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@Mods....racist comment made by cm X|..please ban or do something if you can

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This personal attack was made by cm X| and I hope something is done about it

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cm XI said:

[quote]Whatever you say BHANGRA MAN. I've only downloaded three caws : Brock Lesnar by A Perfect Murder, Sting by StingIsGod, and this Hogan caw. How much time they spent, doesn't matter to me. If they weren't around to make these caws, it still wouldn't matter to me. Just play with them, and delete them shortly after the match. That's what all this precious time and effort is worth to me.

Someone should outsource your Indian ass to write blog articles. If Caw making is so precious to you for these long ass replies, just imagine if you were getting paid 50 rupees for a 500-word article.

Like I said, have a good day. [/quote]

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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