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Face Texture Help Please...

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I posted this in another section but no one is responding.
I have no idea how to use face textures... I have tried to find instructions...

Previous Post:

I use the following for attire textures (listed below) but I don't know how to get face textures to fit correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And thank you in advance!


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I usually split into 3 parts. But if it's a bald dude, or someone with unique hair like Cena. I'll cut the face into 2 pieces, each side of the head into 1 piece, the back of the head into 1 piece, and the top of the head into one final piece.

so 6 pieces, just for the head. Yeah.

Turquoise: Top of Face
Green: Bottom of Face
Pink: Sides of Head
Purple: Top of Face/ForeHead
Dark Blue: Back of Head
Dark Blue: Top of Head
The dark blue parts are for 2 purposes.
1. When you slap the texture on, you're probably going to have an empty space directly on the back of the head/neck. Slap one of the dark blues on and stretch it.

2. The top of the head, not the forehead, the head.

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Mutoh's method is good. I do it the same sometimes, but it usually depends on who you're making.

This way works very well for people who need good texture on the nose. People like Cody Rhodes, for example.

(Note: Don't include the whole texture. Just the face)

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