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WWE Series Wishlist & Ideas.


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Bring back some of the mini-games from the older games, i loved the sleeper mini-game from 2006 (incidentally I find that to be the best SvR).


I agree but I could never figure out how the sleeper hold system worked on SvR 2006. :lol:


I would like to see some of those mini games before matches where you had to hit a correct button sequence before a match from the original SvR game return though.

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-Complete control over superstars' looks and their gimmicks. I want to be able to pick up undertaker, and select ''make gimmick'' and cut his hair short, give him a bandana, and a different theme&entrance and call him badass, for example.


REASON: Many people use CAW mode to create different gimmicks for the already-in-the-game superstars. I'd rather have the caw mode used to create new wrestlers/wrestlers that aren't in.



-Remove/limit RTWM for the sake of a career mode.


REASON: RTWM is quite stale. A career mode is much more fun. A HCTP career was awesome imo.



-Dynamic crowds and cheer settings for wrestlers. I don't want to simply have the crowd cheer/boo you. that's quite stale and monotonic. I'd rather have two sliders for every wrestler's crowd reaction. One to set the strength of the reaction, and the other to set the reaction itself.


For instance The Rock would get a stronger positive reaction than Sheamus. While Cena gets a strong mixed reaction, while some midcarders dont even get a reaction, etc.


Also along with this, it would be cool if they added some sort of crowd emotion manipulation system which would mean that if the match contains two wrestlers who get a strong/strong and mid reaction and the match is long, and nice, and if there are unexpected twists to the match - the crowd could chant ''this is awesome''. if you break 3 tables and set fire to the opponent I'd like to hear the crowd chant ''HOLY SH#T'', or if it's a first blood match i'd like to hear some ''we want blood'' chants, etc etc.


Also perhaps the heel-face specific chants. For instance, if you pick two high rated superstars, and they fight it out, i'd like to hear the crowd chant ''YEEAH'' or ''YES YES'' each time the superstar with a previously set positive reaction hits the opponent who is neutral or gets a negative reaction. While the other guy gets ''BOO'' or ''NO NO NO''. This would be real awesome imo. And if it were two neutra superstars fighting it out, or two faces, both of them could get positive hit reactions if they are rated good enough/have a strong pop slider setting.


REASON: The crowds make a show today basically. Remember the raw after mania.



-Here Comes The Pain-like gameplay. where things are exaggarated, fast paced, fun, enjoyable. Every match is a ride, and everything makes you get goosebumps.


REASON: SVR8+ gameplay is too graple-limited and slow. HCTP had more fighter-like mechanics which were at the same time called wrestling. it was a perfect mixture of the two, which keeps me interested in HCTP to this day.

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The game needs Physics.. With physics, the game would be unpredictable and fun.


Example: Euphoria Physics engine.

a physics upgrade is always good!


I just hope they do it, as physics change the way you percieve the gameplay and the game itself. If this does happen, the game would feel very different to the past 2-3 games, and THQ doesnt do this very often, and they did do it a year or two ago..so I hope you're right and it does happen!

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8 men in a Royal Rumble match instead of 6.


I noticed the 6 Man Battle Royals include the referee in there (when not over the top rope) which is 7 people in the ring. And there is a whole lot of space to fit 1 or 2 more guys in there. Do we have to wait untill PS4 or something to get that? I remember when PS2 and Dreamcast introduced 8 men in the ring for Battle Royals and Royal Rumble Mode. (sighs)

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This is obviously what I want to see, in WWE13. I've played the game for four months now, basically unlocked everything there is to unlock. I've come up with what needs to be adjusted & Fixed in WWE13, a lot of this I have said before.


