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Christopher Daniels (HCTP)

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Based off his early ROH work (not TNA). I'll find moves for the last 2 back grapples soon.

Christoper Daniels by [b]EvolutionIV[/b]

Ring In Move: Rhyno
Ring Out Move: Roll Down
Taunt: Bubba Ray 1,Raising Arms,Christian 2,Kurt Angle 3
Fighting Style: Wrestling 1
Walking Style: Normal
Running Style: Normal
Winning Move: Chris Benoit
Entrance: Movie: Smackdown! Opening, Moves: ---, Music: ---

[b]Ready Moves\\[/b]
Attack: Toe Kick 1,Elbow Smash 2,Uppercut Palm Strike,Benoit Punches,Dropkick 4,Back Chop 2
= Submission Grapple: Grapple 5,Headlock Takedown,Wrist Clutch & Knee,Wrist & Arm Wrench,Headlock 1
= Signature Grapple: Grapple 10,Complete Shot,Gutwrench Suplex 1,Jawbreaker 1,STO 3
= Power Grapple: Grapple 11,Scoop Slam 2,Gutbuster 2,Death Valley Driver 1,DDT 4
= Quick Grapple: Grapple 4,Small Package,Arm Drag 3,Suplex 4,Eye Poke 3
Back Attack: DDT 21,Back Suplex 9,Russian Leg Sweep 2,Abdominal Stretch 1 / Spinning Out Powerbomb 1,Reverse Death Valley 1,---,---
The Edge Of A Ceiling: It Thrusts Down(All)

Attack: Kurt Angle Stomp,Elbow Drop 5,Double Knee Drop
Grapple: Reverse Chin Lock 2,Moonsault Splash 2,Abdominal Stretch 2 / Bow & Arrow Lock,Moonsault Splash 3,STF

Attack: Turnbuckle Clothesline,Elbow Attack,Turnbuckle Dropkick 2
Grapple: Flipping Slam [Fall From Grace],Mudhole Stomping 2,Superplex 1,Big Back Chop 1,Foot Choke 2
Back Attack: Super Back Suplex,Cross Powerbomb,Shoulder Strike,Hanging In Reverse

[b]Rope Opponent\\[/b]
Rope Down: Throw To The Rope
Rebound Attack: Shoulder Block 1,Lionsault,Asai Moonsault
Jump Down Over: Vaulting Body Press 1

Stand: Diving Cross Body Pin,Flying Clothesline 1
Down: Kurt Angle Moonsault,Diving Leg Drop,Super Star Press Pin

Attack: Running Calf Kick,Jumping Knee Attack 2
Grapple: Running STO,Neckbreaker Drop 2
Back Attack: Bulldog 2,School Boy Pin 2
Squatting Attack: Running Leg Drop (x2)
Counter: Whirl Backrbeaker,Samoan Drop 2,Flapjack 4

[b]Double Team\\[/b]
Stand: STO & Sweep,Double Suplex 2,Double Clothesline,Double Beat Head,Double Flapjack
Turnbuckle: Backbreaker & Leg Drop,High Angle Superplex,Hip Toss,Powerbomb 1

Special: Testdrive [The Last Rights],Edgecution 2 [Angles Wings]
Favorites: Complete Shot,Flipping Slam [Fall From Grace],STO 3
Special Weapon: DDT,DDT
Combination Moves: Back Elbow Smash [Reverse],Benoit Punches,Elbow Smash 2

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