Dynamite - Win


The Colóns (Carlito & Primo) vs. Marcus And Dynamite - Draw


Alex Blair vs. Dynamite - Loss


PsychoCyanide (Calvin Rodgers & Tyler Moore) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (Ladder Match; MCW Tag Team Championship) - Win


Mike Stokes, Miles Stokes & Velvet Sky vs. Jayson Addair, Dynamite & Lise Starr - Loss


Marcus vs. Dynamite - Win


Team Adrenaline (Malcolm Brice, CM Punk & The Spectres (Michael Irvine & Riku Showron)) vs. Team Motorstorm (Cody Rhodes, Jayson Addair & Marcus And Dynamite) - Win


Arrogance (Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) vs. Marcus And Dynamite - Win


Wade Barrett vs. Dynamite - Win


Brotherhood Of Darkness (Dark Angel & The Scorpion) vs. Marcus And Dynamite - Win


The Crusade (Alex Brown & Jimmy Jacobs) & The Spectres (Michael Irvine & Riku Showron) vs. Adam Valentine, Shawn Hunter & Marcus And Dynamite - Win


The Spectres (Michael Irvine & Riku Showron) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (No Disqualification Match; MCW Tag Team Championship) - Loss


The Spectres (Michael Irvine & Riku Showron) vs. Marcus And Dynamite (MCW Tag Team Championship) - Loss


All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. The Empire (Ian Roberts & Tyson Andrews) vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) - Loss


Brotherhood Of Darkness (Dark Angel & The Scorpion) vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) - Win


Tyler Moore, Marcus & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Calvin Rodgers & DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) - Win


Marcus & Ezekiel Jackson vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) (Last Men Standing Match) - Win


Chris Sabin vs. Dynamite - Draw


Chris Sabin vs. Michael Irvine vs. Dynamite - Loss


Scandal Inc. (Adam Valentine & Michael Irvine) vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) (MCW Tag Team Championships) - Loss


World-One (Kofi Kingston & Samoa Joe) vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) - Win


Akira vs. Dynamite - Draw


New Tokyo Express (Akira & Katashi) vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) - Loss


Matthew Heldburg vs. Dynamite - Win


Joe Black vs. Dynamite - Win


The Order (Keenan Brook & Matthew Heldburg) vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) - Draw


Akira vs. Ian Roberts vs. Matthew Heldburg vs. Dynamite - Loss


Calvin Rodgers vs. Dynamite - Win


Neo Tokyo Experience (Akira & Katashi) vs. The Empire (Ian Roberts & Tyson Andrews) vs. The Order (Kevin Mero & Matthew Heldburg) vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) (MCW Tag Team Championships) - Win


The Empire (Ian Roberts & Tyson Andrews) vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) (MCW Tag Team Championships) - Win


Ted DiBiase vs. Dynamite - Loss


Paul Burchill & Ted DiBiase vs. Marcus And Dynamite - Win


Cody Rhodes & Lise Starr vs. Dynamite & Aria - Loss


Priceless (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase) vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) (MCW Tag Team Championships) - Win


Neo Tokyo Experience (Akira & Katashi) vs. DynaMo (Dynamite & John Morrison) - Win



|W: 36| D: 4| L: 22|


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Real Name: Jason Addair

Date Of Birth: 22nd August 1987

Height: Five Foot Eight

Weight: One Hundred Seventy Seven Pounds

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Resides In: Los Angeles, California

Relationship Status: Married



Jason hails from the 'Motor City'. Detroit, Michigan born and raised. The middle child of the family, with an elder and younger brother whom he never really got along with. Jason enjoyed wrestling as a child, a big fan of guys such as Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero. Those two were very much his idols in the wrestling world, making sure not to miss a single match of theirs. Amazed by their charisma and athletic skill. So yes, Jason was pretty much your average kid growing up. Perhaps a little anti social, staying away from conflict with his brothers, or indeed his father.

At the age of seven, Jayson's life plummeted. Through no fault of her own, in a wrong time, wrong place situation. Jason saw his mother shot before his very eyes, as a few robbers made their escape from a local grocery store. Seeing that with his own eyes at such a young age, is something that he has carried with him ever since. And which perhaps began the start of his worst, but best. Part of his life. Jason took the death of his mother rather badly. He wasn't close to his brothers, or his father. So losing his mother shook him to the very core. Anxiety had settled in, even paranoia and depression as he felt as though the weight of the world had tumbled down upon him. With his mother lost, his family grew more and more apart. His father began wallowing in self pity, not caring for Jason or his brothers. As he spent most of his time either not at home, or home drinking himself stupid. This meant with everything that had gone on, Jason had a huge amount of responsibility as a young age. As did his brothers. They essentially had to take care of everything at home, a mounting difficulty as the mental issues Jason had grew. As you can tell, Jason didn't exactly have the best role model in the world, and his brothers were not much better.

But whilst those issues continued, Jason found himself with a little luck as he reached the age of ten. Why? Well, his now wife; Sarah. Had moved to Detroit from California. Moving into a house along the same street as his. Just like every other kid in the area, Sarah would join the same school as Jason. There, well... Jason was very much an outcast, the very bottom of the social hierarchy. A Misfit. Mainly due to the 'F*ck the world' attitude he had developed, as well as him seeming... Odd. He wasn't the friendliest, or brightest kid in the school. Sarah? She seemed to move up the social ladder fast. But ended up throwing that away when she met Jason. Sarah befriended Jason, and the two quickly began to become close friends, best friends even. Sarah was there for Jason, throughout the ups and downs. Helping him get over the tragic event from earlier in his life. In fact, Sarah seemed to be the only one who actually did end up getting close to Jason. Yes, Sarah remained by Jason as he went to shrinks, psychiatrists and councillors. Did any work? Not sure exactly. But it helped. But as the two got to know one another, they both discovered that they both loved professional wrestling. So, as a start the two would join a local backyard promotion ran by kids from the local neighbourhood. Jason showed off a very aggressive side here, often hurting the others and was just generally very careless. So... He ended up getting kicked out. Jason, along with Sarah would eventually enrol in the NWA Great Lakes Pro Wrestling School. And well, Jason's grades at school suffered. That coupled with his rather bad behaviour, he ended up getting kicked out from school. As did Sarah, not too long after either. From there on, Jason remained solely focused on wrestling. Quickly excelling to the very top of his class, and perhaps even school. At age sixteen the school was visited by a local wrestling hero. That being Alex Shelley. Alex quickly saw the untapped potential in Jason, and offered to take over training him when he possibly could. Of course, Jason accepted and began training with Alex Shelley, as did Sarah. Learning from him, under his tutelage for the next few years. It was an ongoing thing, but Jason found himself in his first legitimate match in mid 2004, whilst still learning from the Machine Gun. He would then be helped over the next few years, touring the independent scene to make a name for himself. Well on his way to the top of the industry. It took Jason a full eleven years before he finally asked Sarah out. Whom he had cared for, and loved for all those years. She of course, said yes. The two dated for just over a year, before Jason asked Sarah to marry him. June 21st 2010. The two got married, and have been ever since.