Pre-Set Movesets/Divas: Could you possible at least attempt to give the Pre-set movesets their actual moves? Boogy-Man should not have the same Moveset aside from Taunts, Signatures & Finishers (Which he hadn't got last year, the Worlds Strongest Slam isn't the Boogy-Slam!) to JBL who hadn't even got his actual running clotheline from hell. As for the Divas Can you Fix whatever you issue with the Divas are? We do not want to see the Stacy Keibler “Gut Kick” where they almost fall on their backsides & Can't connect with a move afterwards, we don't want to see the Divas use the Women's Elbow until one of them falls out of the ring. We don't want to see Generic movesets for all the divas...


Create-A-Superstar & The Lack of Create-A-Diva: Please, If your going to do anything with Create-A-Superstar. Add More Hairstyles! We don't need Fifty Mullets, yet No Comb Overs! Also Fix the Point System, I shouldn't use up all my points by simple adding Hair! As for the Divas, Add More of Everything. Seriously? What in the blue hell where you thinking when you did the Hairstyle, we literally have Generic Hairstyles of Two tails, Vickie's Hairstyle & Choppy Long hair. The Only one that looks good is the new one with Two different colors, but that can only be used for one diva!


Create-An-Entrance: This is actually mainly for Divas, How about a few Pre-Sets that aren't Maria, Melina, Torrie Wilson or Mickie James? How about Lita? How about a few Divas that don't enter from the bottom rope!


Reversals for Submissions/More Submissions/More places to add submissions: How many superstars only have one submission for each part of the body? Zero, specially superstars like Shawn Micheals, Bret Hart, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rero, Danial Bryan, ect. Give us the option to add as many submissions where we want in our moveset, also GIVE US MORE SUBMISSIONS! Specially for the back, Full Nelson & Cobra Clutch? Seriously... How about Sleeper Hold (You know because nobody actually hits them from the front), Abdominal Stretch, Octopus Hold, Leg Locks, Arm Locks, Shoulder Grab...ect. Also Give us more Reversals for Submissions, would you see Santino “Power out” of a Full Nelson from the Big Show! You wouldn't see Dolph Ziggler “Toss” Big Show over his shoulder to reverse the cobra clutch, ect. We need Different Reversal animations for Submissions...


Design-A-Storyline: ADD MORE OF EVERYTHING, the lacking of Scenes has literally killed this mode.


WWE Universe: Have everything to do with Editing a Brand in Editing a Brand, I shouldn't have to go to the schedule just to edit Titles. It took me forever to notice how to edit the different shows on the Schedule, put everything in Editing a Brand. Also make scenes more easily to come acrossed without them being repetitive, I shouldn't be able to view an attack from the crowd five times yet never view someone getting taken out with a belt, ect.


Create-A-Finisher: Do something with this, it's Blocky, Glitch ridden & Lacking anything new.


Roster: the Larger the roster, the better the game. Let it be legends, Rookies, Maineventers everything, the larger the roster, the better the game. Give us more superstars, rookies, legends...


Create-An-Entrance part II: This is actually for Title Entrances & Tag-Team Entrances, let us create our own or use our regular entrance for Title Entrance. Let us Create-A-Tag-Team Entrance, also if your going to keep us from using multiple people in different tags then let us create-a-tag-team entrance depending on who the tag team partners are. The Miz & Big show wouldn't act the same as Big show & Kane, Triple H in Evolution wouldn't act the same way as Triple H & Shawn Micheals. Let us make different entrances depending on who the tag team partner is, much like different tag-team finishers depending on the member is.


Also, this has been an issue for years: Ditch the Pre-set Title Animations, you know the Causes Floating over the shoulder, Going through clothes. The Title should be as 3D as the Clothes, it shouldn't Go through them. I'm tired of having a Diva Caw have the Title Float a mile away from their body, Superstars having the Title covered up by their clothes or body itself....FIX THIS!


Also give us the ability to add different entrances for different attires, much like Triple H automatically had the DX Entrance when wearing the DX Attire. We should be able to edit our themes/entrance for custom superstars....


To finish this off, Keep the Unlocking System the same & Keep Road To Wrestlemania as it is.


