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miguel cotto vs manny pacqiuo

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I didn't see a topic about it and it was a huge fight in boxing soo..

Well for one let me get off that manny pacqiuo won the fight and he was the better fighter and all, But one thing that really got me pissed is how they treated miguel cotto. Being puerto rican you should automatically assume that I love cotto and I do, thats why im so upset about this. Ok 1st off all the intervwers were incrediably stupid and biased, one comment asking cotto if hes scared because hes coming back to the murder scene of him vs margorito. Theres so many things wrong with that question one being that they took pretty much no action on him being beaten with cement fist that pretty much ruined his life and what kind of respect is that to a fighter to remind of him that moments before a huge fight. Also interviews of pacqiuo they asked about maywhether as if cotto was nothing i think it was disgusting.

Now to the fight it was explosive up into the 4th round where pacqiuo knocked him down hard and to most reviwers it was where the fight ended which i dont completely disagree with but cotto stood competitive throughout the fight. Now this is what really pisses me off because you can say ok cotto dosent really have any fight left in the 10th round but he was going to stay in the fight and do it for his pride, but thats not what boxing wanted, boxing wanted cotto out for the 10 count. So they let the fight go on and pacqiuo cant do it cottos holding his weight so what do they decide to do make the ref call the fight with 55 seconds left, now let me jsut say that pacqiuo didnt get any big hit or anything but cotto was clinching alot on the ropes but i think it was bullshit that he wouldnt let him go 55 more seconds to keep his pride jsut so they can pass pacqiuo off as a more dominant fighter. Cotto was beat up but he wasnt in trouble they just wanted pac man to have a KO over cotto to make pacqiuo vs maywheather a bigger fight. I Personaly think it was horrible how they throw their fighters under the bus to push others. If they let cotto fight the last minute off he would of went all 12 with the msot explosive boxers in the welterweight divsion history but now he's just the old beat up champ if fell to the up and comer... its a shame. This and the paulie malginari vs juan diaz really makes me hate boxing nowadays

Well i know most people don't watch boxing nowadays all in to your flying kicks and triangle chokes but i jsut wanted to post it because I already told everyone i know and show how much better MMA is to boxing.

can someone close this i didn't notice boxing topics are in the sports chat sorry ill post this in the topic for it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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