After five years on the independent scene, as well as touring Japan. Jason was recruited by World Wrestling Entertainment in a bid to revive the cruiserweight division. Jason's first WWE match was against Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero. A match he won, advancing in a tournament in which he got to the finals. Losing to Austin Aries. From then on, Jason began to rise through the WWE. Finding himself feuding with the likes such as Amazing Red, Eric Young, Raven and Edge. He managed to even capture the big titles a few times, the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship. Putting on some of the best matches against guys like Kurt Angle, Johnny Deuce etc. It was in the WWE that Jason met his rival, Ty Wilson. Having a lengthy feud against him which still, hasn't seem to of ended. WWE is also where the group which elevated his career was formed. The group being 'PsychoCyanide'. Jason was the self confessed leader, joined by Calvin Rodgers, Sora (Sarah) and eventually by Tyler Moore, Jimmy Dice and Alex Blair. The group helped Jason breakthrough to the top of the company, and at Wrestlemania XXV. Jason would end the Wrestlemania streak of the Undertaker in a hard fought battle, that saw his rival; Ty Wilson as well as Vince McMahon get involved. Pure luck? Perhaps, but it was his greatest match. From then, Jason wrestled in numerous other companies such as IWA, WEW and his current employer; Motor City Wrestling. Jason is indeed an original within the MCW organization. Spotlighted in some of the more high profile feuds against Raven and Alex Shelley, whilst also having numerous competitive bouts with the multi time World Champion; Mike Stokes. Jason has found success in MCW, capturing the Tag Team Championships with his mentor; Alex Shelley. Whilst also changing MCW forever when he removed Mike Stokes and Malcolm Brice from the company to become World Champion. What's next for him in MCW? ...Hard to tell. But when he makes his move, the entire audience will as always be watching.


Ring Name: Jayson Addair

Nickname(s): Jay, J, Jace, Misfit, The Psycho

Disposition: Tweener

Wrestling School: NWA Great Lakes Pro Wrestling School

Trained By: Alex Shelley

Pro Wrestling Debut: 2004

Wrestling Style: Highflying, Striking, Submission

Wrestling Attire: Here

Tag Partner: Calvin Rodgers

Tag Team: PsychoCyanide

Stable: PsychoCyanide

Alliances: Sora, Calvin Rodgers, Lara Parks, Alex Shelley

Enemies: To Be Determined

Rival: Ty Wilson

Current Championship: N/A

Entrance Theme Music: If It Wasn't For Hate, We'd Be Dead By Now - Lostprophets


Notable Feuds: Ty Wilson, The Undertaker, Alex Shelley, Raven, Mike Stokes

Former Tag Partners: Tyler Moore, Alex Blair, Alex Shelley, Ty Wilson

Former Stable: Team Angle

Past Championship(s):

- MCW World Heavyweight Championship (x1)

- MCW Tag Team Championship (x1) /w Alex Shelley

- WWE Championship (x2)

- WWE World Heavyweight Championship (x1)

- WWE Tag Team Championship (x1) /w Calvin Rodgers)

- WWE Hardcore Championship (x1)

- WEW Tag Team Championship (x1) /w Tyler Moore

- ECW World Heavyweight Championship (x1)


- Defeating The Undertaker (Wrestlemania XXV)

- Smallest Male on MCW Roster (Unless Kira counts)

- CAWs.ws CAW of the Year (2010)

- CAWs.ws Heel of the Year (2010)

- WWE Superstar of the Year (2009)

- WWE Extreme Moment of the Year (2009)


Primary Finisher


The 'PsychoRush' has been one of Jayson's most famous move over the years, and one he has reached perfection with. Originally the move of KENTA, Jayson adopted the move from the Orient and kept it in his arsenal ever since. The 'PsychoRush' is basically a Busaiku Knee Kick. It works very simply. Leaping up into the air, Jayson kicks forward with his knee as opposed to his leg. Catching the opponent in either the face, head or back of the head. Through lots of experience with it, People have learnt just how proficient Jayson has become with the move. Able to nail the 'PsychoRush' from almost any position. Running, Springboard, Diving, he has got various set ups for the move. Of course, Jayson prefers to stalk his opponent, and get a run up before he hits the 'PsychoRush'. Why? Well, it allows him to get more power and velocity behind it, more than it usually would. In fact, only three people have ever kicked out of the move. That being the Undertaker, Ty Wilson and Mike Stokes. A feared move, and one that has picked up countless victories. Jayson will never be in a 'Rush' to get rid of this.


Secondary Finisher

Shooting Star Senton

A very daring move here, and one Jayson hasn't done too many times. But with his short stature, it is easier to pull off than if a bigger guy would try. Jayson is no newbie when it comes to flying through the air, so is able to aim for either great height or distance. Whichever may be needed. It works by Jayson leaping up into the air and performing a full 360 rotational back flip. As he falls, he turns another 90 degrees to cap the move off with a senton. A risky move, one that requires a lot of focus, determination, a lot of courage and of course. Dumb luck.


