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Controls what are they????


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  1. 1. Do You Think Razor Ramon will be in ??

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They have been showing us game play footage but they haven't even revealed the controls. Like how to Run move, Finishers/Signatures, Grapples etc combos.

I predict

A - Grappling combos using left stick in different directions
X - Strikes and combos like SVR 2011.
Y - Finisher/Signature
B - Irish whip / Pin
RT - Reverse / block

[u][b]Real Controls[/b][/u]

Y - Strong Strike
X - Quick Strike
B - Strong Grapples
A - Quick Grapples
Combos - Combos can be performed and a different move will happen depending on which direction the Left stick is pushed with the button presses.
Counter grapples/reversals - left bumper
Block/counter strikes - right trigger
X + A or Y + B buttons - Signatures / Finishers activate finishers by LT & RT

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A reason why Ramon should be in they added his trunks and jewelery in LOWM create mode, also his call name the Bad Guy is in SVR 2011.

So it looks like they wanted to add him in LOWM but never got the chance or weren't allowed.

But now look they have added Macho Man Randy Savage into all stars.

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Don't know about controls, but I did just finish reading a post that claimed Snuka, Slaughter, and Eddie are in. So I think if their in, the least they could do is bring back the gimmick of Razor Ramon in this game. S**t, lets get Diesel to, another gimmick Vince wants us to forget. And before you new agers jump with "No Nash or Hall because...." Then don't use them:
In I think late 96, Good Ol' JR did this:


Then Glen Jacobs got his new gimmick and:


Rick Bogner(Razor) is retired and I'm sure Jacob's(Diesel now Kane) would not mind another sprite made of him.
I'm a Hall and Nash fan, but hey, if Glen and Rick make it, CAW mode can be used to make Hall and Nash. Just copy move sets and entrance's.

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Answer confirmed about the controls thanks for this source http://www.destructo...rs-191975.phtml. I will update now.

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