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Lex Luger

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Lex Luger by [b]EvolutionIV[/b]

Strike Attacks: Elbow Smash 1,Outlaw Punch,Body Punch 1
Fists of Fury: ---,---,---
Quick Grapple Lv1: Push It
Quick Grapple Lv2: Wrist & Arm Wrench
Grapple Moves Lv1: Scoop Slam 2,Headlock 2,Position Change
Grapple Moves Lv2: Suplex 2,Barber's Chair,Position Change
Strong Grapple Lv1: Reverse Atomic Drop 1,Backbreaker 7
Strong Grapple Lv2: Choke Toss,Bearhug
Strong Grapple Lv3: Military Press 3,Scoop Powerslam
Grapple from Behind: Raised High and Punch 1,Atomic Drop 3,Sleeper Hold,Back Suplex 3

Strike Attacks: Angry Stomp,Double Axe Handle Drop
Grapple Moves: Elbow Drop 8,Elbow Drop 14 / Camel Clutch,Raised High and Punch 2

Running Strikes: Clothesline 3
Grapple Moves: Knee Strike 3 (Alt. Superplex,Turnbuckle Attack)

Groggy Against Ropes: Back Body Drop
Irish Whip Rebound: Powerslam 4

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.: Diving Axe Handle (x2)
Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.: ---,---

Running Strikes: Clothesline 12,Elbow Attack (Alt.Shoulder Block 1)
Grapple Moves: Take a Back
Grapple from Behind: One Hand Bulldog
Ground Strikes: Elbow Drop 4

[b]Chain Struggle[/b]
Power Comparison: Choke Toss
Lock Up: Scoop Slam 2
Head Lock: Reverse Atomic Drop 1
Front Neck Lock: Scoop Powerslam
Side Arm Bar: Suplex 2
Hammer Lock: Back Suplex 3
Go Behind: Sleeper Hold
Standing Arm Bar: Atomic Drop 3
Sitting Sleeper Hold: Elbow Drop 8
Ground Head Lock: Elbow Drop 14
Ground Neck Lock: Elbow Drop 8
Ground Arm Lock: Elbow Drop 14
Ground Take a Back: Camel Clutch
Ground Take a Leg: Raised High and Punch 2
Running: Take a Back

Taunts: ---,---,---,---,---
Finishers: Clothesline From Hell or Clothesline (Really Up to you since no Torture Rack)

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