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Ok, long time lurker and user of the wonderful service you fine folks provide and would like to add my two cents and a couple finishers I've made over the run of my game.

(A) Kremlin Buster (I made a CAF for Zangief)

1. Powerbomb Clutch 02 150%

2. Upward point taunt

3. High Angle Clutch 01 100%

4. 360 High Angle Thunder Spin 150%

5. Partial Tiger Bomb Lift 125%

6. Facebuster Drop 150 %

7. Swing Side Neckbreaker Impact 100%

The effect is a nice Powerbomb/Cutter

(B) For the Motherland (Unless Noted all speeds are 100%)

1. Front kick to the Groin
2. DDT Clutch 02
3. Suplex Clutch 03
4. Single Suplex
5. Single Fisherman Suplex 125%
6. Suplex Clutch 04
7. Body Splash Suplex Lift 125%
8. Slash Suplex Impact 125%

© The WASP (Made for my Mean Street Posse/Chris Harvard/Jack Swagger Expy. Officially stands for "Wicked-Awesome Suplex Pin, as opposed to the usual White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Once again all speeds 100% unless otherwise noted)

1. Gut Kick
2. DDT Clutch 02
3. Arm Raised Taunt
4. Fisherman Suplex Clutch 01
5. Single Fisherman Suplex
6. Single Fisherman Suplex 125%
7. Spinning Fisherman Buster Pin 150%

(D) Photo Op (once again a custom finisher for the above mentioned CAW, named "Picture Perfect" Preston Powers)

1. Gut Kick (Flipped Horizontal)
2. Bedrock Drop Clutch
3. Doubleunderhook Clutch
4. Double Arm Shoulder Breaker Clutch
5. Double Arm Facebuster Impact

So, that's my contribution, my first of what I hope are many more. Enjoy.

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