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Vulpes R

An open challenge...

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So here we are, a basically dead board where only the few cling on to Smackdown vs. RAW 2006. I too have been playing again and after going over the boards and seeing saves and original content; I think it's time we dust off our abilities and give it one more shot...a collaboration, and a challenge.


What I propose is a save, and if it takes off, maybe a series of saves. All featuring original content, from your brain. My CaWs vs. Your CaWs.


Think you're up to the challenge?




1. A copy of Smackdown vs. RAW 2006 for PS2.

2. A Pro Action Replay (NTSC, sorry people across the big pond).

3. Imagination!




1. All CaWs must be original. Not based on actual wrestlers/people (though inspiration is allowed).


2. Original CaWs must be ORIGINAL. That means no content seen on CaWs.ws or any e-feds. It's time to use your imagination.


3. The first person to accept the challenge must make a total of 9 CaWs (8 male, 1 female), in 4 different weight classes:


2 - Cruiserweight

2 - Light Heavy

2 - Heavy

2 - Super

1 - Female (Cruiser)


4. Each weight class will have one dirty, one clean wrestler. For the female wrestler it is the call of the challenger (you). Opposing alignments in each weight class will be featured in a PPV on the card.


5. Hacks: Only cosmetic hacks will be allowed. This means no moveset tweaks, weight variables or stat changes.


6. This is round robin creation. A CaW will be made, then passed to the challenger to make an opposing CaW. Then the challenger makes the next CaW and the save is passed back to the original. This will be done until all CaWs are completed. NO ALTERING THE CAWS OF ANOTHER MAKER.


7. For fairness, all CaWs will have maximum stats (again no hacks).


8. All CaWs must have a completed appearance, moveset and entrance.


9. When completed, the save will be uploaded and it will be up to the community to judge on the uniqueness and all around awesome of the CaWs therein. A PPV card will be setup on the save on a match per match basis, challenger deciding the first match and then round robin once again.


That's it, that's all. With the floundering membership on the '06 boards, I doubt anyone wants to dust off old '06; but I am ready and waiting for anyone who is. :)

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