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Bruno Sammartino Moveset

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Here is the finalized moveset for "The Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino. A couple of portions of this moveset come from a version of Bruno made for the previous SmackDown! games, credit to Big Mike and Shroomie.

CAW formula and pics coming very soon, promise.

[b]Standard actions:[/b]
Ring in: slide in
Ring out: Normal

Taunt powerful 7
Come on!
Taunt powerful 7
Come on!

Fighting stance: wrestling 1

Walking motion: Normal
Running motion: normal

[b]Standing:[/b] strike attacks

Boxing hook punch
Toe kick 1
Heavy combo 1
Boxing strong uppercut
Boxing body blow
Slap 2

Grapple moves:
Wrist clutch & elbow
Headlock 1
Headlock takeover
Wrist & arm wrench
Hip toss 4

Reverse atomic drop
Guillotine 1
Guillotine 1
Reverse atomic drop
Guillotine 1

Arm lock 1
Headlock 4
Ground headlock
Armbar 3

Category 1: Power
Suplex 3
Back suplex 7
Scoop slam 2
Scoop slam 2

Category 2: Old school
School boy pin 3
Arm drag 8
Airplane spin
Suplex 11
Headlock 1

Category 3: Brawler
Finishing punch
Outlaw stomp 1
Finishing punch
Neckbreaker 16
Headlock punch 1

Grapple moves:
Grapple punch 1 x3

Grapple from Behind:
Back side slam 2
Atomic drop
Snapmare 1
Russian leg sweep 2
German suplex pin 1
Backbreaker 6
Russian leg sweep 2
Back suplex 3
Atomic drop

Top of the Cell:
Downward thrust x4

[b]Ground[/b]: strike attacks

Angry stomp
Knee drop 2
Undertaker stomp

Grapple moves:
Reverse chin lock 1
Face stretch 2
Knee smash 1
Single leg crab 1
Boston crab

[b]Corner[/b]: strike attacks

Running shoulder attack 1 x2
Knee attack 1

Grapple moves:
10 punch
Big back chop 1
Shoulder thrust 2 x2
10 punch
Mudhole strikes

Grapple from behind:
Turnbuckle smash
Super back suplex
Turnbuckle smash
Toss 1
Forearm to back

[b]Rope[/b]: Groggy on ropes
Elbow & Irish whip

Rebound attack:
Shoulder block 2
Elbow drop 5
Vaulting body press 2

Diving out of the ring attack
Baseball slide 1

Diving attack vs. standing opponent:
Double axe handle x3

Diving attack vs. downed opponent:
Near elbow drop
Diving elbow drop
Diving elbow

[b]Dash[/b]: running strikes

Shoulder block 2
Knee attack 2

Running grapple:
Reverse mat slam x2

Running technique:
Bulldog 3
School Boy pin 2

Running ground attack:
Double axe handle 5 x2

Back body drop 1
Back body drop 2
Hip toss 1

Tag team: DEFAULT

Bearhug 2, Backbreaker 3 (as close as you'll get to his over-the-shoulder backbreaker)

Signature moves:
Atomic drop
Slap 2
Boxing body blow

Chair finishers: DEFAULT

Combination moves:
Quick jab
Boxing straight punch
Boxing strong uppercut

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