Signature Move One

Ankle Lock

Signature Move Two

Signature Move Three


Signature Move Four

John Woo Dropkick

Signature Move Five

Diving Elbow Drop

Signature Move Six

Signature Move Seven

Signature Move Eight

Signature Move Nine

Tornado Enzuigiri

Signature Move Ten

Step Up Enzuigiri


Aerial Moves

- Moonsault - Diving Leg Drop - Diving Senton - Diving Front Dropkick - Missile Dropkick

- Diving Back Elbow - Diving Elbow - Diving Leg Lariat - 450 Splash - Ghetto Stomp

- Knee Stomp - Corkscrew Moonsault - Diving Crossbody - Dragonrana

- Double Rotation Moonsault (RARE)


Grapple Moves

- Arm Drag - Lungblower - Inverted Stomp Jawbreaker - Hurricanrana - Frankensteiner

- Inverted DDT - Spike DDT - DDT - Northern Lights Suplex - Chop Block - Hip Toss

- Tornado Hotshot - Tilt-a-whirl Headscissors - Spike Hurricanrana - Victory Roll

- Japanese Arm Drag - Wheelbarrow into DDT/Arm Drag - Sitout Jawbreaker

- Shoulder Jawbreaker - Cravate Neckbreaker - Facebuster - Sitout Suplex Facebuster

- Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker - Straight Jacket Neckbreaker - Running Neckbreaker

- Tilt-a-whirl headscissors into facebuster - Hurricanrana Driver - Crucifix Driver

- Shiranui - Leg Drop Bulldog - Kneeling Jawbreaker - Knee Facebuster

- Inverted Atomic Drop - Kneeling DDT - Snapmare


Outside Dives

- Somersault Plancha - Superman Plancha - Corkscrew Plancha - Suicide Dive

- Asai Moonsault - Double Rotation Moonsault (RARE) - Diving Hurricanrana

- Running High Knee off apron - Senton Plancha - Crossbody Plancha


Springboard Moves

- Springboard Clothesline - Springboard Crossbody - Springboard Moonsault

- Springboard Back Elbow - Springboard Dropkick - Springboard Tornado DDT

- Springboard Hurricanrana - Springboard Cutter - Springboard Facebuster

- Springboard DDT - Senton - Springboard Foot Stomp - Springboard Bulldog


Striking Moves

- Double Sobat - Spinning Sole Kick - Spinning Back Kick - Front Dropkick

- Low Dropkick - Enzuigiri - Yakuza Kick - Flash Kick - Crescent Kick - Calf Kick

- Rolling Koppu Kick - Inazuma Leg Lariat - Kenka Kick - Running High Knee

- Spinning Heel Kick - Gamengiri - Running Arched Boot - Roundhouse Kicks

- Muay Thai Kicks - Shining Wizard - Gamen Knee Kick - Pele Kick - Dropkick

- Cravate Hold Knee Strikes - Step Up Enzuigiri - Bakatare Sliding Kick

- Arms Trapped in Ropes Dropkick - Cannonball Splash - Knee Strikes

- Soccerball Kick - Soccer Punt - Low Kick


Submission Moves

- Border City Stretch - Koji Clutch - Stretch Plum - Heel Hook - Crossface

- Fujiwara Armbar - Dragon Sleeper - Single Leg Boston Crab - Camel Clutch

- Kimura - Triangle Choke - Chin Lock - Hammerlock - Inverted STF - Octopus Stretch

- Straight Jacket Triangle Hold - Armbar - Legbar - Surfboard Stretch

- Rolling Triangle Lancer - Sharpshooter - Sleeperhold - Rear Naked Choke

- Guillotine Choke - Boston Crab - Abdominal Stretch - Sol Naciente

- Cross Knee Lock - Damascuss Head-leglock - Indian Death Lock - Cloverleaf

- Reverse Figure Four Leg Lock - Arm Trap Headscissors - Front Facelock



Real Name: Sarah Addair

Date Of Birth: 22nd April 1988

Height: Five Foot Five

Weight: One Hundred Twenty Five Pounds

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Resides In: Los Angeles, California

Relationship Status: Married



Sarah hails from the 'City of Angels' Los Angeles, California. A very typical upbringing there, Sarah had a younger sister named Jamie as well. Sarah remained in LA for ten years, going to a local school in which she actually met Calvin Rodgers. Sarah was pretty easy going really, although when someone did mock her younger sister. Sarah lashed out at them. From this young age, Sarah had watched a lot of wrestling. Admiring talents such as Shawn Michaels and Randy Savage. Trish Stratus included later on. Her father happened to be top Doctor at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Due to a promotion of sorts, Sarah and her family would have to leave Los Angeles and head to Detroit. This occurred at age ten, and because of moving. Apparently, is why Calvin Rodgers had been such a jerk to her in later years.

Moving to Detroit, Sarah moved in along the same street in which Jason lived. She settled in rather well, and kept up the same defensive attitude when it came to Jamie. Sarah found herself slowly rising up the social hierarchy at school, but that didn't last long. Giving up popularity soon after meeting Jason. Not sure why, but seeing as though Jason was down on his luck, and very much an outcast. Just, for some reason. Made Sarah quickly befriend him, becoming close friends as they handed out throughout their teenage years. Sarah was there to help Jason through all the highs and lows, best friends really. As Sarah appeared to be the only person who Jason trusted. Then there was Sarah's sister; Jamie. Always following the two around, which oddly enough. Jason didn't exactly mind. The two both also realised that they both really liked wrestling, and so. Would begin to wrestle for a backyard promotion within their neighbourhood amongst the kids at their school. Of course, it was just a bit of fun. But it led to Sarah and Jason signing up for NWA Great Lakes Pro Wrestling School. Whilst Jason quickly got kicked out of high school, it took a little while longer for Sarah to be kicked out. And it wasn't to her parents liking either. The two soley blamed Jason for this, and so. Forbid Sarah of ever seeing him. But at that point, she didn't really care for what they wanted. At the wrestling school, out of the girls, Sarah showed the most talent of the bunch. Standing out from the pack. At age sixteen, the school was visited by a local hero, and one of Sarah's favourite wrestlers; Alex Shelley. ...So dreamy! Alex Shelley quickly spotted talent in Sarah, as well as Jason. Alex Shelley would offer Sarah and Jason the chance to be trained by him. Without any hesitation, Sarah of course accepted and began learning with Alex Shelley as her teacher. It wasn't until mid 2004 until Sarah had her first wrestling match at a show. Losing the tag team bout, but not being the one pinned. Under the teachings of Alex Shelley, Sarah went on to perform in the US independent circuit. Working for companies such as SHIMMER, Chikara, 1PW and ROH.

