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Ken Kennedy moveset (HCTP)

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[size=2]Ken Kennedy Moveset for smackdown HCTP

ring in move: vince mchmahon
ring out move: normal
taunt: raising arm 3, cut throat, hold up, taunt christian 2
figting style: wrestling 1
walking and running: normal
winning: roddy piper
entrance: movie: logo: music: i used erich bischoff: moves: do what u wanna

ready moves:

jericho toe kick, toe kick 1, back chop 2, clothesline 3, dropkick 4, undertake punch 1
submission: headlock 1, headlock takedown, wrist clutch & elbow 1, snapmare & neck lock
signature: scoop slam 3, mat slam 1, scoop slam 2, suplex 11
power: backbreaker 8, gutbuster 4, DDT 11, clothesline 26
quick: elbow to back of the head 1, body knee strike , jawbreaker 1, club to neck 3
grapple attack: body attack 1, body attack 1, elbow strike 2
back attack: turning face front, forearm smash, elbow to back of the head 2, DDT 21, back suplex 5, mat slam 2, abdominal stretch 1, buldog 6
edge of the cell: it thrusts down x4
attack: angry stomp, the rock stomp, elbow drop 2
grapple: mounted puch 2, reverse chin lock 2, undertaker hold, raise & knee strike
single leg crab 1, STF
Attack: turnbuckle clothesline: x2, knee strike 1
Grapple: knee strikes, mudhole stomping 2, old school just kidding put the big back chop 2 instead, superplex 2, foot choke 2
Back: turnbuckle smash x4
Rope Opennent:
Rope down: choke 3
Rebound attack: clothesline 15, elbow drop 11, extreme body press
Jump down over: baseball slide
Stand: missle dropkick, double axe handle 3
Down: elbow drop 3 x2, the money shot pin
Attack: back elbow attack 4, kurt shoulderblock
Grapple: reverse mat slam x2
Back Attack: mat slam 2 x2
Squatting Attack: elbow drop 11 x2
Counter: back body drop 2, powerslam pin 2, hip toss 1
Double team: do what u want
Special: fireman carry slam (closest to his real finisher), seanton bomb (Kenton Bomb)
favorites: angry stomp, moutned punches 2, gutbuster 4,
Weapon Special: Guillontine 3, Guillontine 3
Combination Moves: triple h punches 2 (fliped), triple h punches 2, clothesline 3

hope u like it, please rate[/size]

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[i]Special: fireman carry slam (closest to his real finisher)[/i]

Actually, it's not. That move is performed in the ring. Use the Super Fall Away Slam (JBL's) as it's also performed off the turnbuckle and closer animation wise to his Finisher.

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