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Now Accepting Requests!

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Alright, I'll get to the point. I will make any non-wrestler or original wrestler for anyone. My only standard is that you give me the following:
1) Image of character
2) Weight Class
3) Show
4) Preferred Voice (not applicable to female CAWS)
5) Match Specialty

To-Do List (Will Be Updated)
1) Sora (KH2) *DONE*
2) Xemnas (Need a Codebreaker for the hair hack)
3) Riku (KH2) *DONE*
4) Aqua *DONE*
5) Cloud (Advent Children) *DONE*
6) Namine (KH2)
7) Saix
8) Axel
9) Terra
10) Ventus
11) Alice (Young Adult)

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