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Dean Malenko


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I like my SvR one better as there are more moves he did more often on that game than this game, but here's my LoWM version. I'll probably have an update most likely switching some moves out I just have to look into something.

Dean Malenko by [b]EvolutionIV[/b]

Strike Attacks: Dropkick 1,Dropkick to Knee,Back Chop 5
Fists of Fury: ---,---,---
Quick Grapple Lv1: Headlock 3
Quick Grapple Lv2: Arm Wrench 2
Grapple Moves Lv1: Scoop Slam 4,Suplex 1,Back Suplex 1
Grapple Moves Lv2: Double Arm Suplex 3,Shinbreaker,Position Change
Strong Grapple Lv1: Gutbuster 1,Shortarm Clothesline
Strong Grapple Lv2: Armlock Scoop Slam,Capture Suplex
Strong Grapple Lv3: Alabama Slam,Northern Lights Driver (Alt. Suplex 3)
Grapple from Behind: Backslide,German Suplex,Back Suplex 3,Knee Breaker

Strike Attacks: Elbow Drop 2,Double Axe Handle Drop
Grapple Moves: Knee Drop 2,Key Lock / Knee Drop 3,Boston Crab 2

Running Strikes: Clothesline 3
Grapple Moves: Superplex

Groggy Against Ropes: Hip Toss 1 (Alt. Back Body Drop)
Irish Whip Rebound: Powerslam 4

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.: Diving Axe Handle,Diving Crossbody 1
Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.: Diving Body Splash (x2)

Running Strikes: Calf Kick 2,Shoulder Block 1
Grapple Moves: Neckbreaker 7
Grapple from Behind: One Hand Bulldog
Ground Strikes: Elbow Drop 4

[b]Chain Struggle[/b]
Power Comparison: Belly to Belly 1
Lock Up: Arm Drag 2
Head Lock: Leg Trip
Front Neck Lock: Suplex 1
Side Arm Bar: Small Package
Hammer Lock: Back Suplex 3
Go Behind: Full Nelson
Standing Arm Bar: Sleeper Hold
Sitting Sleeper Hold: Oklahoma Roll 2
Ground Head Lock: Elbow Drop 13
Ground Neck Lock: Punt Kick (Alt. Arm Lock)
Ground Arm Lock: Armbar 3
Ground Take a Back: Camel Clutch
Ground Take a Leg: STF-U (Alt. Toe Hold 1)
Running: Sunset Flip

Taunts: ---,---,---,---,---
Finishers: Sharpshooter [Cloverleaf Replacement]
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[quote name='EvolutionIV' post='6615069' date='Sep 14 2009, 03:58 AM'][quote name='Beast And The Harlot' post='6613071' date='Sep 13 2009, 02:04 PM']Nice use of the Gutbuster, too bad there's no real Brainbuster move to use.[/quote]
I gave him a Gutbuster :???: and Suplex 3 is "Brain Buster" from SvR09.

He did it like "Brainbuster DDT" from Smackdown 2. Not like how Kid Kash did it.
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