After knowing Jason for a long time, eleven years. Jason finally managed to pluck up the courage to ask Sarah out. Of course, she said yes, and the two began dating. After just over a year of officially dating, after some ups and downs as well. Jason proposed to Sarah on the day of Wrestlemania XXV. Sarah said yes, and the two tied the knot on June 21st 2010 and have been happily married ever since then.

In spring 2009, after five years working the independent scene. Sarah was finally brought into World Wrestling Entertainment as a manager for Jason. She soon became a wrestler, helping the division improve and debuted in a match against Adrianna. Sarah had a very successful career in the WWE. Being part of some notable feuds, feuds of her own as well as those of Jason. Including feuds against Raven, Ty Wilson, Amazing Red, Krystal Love and Angelina Love. Sarah captured the undisputed Women's Championship twice, her second reign being a very long one. Keeping hold of the Championship belt for eight months. WWE is also where Sarah formed a group which would certainly help her career. PsychoCyanide. Forming it with Jason, as well as Calvin Rodgers. With Tyler Moore, Lara Parks, Jimmy Dice and Alex Blair joining later. Upon departing the WWE, Sarah went with PsychoCyanide to work for promotions such as IWA, WEW and now; MCW. Sarah is a Motor City Wrestling Original, having been there from day one. Alongside rival; Lise Starr. Sarah helped build the Women's division up from scratch, reaching great success at that as there have been diva only shows. In MCW, Sora has captured the Women's Championship twice. With one of those reigns lasting 168 days. Of course, Sarah has been used to playing the 'bitch' role. But as of late, she's had the fans on her side. Standing up to Lori Jansen, the Divas General Manager and now The Beautiful People. Not willing to hand over the division she built without a fight. Even if it means teaming up with her rival.

Another important part of Sora's career would be her best friend forever; Lara Parks. Originally, Lara was brought into PsychoCyanide by Calvin Rodgers. Simply as his 'bit on the side'. But, as Lara was the only other girl in the group. Sarah and her soon bonded, and became great friends. Inseparable. Sarah has since been training Lara Parks, acting as her mentor. Lara had improved in leaps and bounds, and has always been there for the big moments in Sora's career. A deadly duo, and perhaps the most united team within the whole of Motor City Wrestling. Something that is likely to never change.


Ring Name: Sora

Nickname(s): Sor', Lioness, Misfette, Diva Killer

Disposition: Face

Wrestling School: NWA Great Lakes Pro Wrestling School

Trained By: Alex Shelley

Pro Wrestling Debut: 2004

Wrestling Style: Showman, Technical, Striking

Wrestling Attire: Here

Tag Partner: Lara Parks

Tag Team: Sor-La

Stable: PsychoCyanide

Alliances: Jayson Addair, Lara Parks, Calvin Rodgers, Alex Shelley, Chloe Adams

Enemies: Sara Del Rey, Lise Starr

Rival: Lise Starr

Current Championship: N/A

Entrance Theme Music:



Notable Feuds: Lise Starr, Ty Wilson, Ashley West, Krystal Love, Adrianna

Former Tag Partners: Madison Rayne

Former Stable: Team Angle

Past Championship(s):

- MCW Women's Championship (x2)

- WWE Undisputed Women's Championship (x2)

- TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship (x1)


- Longest Reigning MCW Women's Champion (168 Days)

- CAWs.ws Diva CAW of the Year (2011)

- WWE Diva of the Year (2009)


Primary Finisher


The 'Camshot' is a very simplistic move really. It takes little effort to pull off, but is incredibly easy to pull off. It works just like a snapmare driver. Where Sora would grab her opponent with a three quarter face-lock, and then drive them down to the mat face first. Of course, Sora has been known to sweep the legs for added drive on the fall, but that's not always needed. It really depends on the situation. The 'Camshot' though, can also be utilized as a counter to a variety of moves. An example? At MCWMania when Lise went for the 'Cross Rhodes'. Sora was able to reach back for the face-lock and drive her down. That simple, and perhaps one of the more lethal moves that Sora has within her arsenal.


Secondary Finisher

It Came From Japan III

The 'It Came From Japan III' is very simply a brainbuster DDT, with the opponent spiked down onto their head. The name comes from her mentor, Alex Shelley. Who came up with the 'It Came From Japan I & II'. So this, really. Is simply a tribute of sorts. It's where Sora will elevate her opponent into the air, and spike them down on the top of their head. It's a dangerous move really, as a direct drop to the head like that is never a good thing. Sometimes Sora may stall the move, or even jump with it. Simply adding more and more force behind the drop. Of course, the ' It Came From Japan III ' was before a signature move. But, practice makes perfect and now? Well, it's a move best avoided.


