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Tom Rice

SVR2006 Updates

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[b]Wrestler CAWs:[/b]
Paul Heyman, Triple H, Undertaker 5, Monty Brown 4, Sting 12, Scott Steiner 3, Ultimate Warrior 10, Matt Hardy 10 (Another Attire), Samoa Joe 7, Jerry Lawler 3, Ultimo Dragon 3, Nick Mondo 2, Vampiro 2
John Cena 2, Randy Dearup, Delirious, Dynamite Kid 2, Jack Evans, Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Terry Funk 2, Teddy Hart, Scott Steiner, Rob Van Dam (ECW), Perry Saturn 2, Owen Hart 2, Jody Fleisch, Jerry Lynn, Jay Lethal 2, Booker T, Super Crazy 2
Wario, Johnny Nitro 3, Paul Burchill 2, Ken Kennedy 4, Randy Orton 4, Elix Skipper, Paul Burchill 3 (Pirate), Vampiro 2

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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