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The Last of a Dying Breed

Tommy Dreamer Moveset

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Tommy Dreamer Moveset - Created by The Whole Dam Show

Standard Actions:
Ring In: Normal or Slide In
Ring Out: Roll Down or Normal
Taunts: Hold Up 2, Christian 2, Shouting, Benoit 1
Fighting Stance: Wrestling 1
Walking Motion: Normal
Running Motion: Normal

Strike Actions: Undertaker Punches 1, Toe Kick 1, Body Punch, Slap 2, Dropkick To Knee 1, Enzuigiri

Grapple Moves:
Clean: Scoop Slam 5, DDT 14, Snapmare 2, Suplex 11, Wrist Clutch & Elbow or Headlock Takeover

Dirty: Eye Rake 1, Reverse Atomic Drop, Low Blow 3 or 4, Forehead Bite 1, Head Pound

Submission: Headlock 4, Ground Headlock, Arm Wrench 1, Armlock 1, Face Lock 2

Category 1: Brawler: Back Club or Headlock Punch 1, Headbutt 1 or 5, Elbow To Back Of Head 1, Fury Punch 5, Double Knee Attack

Category 2: Technical: Leg Trip 1, Fireman Carry, Spinebuster & Pin, Gutbuster 2, Clothesline 22

Category 3: Old School: DDT 24 (Dreamer DDT), Piledriver 2, Neckbreaker 10, Fury Punch 4, Russian Leg Sweep 1

Grapple Attack: Grapple Punch 1, Grapple Punch 3, Grapple Body Attack 1

Grapple From Behind: Russian Leg Sweep 2, Elbow To Back Of Head 2, School Boy Pin 2, Back Suplex 6, Head Smasher, Sleeper Hold 4, Neckbreaker 12, Chop Block, DDT 17, Backbreaker 6

Top of Cell Attack: Downward Thrust x4

Strike Attacks: Undertaker Stomp or Angry Stomp, Fist Drop 2, Elbow Drop 3

Grapple Moves: Fury Punch 6 or 7, Sleeper Hold 6 or 7, Dropkick To Face, Knee To Groin or Kick To Groin, Figure-4 Leg Lock, Leg Lock 12

Strike Attacks: Turnbuckle Clothesline 1, Clothesline & Bulldog or Running Shoulder Attack 1, Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves: DDT 22, Hanging In Reverse, Clothesline 25, Mudhole Stomping 1, 10 Punch, Mudhole Strikes

Grapple From Behind: Neckbreaker 13, Tie To Tree of Woe, Dropkick & School Boy Pin, Toss into Ring Post, Turnbuckle Smash

Groggy On Ropes: Fury Strikes

Rebound Attack: Shoulder Block 2 or Clothesline 10, Dropkick To Knee 3 or Running Leg Drop, Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving Out Of The Ring Attack: Baseball Slide 1

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opponent: Double Axe Handle 3, Diving Clothesline

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opponent: The Money Shot Pin, Diving Elbow Drop, Diving Fist Drop

Running Strikes: Clothesline 10, Kitchen Sink 1

Running Grapples: DDT 1, Neckbreaker 1 or Reverse Mat Slam

Rear Techniques: Neckbreaker 12, Bulldog 6 or School Boy Pin 2

Running Ground Attack: Double Axe Handle 5, Running Leg Drop

Counter Attack: Drop to Hold, Reverse Atomic Drop, Neckbreaker 10

Tag Team:
Standing Tag Team: Double Punches 2, Dropkick & Rolling Clutch, Double Clothesline, Double DDT, Double Beat Head

Corner Tag Team: Kick To Gut 1, Spike Piledriver, Double Stomping, Super Double Powebomb 2, Double Arm Whip

Finishers: Death Valley Driver (Spiccoli Driver), Fire Thunder (Dreamer Driver)

Signature Moves: DDT 24 (Dreamer DDT), Russian Leg Sweep 1 or Neckbreaker 13, Piledriver 2

Chair Finishers: DDT 23 x2

Combination Moves: Undertaker Punches 1, Body Punch, Strong Right Punch.

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Alrite man, I might consider makin' Tommy Dreamer now that there's a moveset, hey would you happen to have or be able to make a Bobby Roode moveset?

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hey nice movelist. also, is there anything that could be used as his Tommy Hawk?


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hey coreybell666 i was wondering the same thing but i have a suitable solution look in the power moves and see gutbuster 4 it's a nice replacement for the Reverse crucifix into cutter a.k.a. Tommyhawk (forgive my english i'm a italian guy and i joined today to this board) i hope it's a good replacement for you... :rolleyes:

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