Signature Move One

Signature Move Two

Signature Move Three

Border City Stretch

Signature Move Four

Step Over Cravate Headlock

Signature Move Five

Inverted Half Nelson Lift Into Knee Strike

Signature Move Six

Shoulder Jawbreaker

Signature Move Seven

Implant DDT

Signature Move Eight

Yakuza Kick

Signature Move Nine

Rolling Elbow

Signature Move Ten

Crossarm Lungblower


Aerial Moves

- Missile Dropkick - Diving Crossbody - Diving Senton - Diving Elbow

- Moonsault - Diving Leg Drop - Diving Clothesline - Diving Back Elbow

- Front Dropkick - Diving Neckbreaker - Diving Hurricanrana


Grapple Moves

- Hair Pull Backbreaker - Mat Slam - Hair Pull Throw - Facesmash

- Jumping DDT - Side Slam - Bulldog - Hurricanrana - Northern Lights Suplex

- German Suplex - Snap Suplex - Stalling Suplex - Sitout Suplex Facebuster

- Sitout Jawbreaker - Single Knee Jawbreaker - Shoulder Jawbreaker - Jawbreaker

- Spike DDT - Kneeling DDT - Snapmare - Butterfly Suplex - Schoolgirl Pin

- Neckbreaker - Swinging Neckbreaker - Running Neckbreaker

- Hangwoman's Neckbreaker - Cross Arm Neckbreaker - Arm Drag

- Japanese Arm Drag - Russian leg-sweep - Sunset Flip Pin - STO

- Hip Toss - Sitout Facebuster - Jumping Facecrusher - STO Backbreaker

- Push Up Facebuster - Wheelbarrow Facebuster/Neckbreaker

- Sidewalk Slam - STO Backbreaker - Northern Lights Bomb

- Side Slam Backbreaker - Inverted Backbreaker - Reverse DDT

- Lungblower - Gutbuster - Double Knee Gutbuster


Outside Dives

- Suicide Dive - Crossbody Plancha - Asai Moonsault

- Running High Knee Off Apron


Springboard Moves

- Springboard DDT - Springboard Tornado DDT - Springboard Crossbody

- Springboard Kick - Springboard Sunset Flip Pin - Springboard DDT

- Springboard Senton


Striking Moves

- Slap - Open Palm Slap - Backhand Slap - Lariato - Enzuigiri - Bitch Slap

- Back Elbow - Rolling Elbow - Elbow Smash - Dropkick - Front Dropkick

- Low Kick - Chops - Explosive Lariat - Discus Clothesline - High Knee Strike

- Soccer Ball Kick - Soccer Ball Punt - Cravate Knee Strikes - European Uppercut

- Roundhouse Kicks - Spinning Back Sole Kick


Submission Moves

- Foot Choke - Stretch Plum - Chin Lock - Hammerlock - Armbar - Legbar

- STF - Bow & Arrow Lock - Single Leg Boston Crab - Boston Crab - Crossface

- Abdominal Stretch - Heel Lock - Dragon Sleeper - Sleeperhold - Headscissors

- Arm Trap Headscissors - Octopus Stretch - Camel Clutch - Koji Clutch

- Damascuss Head Leg-lock - Sol Naciente - Sharpshooter - Inverted STF

- Fujiwara Armbar

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S U P E R S T A R.

Malcolm Brice

N I C K N A M E S.

"The Moneyman"

"The Delectable"

"The Corporation"

"Sir" Malcolm Brice

"The Blue Eyed Boy"

"Comrade of the Damned"

H E I G H T.

6 foot 2 inches

W E I G H T.

240 Pounds

D A T E O F B I R T H.

September 20th 1982 (Age 28)

H O M E T O W N.

Champaign, Illanois


A L L I G N M E N T.

Brice is currently working under the Tweener disposition; portraying a heel often using his supposedly superior business knowledge to degrade his opponents; and reflecting this in his promos, and if given the chance, during conversations with fellow superstars. However, on a large part due to his April 2011 feud with CM Punk on the Adrenaline brand, the fans have started to take a liking to Brice's persona - as he's been "the people's voice" in regard to arguing against Punk's straightedge mentality. Many company officials have been quoted in saying the "Moneyman" may be a potential top babyface in the future; with glimmers of maturity and good-guy traits seen in recent behaviour.


W R E S T L I N G S T Y L E.

Malcolm stays true to what brought him to the dance, using his surprising power for a two hundred and forty pounder to his advantage. His moveset consisting of many power-orientated moves, such as lifts and throws, Brice also persists with opportunistic actions, which tend to be described as “dirtyâ€. From exposing a steel turnbuckle, to hitting a low blow whilst the referee remains pre-occupied, Brice is another graduate from the school of “winning by any means necessary.†He well and truly takes that phrase to heart.


E N T R A N C E D E S C R I P T I O N.

The notorious words “I can make you scream!" echo the arena through the sound system as the titantron of the Priceless one himself plays over. Arriving fashionably late, just like the celebrities; Brice finally emerges from behind the curtains, a emotionless expression stretched across his face, as he makes a slow walk down to the ring; head held high and arms swaying by his side. Tilting his neck from left to right, Brice would then begin to adjust his wrist bands, before standing adjacent to the steel steps and beginning to hop up and down numerously. Following this, Brice would dash up the steps, bending down and tapping the last before lifting one leg through the ropes and beginning to enter. Malcolm would then pause, and remove his body from inside the ring, cementing his pose; before entering once more; adding to his cocky gimmick. Brice would then walk towards the opposing side of the ring and extend both hands to the side, similar to the infamous taunt of Bret Hart, but certainly in more of an arrogant mannerism. Brice would then ready himself for the match in question, leaning on the ropes and using them to stretch his back muscles.




"Scream" by Adelitas Way

[starts at 0:12]



F I N I S H E R S.

The Recession » Usually the match ender, fitting to be labelled his primary finishing move. Consisting of a two-handed grip around the victim's neck; Brice proceeds to rapidly spring his body in a thrusting motion towards the mat, drilling his opponent into it face first. This is particularly effective due to it’s quick life-span, and its ability to be hit from many different predicaments . (AKA Diamond Cutter, Performed by DDP)


The Cash Injection » Brice's secondary finishing move occurs when Brice stalks his stirring opponent from an advanced position; usually behind. He then adjusts his arm over their head [known as the Dragon Sleeper] and thrusts his body down to the mat, taking the prey with him. Brice secures a tight body scissors whilst falling; further restricting the oxygen supply around the body of the victim. (Falling Dragon Sleeper With Body Scissors)


S I G N A T U R E S.

The Overdraft » Ultimately a move Brice performs in mid-sequence, building up momentum before hitting The Recession. This relies on the opponent's upper body lying on the middle rope; allowing Brice to dart towards them and slide in-between the top and middle rope; causing heavy damage to be sustained to the victim's head and neck area in the process. (AKA The Congregation, Performed by D'Angelo Dinero)


The Stock Market Crash » A key move in the arsenal of Brice; Malcolm proceeds tto whip his opponent against the ropes before greeting their return with a lift, before rotating one hundred and eighty degrees and planting the victim with a devestating spinebuster. This can also be hit on any running opponent; the irish whip iisn't compulsory. (AKA Double A Spinebuster)


The Bounced Cheque » This move is usually somewhat predictable in nature due to the stance Brice takes whilst stalking his man. Positioning himself in the opposite corner to his opponent, Brice grips both top ropes beside him, muttering words under his breath in an unstable manner. Once the opponent turns, Brice charges towards them, hitting a Bicycle Kick to the jaw. Usually proceeded by either finishing move. (AKA Sheamus' Irish Curse Kick)


O T H E R.

