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Roster Update 2010

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I had hope to make a 2010 roster save for this game, so I took BillWagon's WWE 2008 save and started updating it and it's been in the making since Wrestlemania but I just can't keep up with the rapid pace of gimmick/attire changes and releases, coupled with my limited CAW making experience so I've kind of given up on it and as a result, I'll be releasing the save within 2 weeks. EXPECT a lot of unfinished and incomplete caws.

It features over 60 Caws, so that's like 2 Memory Cards

Memory Card 1:
Randy Orton
The Great Khali
Evan Bourne
Zack Ryder
Ted Dibiase
Daniel Bryan
The Miz
Drew McIntyre
John Morrison
Alberto Del Rio
Luke Gallows
Cody Rhodes
Dolph Ziggler
Wade Barrett
Kofi Kingston
Matt Hardy
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Jack Swagger
Mark Henry
Justin Gabriel
Heath Slater
Michael Tarver

Memory Card 2:
Shad Gaspar
David Otunga
Skip Sheffield
Darren Young
Ezekiel Jackson
David Hart Smith
Tyson Kidd
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso
Trent Barreta
Caylon Croft
Joey Mercury
Curt Hawkins
Vance Archer
Tyler Reks
Yoshi Tatsu
Santino Marella

Credits to Billwagon for the original save.

Here are the pics of some of the CAWs:

In case my CAWs are too crappy that they don't seem to resemble the real superstars, the ones in the pic are:
Justin Gabriel
John Morrison - Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Attire (Originally Billwagon's)
Drew McIntyre - Money in the Bank 2010
Alberto Del Rio
Wade Barrett
Jack Swagger - Wrestlemania 26 Attire
Cody Rhodes - Priceless Attire
Dolph Ziggler - 2009 Attire
Ted Dibiase - Incomplete
Santino - Missing some tattoos since I ran out of layers

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Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL]

Here's another batch of pics:

Randy Orton (originally by TNA4LIFE)
MVP - I ran out of layers :( (originally by Billwagon)
John Morrison - Decided to give him a different attire instead.
[s]The chic from Wendy's[/s] Heath Slater - Old NXT Attire + Nexus Armband
Evan Bourne - I know his attire is no where like his real life counter part but it does bear some resemblance.
The Miz - Unfinished, I'm thinking of giving him a different color scheme, there's too many superstars wearing red tights in this save. (originally by Billwagon)
Zack Ryder - Unfinished (originally by Billwagon)
Christian - Wrestlemania 26 Attire + Weird yellow tan (originally by Kuz)

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