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Ryno's Best of the WWWF-World Wide Wrestling Federation 1975-1984

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Hey guy’s or to anyone who’s still playing this game. Here are the saves that I promised I would post. These saves are totally based on my representation of yet another territory of wrestling, the WWWF or World Wide Wrestling Federation.The WWE's Vince McMahon is the King of the Wrestling business but long before him,his father Vincent Jess McMahon was. His business wasn’t what Vince's is today but without him the WWF or WWE wouldn’t be what it is today. Below is a list of what’s on the 4 saves. I tried & did my best to represent the best wrestlers of the early 1970’s & 80’s.Allot of the wrestlers on the lists below are obscure names but played a major role in WWWF. All caws have proper moves, points, attire etc, The great creators from whom I borrowed from have been properly credited for their hard work. A special thanks to Billwagon for his inspiration for me to create these 4 saves & to allow me to take hostage of what he set out to do.


Please give me some feedback & enjoy.


Here is the link to the saves.


[b]World Wide Wrestling Federation 1974-1984 Save
The Original W.W.W.F[/b]

[b]Card #1[/b]
Hulk Hogan--------- Mutilation/Ryno23 Rookie Attire
Paul Orndorff - ????
Billy Graham-----------------Redrum420
Bruno Sammartino-------------Mutilation Save
Jesse Ventura-----------Billwagon
Chief Jay Strongbow---------------Bilski
The Iron Shiek - Mutilation Save
Professor Toru Tanaka----------Ryno23
Adrian Adonis------------- Billwagon
Jimmy Snuka-----------------Mutilation save
Chief Jules Strongbow -----------------Ryno23
Bob Orton - ????
Larry Zbyszko----------------Billwagon/Bilskie
Don Muraco---------------jp21671
Roddy Piper - Mutilation/Billwagon
Andre the Giant - ????
Stan Hansen - Mutilation save
Bob Backlund - Mutilation save
Mr.Fuji -----------LUCAWSMADE
Sgt.Slaughter ---------------- emexpeeex6
Billy White Wolf-----------------Ryno23
Bruiser Brody-----------Zurick
Greg Valentine---------------Enthb
Pat Patterson-----------------Ryno23
Pedro Morales-----------------LUCAWSMADE
Tito Santana------------------Billwagon
Ken Patera------------------Billwagon
George the Animal Steele-----------LUCAWSMADE
Ivan Putski-----------------Ryno23

[b]Tag Teams[/b]:
East-West Connection
Fuji & Saito
Hogan & Andre
Orton & Muraco
Strongbow & Wolf

WWF World Title

[b]Card #2[/b]
"High Chief" Peter Maivia-----------------Ryno23
Black Jack Lanza-----------------Ryno23
Tony Atlas-----------------Ryno23
Killer Kowalski-----------------Ryno23
Paul Vachon-----------------Ryno23
Lou Albano (Mgr.)-----------------Ryno23
"Iron" Mike Sharpe-----------------Ryno23
Gorilla Monsoon-----------*censored*i80
Stan Stasiak-----------------Ryno23
Waldo Von Erich-----------------Ryno23
Ernie Ladd-----------------Ryno23
Dusty Rhodes-----------Enthb
Baron Von Raschke-----------------Ryno23
S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones----------------Ryno23
Alfred Hayes----------------Dashx79
Black Jack Mulligan---------Enthb
Bobo Brazil---------Zurick
Ivan Koloff-----------------Enthb
Rocky Johnson-----------------Ryno23
Giant Haystacks----------------Dashx79
Yukon Eric---Scott Irwin-----------------Ryno23
Vince McMahon (Announcer)-----------------WolfgangJT/Ryno23 Attire
Alfred Hayes (Announcer)--------------Dashx79/Ryno23 Attire
Nikolai Volkoff-------------RJT
"Playboy" Buddy Rose-----------------Ryno23
Yukon Pierre-----------------Ryno23
Moondog Rex-----------Wing735il
Moondog Spot-----------Wing735il

[b]Tag Teams[/b]:
Soul Patrol
Yukon Lumberjacks
Wild Samoans

WWWF World Title--Original
WWWF 1983 Tag Team Title
WWWF 1972-80 Tag Team Title
WWWF World Title---Bruno Sammartino

[b]Card #3[/b]
Buddy Rogers-----------------Ryno23
Fabulous Moohlah-----------------Ryno23
Curt Hennig----------Richie Rich
Dino Bravo-----------RWD Great tag-teams save
"Bulldog" Dick Brower-----------------Ryno23
Geeto Mongol---------Nikolai Volkoff-----------------Ryno23
Beepo Mongol-------Ryno23/Billwagon
The Executioners #1 --Killer Kowalski-----------------Ryno23
The Executioners #2--Big John Studd-----------------Ryno23
The Executioners #3--Nikolai Volkoff-----------------Ryno23
Spiros Arion-----------------Ryno23
Swede Hanson-----------Ryno23
Rick Martel----------Billwagon
Tony Garea-----------------Ryno23
Jerry Blackwell-----------------Ryno23
The Original Shiek-----------------Ryno23
Big John Studd--------------------Billwagon WWF Save
"The Sicilian" Lou Albano-----------------Ryno23
The Grand Wizard--------------LUCAWSMADE
Freddie Blassie (Mgr.)---------LUCAWSMADE
Mil Mascaras-----------*censored*i80
Freddie Blassie---LUCAWSMADE/Ryno23
Dean Ho-----------------Ryno23
Luscious---Johnny Valiant-----------------Ryno23
Jimmy Valiant-----------------Ryno23
Salvatore Bellermo-----------------Ryno23
"The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz-----------------Ryno23
The Spoiler-----------------Ryno23
Ted Dibiase-------Bilski
Eddie Gilbert--------------Bilski/Ryno23 Attire

[b]Tag Teams[/b]:
Garea & Ho
Garea & Martel
Card #4[/b]
Vince McMahon Sr.--------Ryno23
"Dynamite" Jack Evans----------Ryno23
Eric the Red---------Ryno23
Antoino Inoki --------SK3/Ryno23
Swede Hanson--------Ryno23
Killer Kahn--------Ryno23
Bobby Duncum-----Ryno23
Farkas The Wolfman----Ryno23
"Baron" Mikel Sciciluna---Ryno23
Rene Goulet----Ryno23
Rene Goulet----Ryno23
Tony "Cannonball" Parisi--Ryno23
"The Canadian Lumberjack" Jos Leduc-----Ryno23

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After finally playing all 4 saves (had problems with my ARmax disc),I can say you did a great job of capturing the WWWF during that era.Thanks again for the saves and thanks to Billwagon too,for starting the saves.

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[quote name='freakzilla' date='27 November 2009 - 07:45 PM' timestamp='1259372715' post='6881961']
After finally playing all 4 saves (had problems with my ARmax disc),I can say you did a great job of capturing the WWWF during that era.Thanks again for the saves and thanks to Billwagon too,for starting the saves.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed them.I knew you would.

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