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  1. 1. which one is the best looking one???

    • Wade Barrett
    • Skip Sheffield
    • David Otunga
    • Heath Slater
    • Justin Gabriel
    • Darren Young
    • Michael Tarver

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ei guys.. ive been a huge follower of the caws forums...

wanted to post some of my creations.. not as good as the others but yeah anyways i know the faces need a lot of work.. so i probably need ur feedback guys thanx...

all the nexus shirt has the same logos... so i just posted one of em..




rate or hate ^^

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hmmh prettu good but her are4 a couplee of suggestions:
-change barretts hair
-you need to add the rest of tarvers tatoos
Ref Pic
-change tarvers hair to the shaved/mohawk one
-dunno maybe change youngs hair to the paul pheonix one ot hair 43 (just wanna knoee, what hair number is his current one??)
-gabriels hair is brownish now..
-pt image on back of nexus shirt needs to be biger
-change otungas eyebrows
-did you work on body morphing on any of them???
-add a little nose width on otunga..

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yeah.. i dont know how to get this topic moved.. supposed to be for caws section sorry bout that...

yeh and thanx for all the comments and specially for the suggestions... im actually taking all ur suggestions as im typing my reply..

working on the body morphing since i really suck at it...

all of them are being worked on right now..

the reason why i didnt use the paul phoenix hair on darren coz i wanted to have the pointy part on the one he has now... and yeh its hair 8 2nd option...

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