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Jillian Hall Face Moveset for HCTP

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Here is Jillian's moveset from she uses in the WWE after turning Face earlier this year, but you might also see just a couple of moves she did back in OVW as well. Suggestions are welcomed and feedback will be appreciated. Enjoy peeps!


Ring In Move: Normal

Ring Out Move: Quick

Taunt: Shouting 1 (she looked just like this when she shakes her breasts to the crowd), Woman Manager 1, Woman Manager 2, Come On! 1 (did this to Melina)

Fighting Style: Lita

Walking Style: Normal

Running Style: Woman

Winning Style: Stephanie McMahon

Entrance: Movie- Sable or Logo, Moves- Stephanie McMahon, Music- Original 7 (the closest thing to her music)

Ready Moves


Dropkick 2
Woman's Toe Kick
Woman's Elbow Smash
Woman's Slap 2
Middle Kick 1 (she kicks just like this)
Back Chop 2


Submission Grapple

Wrist & Arm Wrench
Headlock 1
Crusierweight Moves 1 (did this with Kristal)
Headlock Takedown

Signature Grapple

Snapmare 1
Scoop Slam 2
Kurt Angle Headlock (I couldn't find anything remotely close to that Cleavage Choke she does to Divas, so I just gave her this)
Suplex Pin 2 (She actually did this to Victoria back in OVW)

Power Grapple

Woman's Snampare
School Boy Pin 1
Arm Drag 1
Wrist lock

Quick Grapple

Elbow Strike
Small Package
Victory Roll Pin 5 (the closest thing to how she reversed Kristal's Victory Roll attempt and just sat on her)

Grapple Attack

Elbow Strike 1 (x3)

Back Attack

School Boy Pin 2
Mat Slam 2
Crusierweight Moves 4
Back Suplex 9 (did this to Kristal)
School Boy Pin 2
Jump Over Neckbreaker (the closest thing to the Rolling Neck Snap she did on Melina at Judgment Day)
Sidewalk Slam 4 (did this to Mickie James in OVW when she was Alexis Laree)
Turning Face Front



Angry Stomp
Flip Leg Drop (the one of the closest thing to her Fender Bender)
Elbow Drop 8 (she sorta looks like this after doing her Cartwheel into a Elbow Drop)


Handspring Splash (this is her Crash Test Splash and can also be a replacement to her Cartwheel into a Elbow Drop move)
Head Pound 2 (did this to Melina)
Ghost Pin (did this to Kristal in their match before Kristal's heel turn)
Cruiserweight Moves 6 (did this with Kristal)
Pin With Bridge
Kick To Back (did this to Melina, Kristal, and Michelle)



Handspring FC 2 (x2)- Did this to Kristal and Michelle
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2


10 Punch
Monkey Flip
Sunset Flip Pin 3
Mudhole Stomping 2
Mudhole Stomping 3

Back Attack

Dropkick & School Boy Pin
Goldust Toss
Turnbuckle Smash
Turnbuckle Toe Kick

Rope Opponent

Irish Whip

Rebound Attack

Kurt Shoulder Block
Running Flip Splash
Vaulting Body Press 2

Jump Down Over

Baseball Slide



Diving Cross Body Pin
Diving Cross Body


Diving Moonsault Pin (x3)- she used to do this a lot in OVW and I think she tried to do this at the Great American Bash '06



Axe Handle 1
Either Flying Forearm Smash 1 or Flying Cross Chop


Lou Thesz Press 2 (did this on Melina and Michelle)
Sunset Flip Pin 1

Back Attack

Jump Over Neckbreaker
School Boy Pin 2

Squatting Attack

Running Flip Splash
Dropkick To Knee 4


Hip Toss 1
Arm Drag 5 (used to this in OVW as a Face)
Samoan Drop 2 (she's did this on Michelle and Kristal)

Double Team

Your Choice


Houston Hang Over (since the Flip Leg Drop can't be used as a finsher, I gave Jillian the second best thing for her Fender Bender. This is her WWE finisher as the WWE has banned her from doing the 450 Splash.)
Woman's Special Slap


Handspring Splash
Kick To Back
Handspring FC 2

Weapon Special

DDT (x2)

Combination Moves

Elbow Smash (flipped)
Middle Kick 2 (flipped)
Dropkick 2

I want to do a Heel moveset for Jillian but she didn't have a lot of matches as a Heel in the WWE, and I haven't seen all her Heel matches from her time in the WWE. So if anyone could help me on this, I'd really appreciate it.

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