Backbreaker Variations (Often Multiple Times), Back Elbow Smash, Belly To Back Suplex, Double Arm suplex, Elbow Drop, Leg Drop, Swinging Neckbreaker, Reverse Chinlock, Rope Aided Abdominal Stretch, Sleeper Hold, Spinning Side Slam, Vertical Suplex, Big Boot, Elevated Single Leb Boston Crab, Running Clothesline, Spear, Spinebuster, Ura-nage, Scoop Slam, Bearhug




P H O T O G R A P H Y.



A T T I R E.

Performs in a pair of standard black trunks, with his symbol on each side; whilst also displaying MB in a pattern on the rear. He wears plain knee pads whilst his wrestling boots reveal the word "Brice" on the sides. Outside the ring, Brice is well known for wearing armani suits, and other designer garments.


A L L I E S.

Nicole - Ring Escort (Former)

Zakk Night - Underrated Stable (Former)

Gregory Mackay - Underrated Stable (Former)

Ty Wilson - Underrated Stable (Former)

Maryse Ouellet - Ex Girlfriend

Trish Stratus - Ex Girlfriend

Regina Starr - Ex Girlfriend

Shawn Hunter

Angel LeBlanc - Manager


F O E S.

Michael Tarver

Mike Stokes

Jayson Addair

Alex Shelley

CM Punk



A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S.

» 1x MCW Champion

» 1x WEW International Champion

» 1x WWE United States Champion

» 2011 Male CAW of the Year Award

» 2011 Heel CAW of the Year Award


P A S T E M P L O Y E R S.

» World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE Superstars RPG: March 2010 - Closure)

» Fast Fusion Wresting (April 2010 - Closure)

» World Extreme Wrestling (May 2010 - Closure)


C U R R E N T E M P L O Y E R S.

» Motor City Wrestling



P A S T P R O M O S.



» 06.03.2010 Malcolm Brice introduces himself to Todd Grisham, sending a stern warning to the WWE Champion in the process.

» 23.03.2010 Malcolm Brice on his quest to become a Champion for the firs time.

» 25.03.2010 Malcolm Brice on his first WrestleMania, and why he's better than you.

» 13.04.2010 Malcolm Brice on his first loss, and how his United States Championship leaves him destined for nothing but mediocrity

» 23.04.2010 Malcolm on Mike Stokes and their eagerly anticipated title match at Extreme Rules.



» 29.04.2010 Malcolm on his victory over Tyler Reign and his upcoming tournament match against Joseph Alexander.

» 02.04.2010 “The Moneyman†has a confrontation with his lack-lustre limousine driver.



» 24.05.10 Malcolm Brice pledges allegiance to the Underrated stable.



R E C E N T P R O M O S.


» 04.07.2011 Brice discusses many issues, including the move to one roster, his upcoming match, and a new found alliance.

» 12.08.2011 Global Warning Press Conference

» 30.08.2011 Malcolm on World Champion Mike Stokes.



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statistics ?

name: Jamie Lawson

ring name: Jamie

nickname(s): Wondergirl (HM Ref)

hometown: Los Angeles, California

age: 20 (August 8th, 1991)

height: 5'4"

weight: 111 lbs

disposition: Tweener

alliances: Jayson Addair, Sora Addair, Lara Parks, Alex Shelley, Calvin Rodgers, Mike Stokes

enemies: N/A

attire: In color variations

trained by: Jayson Addair, Sora Addair

theme song: "Panic Switch" by Silversun Pickups

moveset ?

finishing moves:

Get Nice! | Primary Finisher


signature moves;

Step Up Enzuigiri

One Armed Swinging Neckbreaker

High Roundhouse Kick

Northern Lights Bomb

Spinning Reverse STO

Sitout Jawbreaker



normal moves:

European Uppercut, Running Facewash, Running Knee Strike, Bitch Slap, Enzuigiri, Explosive Lariat, Flying Lariato Open Palm Slaps, Chops, Diving Clothesline, Diving Leg drop, Diving Back Elbow, Diving Crossbody, Missile Dropkick, Chin Lock, Foot Choke, Sleeper Hold, Arm bar, Leg-lock, Single Leg) Boston Crab, Stretch Plum, Surfboard, Heel Hook, Mat Slam, Various DDT Variations, Various Suplex Variations, Various Neckbreaker Variations, Spinning Headscissors, Hurricanrana, Side Slam Side Slam Backbreaker, Bulldog, Facebuster, Snapmare into Dropkick/Soccer Kick, Arm Drag, Russian Legsweep, Single Knee Facecrusher

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Lise Starr


"Lise" Lucia


The Heartbreaker

The Star from Down Under


Melbourne, Australia


24 (December 5th, 1987)


5 foot 2


130 lb




Cody Rhodes






In various colours


The tomboyish girl next door with a twist. Despite being cute and petite, she is tough and can break your heart.


Growing up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia as a tomboy, Lise Starr enjoyed things such as climbing trees, playing video games and of course, professional wrestling. During the 1990's, as a young girl she watched WCW and the WWF with her older brother. Eventually in her teenage years, Lise had thoughts of getting into a wrestling ring herself, so she enrolled in a wrestling school which was a fifteen minute drive from her house. A couple of months after training, she made her debut in a small Melbourne promotion. Just a few years later, an eighteen-year old Lise Starr made a big decision to move to the United States of America. After saving up money from working in a part-time job, she moved into a small and cheap apartment in southern Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During this time, Starr wrestled around the Northeastern area while supporting herself by working in various jobs. By the next year, she had already made a name for herself in the independent circuit. One of the companies that she wrestled for was having a six month tour in Japan, being a fan of Japanese culture and obviously having the interest to wrestling in another country, she agreed to join the tour. Now, years later, Lise Starr is definitely one of the top names in women's wrestling. Being a three-time MCW Women's Champion can prove it. Lise Starr is only twenty-four years old and she still has a long career ahead of her, one day will she pass names like Lita and Trish Stratus?