Updated: I've also noticed a lot of problems since posting this:



- The Fact that CAWS Don't show up on the match screens

- The "Stagger" Motion when hitting a running move early in the match & The Ability to hit a running strike/grapple at the beginning of a match

-Two Ground Finisher AI, if a Superstar/Diva or CAW has Two ground finishers they will do their wake up taunt and then stare at the opponent.


Updated: 2/24/2012



- The Ability to Fix an entire Universe Card before beginning it, it is actually annoying to go back just to make a match for everything.

-The Ability to have a choice at the end of every match (Much like Season Mode in Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain) Where you have a choice to celebrate or Attack after the match. It would be good for Heel or Face turns so you can decide without them being so random.

- More Soundbite names: Seriously, Navajo was put in but not simple names like Mat, Tim, Nathan, Nate, ect?

- Add more commentary names: Seriously, half the soundbyte names aren't even on the list for commentary.

-For WWE Universe to have a selection for Each brand to be Supershow or not, so if we don't want people from the other brands interrupting the show we're on then we could make it a brand only show.

- More Multi-Championship Entrance, in doing so stop Auto-Selecting the Over The Top Rope Championship Entrance. I shouldn't see Rey Mysterio going over the top rope after winning two tities...



- How when CAWS are on the match screen in universe they show up at Textured Black guys with White Wrist band


Updated 2/26/2012:



- The Ability to select the Attire you want the superstar/CAW to use on a card before match, like if you want a superstar/CAW to wear a different attire you shouldn't have to Exist the match and then go to the select screen just to edit the attire. It should be one of the commands after you win the match before such as "Press X to change Attire".

- Limb Damage attacks for Weapons, such as a kendo stick we should be able to lock on a limb and attack it.

- Better Table Breaking Animation, How is it that Smackdown Vs Raw 2005 had a better reaction without physics compared to Smackdown Vs Raw 2011/WWE12 with Physics?


updated 3/11/2012:



- Superstars/Divas should have an Entrance Attire, Match Attire & Cinematic Attire just like CAWS, it's Awkward have Superstars/Divas in their Match Attire for every Scene in Design-A-Storyline. Plus it would be neat to have Brawls with the Cinematic Attires on or Entrance Attires on.

- Add more Draft Matches to make the WWE Draft in WWE Universe actually have a point, rather then one Draft Match for each show. Also Stop Rivalry remarkable cut scenes from happening if the superstars are on the opposite shows, it looks rather awkward.



- The Automatic ropes in Design-A-Storyline, what is the point of choose Vacant if the ropes still move as if a superstar/Diva is getting in and out of the ring? specially with the One with Stable scene where they walk to the ring, if you vacant everyone besides one superstar. If looks rather odd having the ropes move as if other people are there as well...

- WWE Universe from Adding Random Matches after the card is finished, I shouldn't Check the momentum of the superstars/Divas on the rosters and go back to the match card and suddenly have Three matches that have absolutely nothing to do with the show. Also the lack of matches, Smackdown Shouldn't only have Two matches. Which is normally when random matches pop up...


Updated: 3/12/2012



- Transparency to everything

- Separate Catagorizes for Weight, Height & Size

- Separate tag-team Catagories outside of WWE Universe

- The Ability to Vacate Titles inside WWE Universe, we can do that outside of WWE Universe from the Options in Title Setting so why can't we do it inside WWE Universe.

- More Tag-Team Entrances, Less Generic Tag-Team Entrances.



- How the haircolors look, non dyed hair colors should look natural.

- Ranking System in WWE Universe, A Minor Champion shouldn't automatically contend for the Major Titles. You also shouldn't have to add a superstar/diva to the roster to give them a title your not even using, you shouldn't have to create a tag-team for the tag-team belts your not using for the rankings, that would shoot them up for the actual tag-team titles you are using although they aren't on your roster.

