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Trish Stratus Heel Moveset for HCTP

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Here is Trish Stratus's Heel Moveset from 2004 to mid-2005. Enjoy


Ring In Move: Normal

Ring Out Move: Woman

Woman Manager 2
Taunt Stacy Keibler 3 (this is how she mocked Lita)
Taunt The Rock 6 (this is her gearing up for the Chick Kick)
Taunt Chris Jericho 4 (mocked Jericho with this at Backlash in the Handicap match with Christian)

Fighting Style: Lita

Walking: Normal

Running: Woman

Winning Style: Chris Benoit


Movie:Trish Stratus or Sable (it's the closest thing to her Heel Titantron)


Music:Trish Stratus

Ready Moves


Jericho Toe Kick (kicked Victoria just like this)
Woman's Toe Kick
Roundhouse Kick 1
Woman's Slap 2 (Jericho should be real familiar with this)
Bicycle Kick 1
Middle Kick 3


Submission Grapple

Wrist & Arm Wrench
Headlock 1
Victory Roll Pin 3 (did this to Molly on Heat in 2005)
Headlock Takedown

Signature Grapple

Spinebuster 11
Martial Arts Kick 2
Mat Slam 1
Mysterio Rolling (my answer to the Matrish (Matrix) move she does.

Power Grapple

Kitchen Sink 2 (did this to Nidia)
Reverse Mat Slam
Head Pound 1
Clothesline 23

Quick Grapple

Mysterio Moves 2 (did this to Lita)
Eye Rake 2
Snapmare 1
Low Blow 5 (did this to Chris Jericho)

Grapple Attack

Grapple Elbow Strike 1 (x3)

Back Attack

School Boy Pin 2
Mat Slam 2
Elbow To Back Of Head 2
Triple H Low Kick (did this to Stacy and to Victoria at a House Show)
School Boy Roll Up
Mat Slam 2
Low Blow 6
Bulldog 2



Angry Stomp
Double Axe Handle 4
Elbow Drop 4 (tried to do this on Victoria in a tag match a week after Lita got married to Kane but missed)



Sleeper Hold 8 or Reverse Chin Lock 1
Fury Punch 9
Pleasant Cycling (the only thing close to that modified bow and arrow move she did on Nidia, Victoria, and Molly)


Single Leg Crab 1 (she did this to Stacy in their title match and also to Victoria in a triple threat match in 2005 with Molly Holly in it)
Kick To Head
Running Kick (the closest thing to the kick in the ribs she would give her opponents while they were down. Also, she did this move on Stacy to retain her title)


Turnbuckle Clothesline (x2)
Knee Attack 1


Mudhole Stomping 2
Hangman Chokehold 2
Big Back Chop 2
Choke 1
Foot Choke 2

Back Attack

Turnbuckle Smash
Illegal Pin
Stratusfaction (I put this hear because she didn't really use this a lot as a Heel and only did them on rare occasions.)
Shoulder Strike (did this to Victoria a couple of times)

Rope Opponent

Rope Down

Either Choke 3 (did this to Lita, Victoria, and Stacy), Guillotine 2 (did this Victoria on Raw 2005), or Booker T Back Chop 2 (did this to Christy at WM21)

Rebound Attack

Either Bicycle Kick 2 or Clothesline 2
Elbow Drop 11
Vaulting Body Press 2

Jump Down Over

Baseball Slide



Flying Clothesline 2 (did this on Lita and Molly)
Headscissors Takedown 1 (did this on Molly on Heat a week after New Year's Revolution)


Elbow Drop 3 (x3)



Axe Handle 1
Dropkick 5 (did this to Victoria in their title match a week after Bad Blood '04)


Neckbreaker 1 (did this to Lita)
Headscissors Takedown 3 (did this to Victoria on Heat back in Jan.2005)

Back Attack

Mat Slam 2
School Boy Pin 2

Squatting Attack

Elbow Drop 11 (x2)


Drop Toehold (did this on Nidia)
Spear 2 (did this to Christy Hemme at Wrestlemania)
Spinebuster 11

Double Team


Double Suplex 2
Double Clothesline
Double Beat Head
Double Clothesline
Double Suplex 1


Kick To Gut
Mudhole Stomping 1
Kick To Gut
Body Splash & Whip (her and Gail did something like this to Nidia in the divas tag match after Unforgiven '04)


Chick Kick
Buzzsaw Kick (this can be a replacement to the Chick Kick she used to give her opponents when they tried to stand)


Chick Kick or Buzzsaw Kick
Hangman Chokehold 2
Pleasant Cycling

Weapon Special


Combination Moves

Woman's Elbow Smash
Middle Kick 2 (flipped)
Roundhouse Kick 1

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