MCW Women's Championship (three times, current)


Mark Mercedes

Madison Eagles



Zebrahead - "Anthem"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Breaking Heart | Shooting Star Press

Standing Tornado DDT/Tilt A Whirl DDT


Starrstruck | Superkick

Shooting Star Splash

Cuty Special


Spinning Roundhouse Kick


Reverse Suplex


Diving Hurricanrana

Clothesline Takedown

Stalling Suplex

Tornado DDT

Snap Suplex

Tlit A Whirl Backbreaker

Diving Crossbody Pin

Running Crossbody

German Suplex

Missile Drop Kick

Headscissors Takedown

Slingshot Suplex

Diving Tornado DDT


Northern Lights Suplex

Top Rope Headscissors Takedown

Crucifix Pin

Suicide Dive

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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A different Cody Rhodes went to bed and a different Cody Rhodes woke up in this morning. What Cody Rhodes went to bed late last night after not only assaulting Ernie Osiris after he was already beaten up by Ted DiBiase that also viciously assaulted DynaMo and The Empire? That would be "The Grotesque One" Cody Rhodes. Who was waking up this morning with a slight headache and a completely different point of view at last night's Adrenaline? That would be the normal Cody Rhodes, got to use that term very loosely nowadays with the former MCW World Heavyweight Champion. This Cody certainly was a lot more pleasant than the other one and that was shown by the text he would sent Lise Starr later on. But first he had a light breakfast, took a shower, got dressed, did his hair, brushed his teeth, sprayed himself with his best and most expensive cologne. There was a reason for him to do all of that. Once he was done, Cody Rhodes checked himself out and he looked as good as he could possibly look with that facial protective mask. Then it was time to send Lise Starr a text.

Congratulations on your match. Incredibly proud of you. Hope the plans of us seeing each other havent changed. I can come over to your room or you can come over to mine. Either way I cannot wait to see you. xxx

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On the back of arguably the most impressive outing in his career,
Malcolm Brice
wouldn't hesitate in leaving his locker room bright and breezy the next day, not wanting to be couped up inside when their are swarms of people waiting to congratulate him. With his suspicions about one, Gregor McKay incredibly astute, Malcolm knew going into this match that if he's winning it, he's doing it by himself. And so when McKay seized the chance to run away from the spotlight, Malcolm grabbed it with both hands. Disposing of Stokes with one swift Recession, a move which most by now realise can be struck in any predicament and in such quick succession; Malcolm managed to make the cover before the usually sharp Addair could break the count. Defeating two of MCW's best couldn't feel better, and if it wasn't already obvious to everybody, Mike's next challenger is the guy with the cash.


Meanwhile, a night of complete contrast for the Tag Team Champions, as
John Morrison
was guilty of not giving enough attention to the other link in this tag team match, a forgotten presence. With DiBiase and Rhodes ringside on commentary, Morrison and Dynamite showed their flaws in a match which impressed initially. However, not having eyes in all areas, like Champions indeed should, ultimately caused one hellacious beatdown at the hands of potential new challengers. Rhodes, who stands as the longest reigning World Champion in MCW history, will pose a massive threat to the tag titles, and with Morrison recently going the distance with him in a Pick Your Poisen main event, he knows exactly how good Cody is. A lot to think about, Morrison would be sat upon a crate, head against the wall, wearing a pair of stonewashed jeans and an unzipped hoodie to expose his bare torso; hood in position over his head.


OT: New topic every few days then. :s
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Finally! ...No, The Rock hasn't returned to Detroit. Finally, Lise Starr's long losing streak is over! That streak lasted for nearly a whole month, of course Lise was going to be so thrilled about last night's win since a losing streak can be a dark time in a wrestler's career. Although she was happy, she felt disappointed because Cody Rhodes along with Ted DiBiase attacked the MCW Tag Team Champions, John Morrison and Dynamite. Speaking of the devil, Cody had sent a text message to Starr just now. Lise Starr was inside her bedroom looking through her wardrobe to decide what she would be wearing to visit Rhodes. When the iPhone buzzed, she picked it up and read the message. The normal, dashing Cody Rhodes was around today. Thank god, Lise had thought. Having a conversation with the "disfigured" man would have been hell. Lise Starr quickly dressed into a pair of jeans and a black sleeveless top, before replying to Cody and leaving the room, heading to Rhodes' locker room.

Thanks. Coming to your locker room right now. See you in a sec. <3

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Delirious could be found sat within the cafeteria. He was sat at one of the benches, with a tray of food in front of him. Not moving, not making a sound. Delirious just stared at the food. As if he was in a mental war with it. Weird.

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Playing the waiting game isn't the most fun game that you can play, but luckily Cody Rhodes didn't have to play as Lise Starr texted him back only a minute after he texted her. Sure enough a smile came over the face of the man formerly known as "The Dashing One" when he got the text that said Lise Starr was coming over to his locker room right now. Rhodes texted her back before he got up from the couch and decided to quickly clean his room up for a bit. It wasn't exactly messy because Rhodes can't stand it when his room is trashed, he just wanted it to be perfect for his girlfriend's arrival. This Cody Rhodes certainly isn't the same Cody Rhodes that everyone saw last night on Adrenaline.

Great. See you soon. <3

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A couple of minutes is how long it took for Lise Starr to arrive at the door of Cody Rhodes' locker room. Once she was at the door, she began fixing her hair by brushing it with her fingers, while doing this, Lise began to think about what she was going to say to Cody, this moment was going to be a little awkward after the events of the past week. Releasing a small sigh, Lise knocked on the door and waited for an answer.
"It's me."
Waiting for the answer, Lise Starr straightened out the top she was wearing.

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For the first time since the accident happened, which wasn't exactly an accident, it was more like Mike Stokes attacking the well-being of Cody Rhodes, Lise Starr and Cody Rhodes were going to see each other. It has been a couple of months since Lise last saw Rhodes with his protective mask on and he was feeling somewhat uneasy about looking like that. He got over it and answered the door, taking Lise by the hand to drag her into his locker room before he closed the door behind her. "
Hey, Lise... You won't believe how much I've missed you this last week. Especially since the
happened I've been wanting to see you, but you were busy or something, apparently. You don't need to explain yourself... I understand. Before you say anything, I would like to apologise for looking the way that I'm looking. I know that the man that's standing in front of you right now doesn't quite look like your boyfriend.
" Cody Rhodes said, showing how uneasy he was feeling about being with his girlfriend while looking the way that he was looking. Rather than giving Lise a hug or a kiss, he closed himself off a bit, barely making eye contact as well.