- The Point System in CAWS, Adding Long Hair + A Jacket shouldn't use all the points up.


Updated: 3/12/2012



- Breaking Point Submissions


  • Abdominal Stretch
  • Accordion Rack
  • Anaconda Vise
  • Standing Ankle Lock
  • Ankle Lock W/ Armbar
  • Rolling Armbar
  • Over the shoulder Armbar
  • Figure-four Armlock
  • Bearhug
  • Cross Armbreaker
  • Cross face
  • Canadian Backbreaker
  • chancery
  • facelock
  • Guillotine choke
  • Gory Special
  • Hammerlock
  • Lebell Lock
  • Mandible claw
  • Octopus Stretch
  • Sleeper hold
  • Sleeper Hold W/ Leg Scissors
  • Side Headlock
  • Snapmare & Butterfly Lock
  • Snapmare & Chin Lock
  • Tilt-A-Whirl Armbar
  • Torture Rack
  • Tazmission
  • Walls Of Jericho
  • Walls Of Jericho W/ Knee
  • Wristlock


  • Abdominal Stretch
  • Cobra Clutch
  • Chicken Wing
  • Crossface Chicken Wing
  • Double Arm Chicken Wing
  • Dragon Sleeper
  • Dragon Sleeper W/ Leg Scissors
  • Full Nelson
  • Hammerlock
  • Sleeper hold
  • Sleeper hold W/ Leg Scissors
  • Two-Handed Grip
  • Tazmission
  • Roll Up Walls Of Jericho


  • Abdominal Stretch
  • Armbar
  • Arm-hook sleeper
  • Body Scissors
  • Cattle Mutilation
  • Cross Armbar
  • Crossface
  • Chinlcok
  • Reverse Chinlock
  • Dragon Sleeper
  • Figure-four armlock
  • Hammerlock
  • Spinning Armlock
  • Short Armbar
  • Straight Jacket
  • Mandible claw
  • Neck Scissors
  • Side Dragon Sleeper W/ Leg Scissors
  • Sitting Full Nelson
  • Shoulder Claw
  • Surfboard Stretch
  • Triangle Hold
  • Tazzmission


  • Anaconda Vise
  • Armbar
  • Body Scissors
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Camel Clutch
  • Double Arm Camel Clutch
  • Stepover armlock camel clutch
  • Clawhold
  • Bridging cobra clutch
  • Glam Slam Stretch
  • Hammer & Chin Lock
  • Stomach claw
  • Straight jacket


  • Achilles Tendon Lock
  • Ankle Lock
  • AnCole Lock
  • Boston Crab
  • Cloverleaf
  • Cloverleaf pain
  • Standing Cloverleaf W/ Knee
  • Cloverleaf W/ Armlock
  • Educator
  • Facelock W/ Leglock
  • Figure 4 Leglock
  • Profiling Figure 4 Leg Lock
  • Inverted Figure-Four Leg lock
  • Heel Hold
  • Hells Gate
  • High Angle Single Leglock
  • Indian Death lock
  • Kneelock
  • Lasso From El Paso
  • Romero Special
  • Spinning Toe Hold
  • Sharpshooter
  • The Rock's Sharpshooter
  • Single Leg Boston Crab
  • STF
  • Cross-Legged STF
  • STS

Though some of these might not be in the right position & I didn't do Face up or Face down categories. These are the submissions I'd want...



  • Reverse Boston Crab
  • The Colossal Clutch
  • Nagata Lock
  • Koji Clutch
  • Stretch muffler
  • seated Stretch Muffler
  • Batista Bite
  • Lightning Lock


- The Batista Bite Submission hold so it doesn't glitch up whenever Batista isn't using it.


Updated: 3/18/2012



- Scenes for Design-A-Storyline

  • Championship Reveal Scene: Such as a Superstar or Diva reveals a classic championship after winning the current championship or changing to the current championship after winning the classic championship
  • Titotron scenes: In which a superstar/Diva is talking in the ring and a Rival/GM/Random superstar/Diva appears on the Titotron to talk.

