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Lita's 2004 Moveset for HCTP Pt. 2

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I've finally finished with the second part of Lita's 2004 moveset from when she returned back to action in November to when she lost the title to Trish at NYR 2005. Enjoy folks!

Ready Moves


Dropkick 2
Woman's Toe Kick
Back Elbow Smash
Woman's Slap 2
Undertaker Punches 3
Benoit Punches


Submission Grapple

Wrist & Arm Wrench
Reverse Mat Slam
Guillotine 1 (did this Trish at NYR)
Deployment Arm Wrench (she always twisted her opponent's arm like this before doing a Russian Leg Sweep)

Signature Grapple

Russian Leg Sweep 1
Extreme Twist Of Fate
Reverse Mat Slam
Suplex 11

Power Grapple

Woman's Snapmare 2
Fury Punch 6 (knocked down Trish with a punch just like this at Survivor Series)
Arm Drag 1
Powerbomb 7 (this can be a replacement to the powerbomb she gave Trish from the corner)

Quick Grapple

Judo Flip Suplex
Hopping Sunset Flip (did this to Trish in their match in December)
Combination (she drove Trish's face into the mat just like this, but without the two karate chops)
Ultimo Tornado (a replacement for that leg sweep she did on Trish to counter the MaTrish)

Grapple Attack

Body Attack 2
Elbow Strike 2
Body Attack 2

Back Attack

School Boy Pin 2
Russian Leg Sweep 2
Elbow To Back Of Head 2
Sleeper Hold & Scissors 1
Spinning Out Powerbomb 2 (Litabomb)
Russian Leg Sweep 2
Sleeper Hold 3
Back Suplex 5 (another version of the suplex she did to reverse Trish's Stratusfaction Bulldog)



Undertaker Stomp (x3)



Sleeper Hold & Scissors 2 (she did just like this to Trish at Survivor Series)
Fury Punch 9
Mounted Punching 2


Kick To Groin
Punch To Groin
Pin With Bridge



Turnbuckle Clothesline
Turnbuckle Clothesline
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2


Mudhole Stomping 2
Monkey Flip (did a Monkey Flip sorta like this outta the corner on Molly in their last match together on Raw)
Superplex 2
Mudhole Stomping 2
Mudhole Strikes

Back Attack

Turnbuckle Smash
Dropkick & School Boy Pin
Turnbuckle Smash
Rolling Powerbomb (something close to the powerbomb she gave Trish from the corner)

Rope Opponent

Rope Down

Irish Whip

Rebound Attack

Bicycle Kick 2 (she was always kick Trish like this in her broken nose)
Dropkick To Knee 4
Asai Moonsault

Jump Down Over

Dive Through Ropes (did this to Trish in their Championship Match in December)



Diving Cross Body Pin (x2)- did this to Trish at a House Show before their match at Survivor Series


Lita Diving Moonsault (x3)



Axe Handle 1
Clothesline 12


Headscissors Takedown 3
Spear & Punching (did this to Trish before their match at Survivor Series)

Back Attack

School Boy Pin 2
School Boy Pin 2

Squatting Attack

Dropkick To Knee 4 (x2)


Sleeper Hold 4 (she had Trish in this position whenever she was about to do the Rear Naked Choke on her)
Flapjack 4 (did this to Lita at Survivor Series but she flapjacked Trish into the chairs)
Spear 2

Double Team



DDT 19
DDT 6 or Rear Naked Choke


Sleeper Hold & Scissors 1 or Sleeper Hold & Scissors 2
Headscissors Takedown 3 or 2
Russian Leg Sweep 2

Weapon Special


Combination Moves

Benoit Punches
Benoit Punches
Dropkick 2

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