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Running Battle!

Back in Detroit, thank god. Jayson Addair could be found walking the halls backstage, with a smile across his face. Sure, he lost. But he was in no position to be pinned himself. Heading down the halls, Jayson was looking for Gregor MacKay. See if he likes talking when the cameras aren't rolling.

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While Cody had opened his mouth to talk, Lise crossed her arms, looking at her boyfriend with an expression that was between concern and sadness.
"Why should you apologize? You know that I don't give a damn about how you look. My mind isn't on your face. Your match with Mike Stokes was very brutal and he caused
to happen. This is the third time you have received a broken nose. You poor thing."
Lise walked towards Cody and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a tight hug.
"Sorry I wasn't here for you all week. With that horrible losing streak, I was focused on winning last night's match and I did it. I won."
Lise was still hugging Cody, she didn't want to let go.
"Please don't think that I avoided you because of how you look at the moment."
The truth was, she avoided Cody Rhodes because of how he acted as the "undashing" personality.

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Get Nice!

Sat within the cafeteria, was the younger sibling of the MCW Women's Champion. Jamie was sat opposite Delirious, who still. Hadn't moved. Not even a flicker of the eyes. Safe to say, it was really difficult to eat in front of someone in a zombie like state. Odd.

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Cody Rhodes returned the hug with one of his own, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around the waist of Lise, even when he pulled back, he kept his arms wrapped around her waist and refused to let go off her. Not like either one of them wanted to ruin the moment by letting go. "
You cannot stand there and tell me that you're not bothered by me looking the way I do. You don't have to try to make me feel better. I've seen my own reflection in the mirror and I looking
like the man you've always known. If you tell me that the reason why you've been avoiding me for that long is because of your career, I will believe you. But telling me that you're not affected by me wearing this God awful mask is something that I refuse to believe.
" Heavy hearted, Cody Rhodes took a brief pause, taking a moment to compose himself, feeling himself getting a little bit emotional as he was thinking about all that happened. Cody swallowed deeply and looked back down at Lise. "
...Now that you've won your match... And I'm over the moon happy for you, I really am. You looked incredible out there and I couldn't be more proud of you... I hope that we can finally start being with each other more, regardless of how hideous I look, I'm not too proud to admit that I need you to be here for me during this tough time.

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"For the one hundreth time, the way you look is not bothering me."
Hearing Cody continue to claim that his girlfriend truly didn't like the way he looked was starting to get extremely annoying for Lise.
"You gotta believe me. The only thing I don't like about that mask is that it reminds me of someone..."
Quickly, changing the subject, Lise looked up at Cody.
"So glad that you're happy about my victory. It's great to get out of the hole I was in. And yeah, I'll be here for you. Of course I will. If you need anything, just tell me."

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Getting off the Plane in Detroit, Calvin would get off in the attire of his shirt and jeans, as well as a Sombrero and a fake moustache. Some night in Mexico. Though Calvin wasnt particularly drinking cause he did have a bit of an upset stomach. Drinking Mezcal was not a good idea, when Calvin, who is not a big fan of bugs, swallowed the worm. It was a bit of an evening spoiler. But still he was feeling refreshed now, despite the long flight and the vomiting the previous night.


As for Lara, well she was a bit upset that Mike Stokes didnt go to Vegas last night, as she had some night planned. Oh well. There were always other times. But like Calvin, Lara didnt get too drunk last night either. She wasn't particularly interested in Mexicans. They are dirty. And she stayed relatively sober so she good beat them with a stick if they approached her. She was a one man woman!

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Rhodes was thinking about asking Lise who that mask reminded her of, but when she quickly changed the subject, he thought he'd let it go and didn't go into any detail. "
I'm going to take you up on that offer. There is something that I need, or want, actually... After not seeing you for a week and after being in an emotional hell for that week, all by myself,
is what I need...
" And that "this" that Cody Rhodes was talking about turned out to be him giving Lise Starr a long kiss. He kept his arms wrapped around her and gave her the first kiss in a week. Afterwards, Cody pulled back and slowly licked his lips, letting out a slight chuckle. "
Sorry if I seemed a bit enthusiastic. I just really missed you a lot. But as I said, I completely understand your point of view and I'm glad that this last week wasn't completely useless because you won your match and I think winning a match, getting the pin in that match as well, with the Queen Of MCW being involved, it should put your right into title contention. I may be a bit biased because I'm your biggest fan, but that's how I feel. And because of your win, I would ask you to go out and celebrate you ending your losing streak, but I'm really sorry to tell you that I'm not exactly feeling comfortable enough to go out, looking like this.
" Mixed personality starting to show there again.

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Link to character bios for Gabriel Gospel, Akira and Katashi


<< Guess we'll make a lot of closed topics then || Gabriel Gospel >>


*Gabriel Gospel is hanging around the backstage area, dressed to impress in his smart suit, carrying his briefcase. If it wasn't for the long hair and the beard he could pass as a banker or an other office type. He is talking on the phone to somebody who I haven't thought of about last night. Gabriel is hyping himself up, talking about how great he was in the match and how this should have raised his profile some more. The attention crazing superstar indicates that he is going to try and keep on winning so that he can increase his profile until he is ranked at the very top of the company. But this is unlikely to ever happen really. But he can dream.*

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"Umm ...okay."
Lise began running a hand through her hair.
"I understand you wouldn't want to go out, because you have been extremely emotional this week. Don't think you'd want people asking you questions about the events of Adrenaline and such."
She hoped he wouldn't have taken that sentence the wrong way.
"We can celebrate my win inside here. You happy with that? Maybe we can continue our long kiss?"
Lise asked with a small giggle.

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Paul Burchill walked the arena, Rather Smug. He delivered what he said he would to Winter, and that was a victory over Scorpion, the uber badass. Not only was it a victory, Paul Burchill madeScorpion tap out by wrenching his arm off with the Fujiwara armbar that he calls the Royal Mutilation. Rather apt if you think about it. Anyway, tonight was victory number 1. And with two promos last night, Burchill was getting a nice bit of exposure. Marcus on the other hand made a bad decision by putting his hands on him, but Burchill digresses, after all, he lost his match, and as far as Burchill is concerned, he lost due to the microphone shot to the face.



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