- Current/Prime look for Legends on the roster: Such as Arn Anderson on WWE12 had an Alternative Attire of his Current look, every legend that is still active in the WWE should get their "In Their Prime" look & Current look. Such as if we want to re-create Bret "The Hitman" Hart Vs Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania, we should have the option to put Current Bret Hart against Current Vince McMahon. Of course Legends that no longer Wrestle or aren't alive would only get their "In Their Prime" Attire.


- Realistic Backstage Brawls:

  • We don't like Limits in our Free Brawls, we don't see Limits in actual WWE Programming so we shouldn't see limits on the WWE Video Games. Stop selecting which grappling/Attacks we do where & How.
  • Stop putting them as K.O Only, it isn't exactly hard to hit five moves and then K.O your opponent by slamming them on an object (With the same Damn Commentary over & Over again!) We want to be able to end the match as we see fit, we want to be able to Pin & Submit our opponents. That's what made the Backstage Brawls worth while to begin with...
  • Look back at Smackdown Vs Raw 2006, you know what that game had? Variety of different grapples/attacks & Moves you could do to the objects in the backstage Brawls, sure only one Backstage Brawl has a K.O Moment. But that made sense because only one of the backstage brawls actually had the ability for a K.O moment, unlike the Smackdown Vs Raw Crap Bar Brawl with the Random Hulk Hogan Statue K.O Ending.
  • If your going to have K.O endings for the match make them believable, We shouldn't see Superstars shoving someone off a thirty foot firetruck ladder. We shouldn't see someone have a giant Golden Hulk Hogan Statue fall on them, we should see someone get into one of the cars in the parking lot brawl and drive it into the limo that the other superstar is in.


- Eddie Guerrero Entrance & DO NOT MO-Cap Legends that aren't Alive that already have a Entrance, it looks Forced & Unrealistic.

- Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunner: We should have the Pull-In and Stunner from Smackdown Vs Raw 2005 and the Trash Talking after Stunner from Smackdown Vs Raw 2005. Not the Eugene Stunner & The Rock's Only Reaction Stunner.

- Design-A-Storyline Mid-Match Scene Glitch where the crowd gets overly loud so you can't hear anything else and Random Switching of Create-An-Arena Commentary Table Logos to another Create-An-Arena.


Updated: 3/20/2012



- More Natural Skin Tones

- Door for the Hell In The Cell

- Classic Arenas & Match Up Screens for all Classic PPV Logos in WWE Universe

- All Classic PPV Logos we shouldn't be missing No Way Out, New Year Revolution, Bad Blood, The Bash and December to Dismember.

- More Classic PPV Logos into Create-An-Arena

- The Ability to choose the Brands for PPV's

- Actual Commentary, such as Move Calling mixed with More Color Commentary with Enthusiasm

- The Ability to Use Misc. Logos in Paint Tool



- A.I's Automatic Pin Sceme whenever they are hurt

- That every single Brand created are able to be at all PPVs


Updated: 3/22/2012



- The Gauntlet match Glitch in which once you eliminate the first superstar and the second superstar enters neither superstars can grapple/attack each other as if there is an invisible wall around both of them and when you exit the ring and only one of the superstars is outside the camera shoots up the ramp as if focusing on the first superstar that was eliminated.

- How Created Finishers don't show up in the Created Entrance Videos


Updated: 4/5/2012



- How when you hit a running finisher it will randomly cause the opponent to get up groggy right afterwards

Did you got the submission move list from older games?

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Diva dance off (A mini game where your selected Diva dances and you have to press a sequence of buttons in order correctly to gain crowd cheers/reactions and the Diva with the highest crowd cheers/reaction wins the competition.)


Costume theme Diva matches (Halloween costume matches, Santa's Little helper matches etc...)

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