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Evan Bourne

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Slide In
Wrist Check
Taunt Extreme 3
Raise Arm 4
Taunt El 2
--Fighting Stance--
Rey Mysterio
--Walking Motion--
Extreme (or Normal)
--Running Motion--

--Strike Attacks--
Dropkick 1
Roundhouse Kick 2
Toe Kick 2
Brother Snap Jab
Snap Jab
--Grapple Moves--
Neckbreaker 6
Snapmare 2
Wrist & Arm Wrench
Headlock Takeover
Doesn't really matter, he was never a heel.
Snapmare & Neck Lock 2
Arm Wrench 2
Armbar 5
Chin Lock
Headlock 4
---<Category 1> Luchadore---
---<Moves 1> Luchadore---
Cruiserweight Moves 1
Hurracanrana 1
Hurracanrana 8
Crucifix Head Scissor
Hurracanrana Pin 2
---<Category 2> Technical---
---<Moves 2> Technical---
Leg Trip 1
Gutbuster 2
Half Nelson Face Buster
Leg trip 2
Flash back 1
---<Category 3> Speed---
---<Moves 3> Speed---
Front Dropkick 4
Dropkick 7
Shining Wizard 5
Neckbreaker 10
Step Up Enzuigiri
---Grapple Attack---
Grapple Punch 1
Grapple Body Attack 1
Grapple Elbow Strike 1
--Grapple from Behind--
Backslide Pin
Cruiserweight Moves 2
Flash Back 2
Throw Back
Spinning Hurracanrana
Snapmare 1
School Boy Pin 2
Sleeper Hold 4
Hopping Sunset Flip 2
Russian Leg Sweep 2
--Top of Cell Attack--
Downward Thrust (x4)

--Strike Attacks--
Moonsault Splash 1
Dropkick 4
Moonsault Splash 1
--Grapple Moves--
Dropkick 9
Cruiserweight Moves 3
Tope Atomico
Moonsault Splash 3
Stomp on Leg
Pin with Bridge

--Strike Attacks--
On The Top Rope
Shining Wizard 2
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2
--Grapple Moves--
Dropkick 5
Hurracanrana 9
Super Hurracanrana
Monkey Flip
Triangle Drop Kick
Running Knee Strike 2
--Grapple from behind--
Forearm to Back
Lucha DDT
Toss into Ring Post
Dropkick & School Boy Pin
Neckbreaker 13

--Groggy on ropes--
Dropkick 8
--Rebound Attack--
Front Dropkick 2
Dropkick To Knee 3
Moonsault Attack
--Diving out of ring attack--
Rope Flip 1

--Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.--
Dragonrana Pin
Diving Hurracanrana
--Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.--
Diving Moonsault 1
Near Leg Drop
Diving Leg Drop

--Running Strikes--
Front Dropkick 2
Shining Wizard 3
--Running Grapple--
Flapjack & Dropkick
Hurracanrana Pin 1
--Rear Techniques--
Neckbreaker 12
Hurracanrana 5
--Running ground attack--
Running Leg Drop
Elbow Drop 5
--Counter Attack--
Flapjack & Dropkick
Hurracanrana Pin 2
Shining Wizard 6

--Standing Tag Team--
Double DDT
Double Dropkick
Dropkick & Rolling Clutch
Double Punches 2
Punches & Full Nelson
--Corner Tag Team--
Body Splash & Whip
Whip & Lay Down
Dropkick 6
Double Arm Whip
Calf Kick & Tiger Suplex

Shooting Star Press 1 (x2)
--Signature Moves--
Super Hurracanrana
Shining Wizard 2
Moonsault Splash 3
--Chair Finishers--
DDT 23 (x2)
--Combination Attack--
Roundhouse Kick 2
Roundhouse Kick 2 (Reverse)

It's my first moveset of a superstar so give me constuctive criticism.

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